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13 Oct 20
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cw; ace!bakugou, dkbk

"K-Kacchan are you sure about this?"

Izuku continued to fidget against the couch, his scarred fingers digging into the cushions as Bakugou continued staring at him with a heavy gaze.
Those red eyes always managed to confuse him, were they filled with disgust or simply uncertainty? He could never tell. Dating someone who wasn't exactly as sexually active as you was never easy, but for Kacchan, Izuku knew it was worth it.

Bakugou gave an impatient huff,
turning away from the other as he leaned back against the armrest. "If you don't want to do it then just forget I said anything." His frown was subtle, something that Izuku had learned to pick up on throughout their years together.

Why were they always both so racked with guilt?
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