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cw; ace!bakugou, dkbk

"K-Kacchan are you sure about this?"

Izuku continued to fidget against the couch, his scarred fingers digging into the cushions as Bakugou continued staring at him with a heavy gaze.
Those red eyes always managed to confuse him, were they filled with disgust or simply uncertainty? He could never tell. Dating someone who wasn't exactly as sexually active as you was never easy, but for Kacchan, Izuku knew it was worth it.

Bakugou gave an impatient huff,
turning away from the other as he leaned back against the armrest. "If you don't want to do it then just forget I said anything." His frown was subtle, something that Izuku had learned to pick up on throughout their years together.

Why were they always both so racked with guilt?
Izuku quickly reached out to touch the blonde's knee reassuringly, his words stumbling over each other as he began mumbling reassurances, something he knew Bakugou /hated/ but at the same time needed. "Of course I want to do this! I just... want to make sure that you're
comfortable... I... It's just rare for you to be the one offering to do something... you know.." his face flushed red immediately, a nervous laugh teetering towards the end of his sentence. His stomach fluttered with nerves, the few moments of silence between their exchange
feeling like an absolute eternity.

"Well then just forget it!" Bakugou moped, his tone hinting that bit of embarrassment he hated to show, his own cheeks slightly blushing as he kept his eyes averted from the other.

Izuku frowned slightly, realizing he may have pushed a bit
too far before closing his eyes and taking a calming breath. "I.. don't want to forget it." he whispered, opening his eyes only slightly before reaching for the other's hand and bringing it towards his clothed crotch. "Just you asking already has me like this..."
A much-too-obvious flinch escaped Bakugou, his hand trembling ever so slightly as it was pressed against the hardening bump that cast against Deku's jeans. His red eyes flicked towards it, as if his hands could possibly be deceiving him, but as he stared he couldn't help but
peek up at those rosy, freckled cheeks. Eyelids drooped heavily as a shallow breath escaped his chest.

"Kacchan... please...?" he whispered, letting himself shrink into the couch a bit more, opening his legs further as he used his own strength to press those calloused fingertips
against himself.

Bakugou froze momentarily, his first reaction dead-set on disgust. Not in Deku, but rather himself. He wasn't sure why his brain was hard-wired this way, a constant battle between wanting to please himself and Izuku while at the same time wanting to reject
those emotions that made him feel sickenly weak. But he knew the only way to break this spell was to fight it - even if his stomach churned through the process.

He swallowed tightly, forcing his fingers to relax, slowly gripping along Izuku's clothed erection and giving a
cautious squeeze. His insides felt cold, mind racing to tell him all the reasons and more as to why he shouldn't be doing this, but when a soft gasp escaped from the other, those voices quickly halted in their place.

The room was eerily quiet, his hand frozen in a slight
squeeze as the only noise around them were his dry lips parting and Deku's quiet "...yes."

A rush flowed through Bakugou, his heart suddenly beating fast with a mixture of anxiety and excitement as he slowly pressed the palm of his hand against the length. Watching Deku's body
crane backward as his hips pressed harder against the pale hand. He was so nervous, hands moving unsteadily and ill-prepared as he tried to imagine what would feel good on himself. Slow pulsing of his fingers along the underside of Deku's cock, pressing his thumb gently along the
jean's seam and watching his face carefully.

"K-Kacchan... it feels so nice... You're doing so good.." Izuku mumbled, peeking an eye open just enough to look up at Bakugou's face, watching how concentrated his boyfriend was on him, noting each and every detail on how his face
sharpened with focus before suddenly locking eyes.

"Don't compliment me." he grumbled, his rhythm suddenly jumbled on realizing how he was being watched. His grip tightening without meaning to before looking up and silently sighing in relief as Deku had gone back to having his
eyes closed.

"I can't... not compliment you Kacchan.." Deku whined, toes curling on either side of Bakugou as his hands wandered across the couch, wanting so badly to grip onto his lover but knowing that certain touching would take more time. "I can't believe this is happening."
Bakugou couldn't help that small fanning to his small flame of pride, watching Deku turn into this flubbering mess like he always did around him. Maybe he was just really good at this... "Tch. Fuckin nerd always making stupid little things seem special." Those dark thoughts were
back, a reminder of how behind they were in their relationship. Already a few years in and this being the farthest they've gone. Bakugou's shame came back in full force, a reminder of how abnormal he was in not just wanting this kind of stuff all the time. Deku could be with
anyone, could be so much more satisfied with someone with his same sex drive. He wouldn't have to put up with someone as fucking weird as-

A sudden whimpered "Kacchan...! I'm so close!" broke Bakugou out of his cyclical self hatred. His focus back onto his hand that had began
lacking pressure again. His shook his head slightly, reminding himself to focus. He was above the nerd, he was the one in control, he was the one who... "Gonna make you cum in your clothes just from this, huh?" he smirked, a sudden confidence making him shift on the couch,
bringing himself closer as he used his second hand to spread across Deku's stomach, lifting his shirt ever so slightly to gently drag his nails across the taut skin. "So fuckin' needy." he growled, bringing more of his weight into the pressure, suddenly finding himself nearly
on top of the other, his own breath starting to become labored as he felt Izuku's stomach beginning to tighten.

Deku let his head fall back onto the couch, panting incoherent mumbles as he flexed himself against the other, his scarred hand moving to just barely touch Bakugou's
thumb against his stomach. He wanted to hold his hand so badly, but didn't want the other to suddenly recoil, instead letting their thumbs just barely hover against one another.

It only took a few more pulses from the others palm to suddenly send him over the edge, his mouth
open in a silent moan as he felt his orgasm crashing onto him, a warmth resonating as his dick pumped itself, his cum slowly seeping into the fabric and squelching with Bakugou's continued movements. His eyelashes fluttered, small beaded tears building in the corners of his eyes
as he stared up in absolute bliss, relishing in the continued pleasure as a weak smile stretched across his face. "K-kacchan that felt so good.." he panted, only catching the others grin for a second before watching him turn away quickly.

Bakugou let out a small huffed laugh,
bringing his hands up and touching the one that had been pressed against the other, chuckling as he dragged a finger against the palm of his hand and raised a brow. "Damn, nerd. Really had a lot in you, didn't ya?"

Deku pursed his lips and pouted, crossing his arms in jest
as he tried to let his heartbeat return to normal. "It's only because Kacchan did it to me... It's hard to hold back when you have someone like you doing it.." his eyes casually moved down Bakugou's torso, trying to see if the situation had caused anything in the other to... rise
Though Bakugou was quick to catch on.

"Yeah I have a fuckin' boner, okay? I just have a thing for pathetic nerds being... pathetic."

Deku's heart leapt from his chest, though he tried to remain as calm as possible, not wanting to scare the other too soon. "Do you want me to.."
Bakugou was quick to interrupt, "No." a silence crept over them once again, that constant reminder of things that weren't ready to be spoken about.

A simple hum in reply was all that Deku let out, he didn't want the other to feel bad about it, but at the same time didn't want
to seem uninterested either.

Though unexpectedly, Bakugou followed up the silence with, "N-next time though."

And that was enough to get Deku hard once more.

• • •

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