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#bkdk #kinktober Day 27: breeding
Bkdk A/B/O , mating press , hybrid , text , do not repost
Pleas consider supporting me on kofi!!
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#bkdk #kinktober Day 26: filming ft. femdeku Image
Based off of the exclusive fic I wrote on P*treon, maybe give it a look? (Sneak peek)

Being a cam girl was not where Izuku thought she’d find herself, but she wasn’t exactly complaining. The money was good, she always had her Amazon wishlist bought out, and her confidence-
-had skyrocketed. So many people thought she was sexy and paid to see her touching herself, how could she not feel good about herself? She also liked that she had some people (mostly women) commenting on how her show helped them be more confident about their bodies.
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#kinktober #dkbk #frottage

cw; ace!bakugou, dkbk

"K-Kacchan are you sure about this?"

Izuku continued to fidget against the couch, his scarred fingers digging into the cushions as Bakugou continued staring at him with a heavy gaze.
Those red eyes always managed to confuse him, were they filled with disgust or simply uncertainty? He could never tell. Dating someone who wasn't exactly as sexually active as you was never easy, but for Kacchan, Izuku knew it was worth it.

Bakugou gave an impatient huff,
turning away from the other as he leaned back against the armrest. "If you don't want to do it then just forget I said anything." His frown was subtle, something that Izuku had learned to pick up on throughout their years together.

Why were they always both so racked with guilt?
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modern au where wwx and lwj are new roomates and it's been 3 weeks and the only at home socks lwj wears are variations of these:
And wwx thinks, well he's got to be kidding right? like, playing a cute prank on his new roomate for kicks and giggles, but this /is/ lwj isnt it? and lwj has never played a prank in the 15 years they've known each other.
they've been friends since early childhood, and now they're both in their early 20s, needed a roomate to moveout, and figured, hey, who better than my best buddy!

so here they are, in a two bedroom cozy apartment, together, just lan wangji, wei wuxian...and lwj's bunny socks.
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💋 sugar's kinktober 2020 prompt fills: a thread (¬‿¬)

make sure to bookmark and check in periodically for updates! (~˘▾˘)~
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jake parker
- tried to copyright "inktober" despite being a community event and term shared among the art community
- spoke out against digital artists who wanted to do inktober digitally
- blatantly plagiarized a BLACK CREATOR'S BOOK and called it his OWN
#Inktober #Inktober2020
fuck jake parker and fuck inktober. artists if u wanna do inktober again, just make your own promptlist or follow off of other creators' prompt lists. dont support jake parker and his lazy prompt lists he creates every year
also go watch this video if you're new to the recent news about Alphonso Dunn's book being plagiarized by jake parker. support his hard work instead of buying a blatant word-for-word copy.
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