The point of talking about a covid case not telling contact tracers they have been to Shepparton is not to shame that person, but to show the consequence and how virus spreads. Humans are not perfect. This is not surprising. Why aren’t we allowed to talk about this taboo topic?
One of the reasons we’re not allowed to talk about people withholding information from contact tracers is that it makes it harder to blame contact tracers for virus spreading - it doesn’t suit the Andrews’ bashing narrative. If we can’t talk about it, we can’t solve it.
Entire time this simplistic narrative ‘Victoria can’t contact trace and NSW is perfect’ has been politicised, contact tracing critiques have failed to acknowledge complexity of system that relies on humans. This is not judgement of those humans, it’s just acknowledging reality.
Can I point out too that humans will be humans wherever they live - in NSW too! So are people accepting that contact tracers can only be as perfect as humans are, and that their covid management systems have to account for this? Or are they over simplifying for political reasons?
We’ve had GPs saying they’ve got patients who refuse to be tested for covid. They’re scared. They don’t want to isolate themselves and their family. There are lots of reasons. They’re human! What good is there in ignoring this problem and pretending it will go away?

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10 Oct
Since we’re all talking about the #MurdochRoyalCommission and complaining about media bias (#ThisIsNotJournalism), I thought it might be a good time to talk about what good journalism looks like, and why we can’t go on the way we are. A thread👇🏻
In Rudd’s statement urging people to support a Murdoch RC, he said media is no longer a level playing field. Media is supposed to represent a market place of ideas where groups compete fairly to have their perspectives heard. Different sides of politics, different interests etc.
This ideal is the reason Rudd called for a stronger diversity in Australian media outlets. Australia is the most concentrated media industry in the world. This, coupled with Murdoch’s partisan media and his huge share, means our media is anything but a level playing field.
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8 Oct
One of the most ridiculous threads of the obsessive narrative comparing Victorian contact tracing to NSW (Vic = bad, NSW = perfect) is assumption speed to publish locations on a website 5 people visit is more important than physically contacting those who might have been infected
I thought the comments from Brett Sutton about the situation in Victoria were quite illuminating - highlighting the challenge Victoria have had contact tracing cases which have occurred in large families which then involve up to 10 workplaces.…
Affected workplaces are not posted up on twitter or a website to announce a case has been found there. Workplace tracing doesn't happen in the same way as tracing people who have been to a restaurant. But of course these differences are just ignored to keep that narrative alive.
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17 Sep
Again I'm having to call out @rachelbaxendale's misrepresentation of Victorian covid data in her never ending campaign to blame second wave on Vic contact tracing failures, and in turn Dan Andrews. This time she's ignoring a key event in her comparison timeline. A thread👇
If you missed last installment of Murdoch media misrepresentation of covid data, you can catch up on it here. NSW international arrival figures were left in to skew contact tracing data results in NSW's favour. I showed Vic and NSW are indeed comparable.
This time @rachelbaxendale is claiming she's got smoking gun data to show Vic had more cases under investigation than NSW did when they reached 10 community transmission. But this data comparison misses a key difference between Vic and NSW. Vic went looking for undetected spread.
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8 Sep
It seems @rachelbaxendale and @Australian are misrepresenting covid data to make it look like Victoria doesn’t contact trace as well as NSW. They’ve played a trick by leaving international arrival cases in figures. Take them out, and Victoria and NSW almost the same. A thread👇🏻
Here is data Murdoch media is using to spread false narrative about Victorian contact tracing. They claim Victoria have been unable to find source for 22% and NSW unknown for 10%. This is not a fair comparison as NSW figure is a percentage of total including international cases.
If you just compare locally acquired cases, which is the only relevant data to compare contract tracing, Victoria has been unable to trace 24% and NSW 23%. Graph below.
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6 Sep
Every time I hear people like Morrison and Frydenberg complaining about Dan Andrews’ playing the long game to avoid the health and economic disaster of a third wave of covid, I think of the marshmallow experiment in delayed gratification. A thread👇🏻
The marshmallow experiment is a way to check whether 5 year olds can delay gratification - you put a marshmallow in front of them. If they can avoid eating it for three minutes, they get a second marshmallow.…
The study has shown that 5 year olds who can delay gratification are more successful later in life. Being able to suffer in the short term, to be patient, to resist immediate rewards for a better reward in the future, is apparently an important characteristic in life.
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26 Aug
Since I know how media narratives are formed and spread, I'll explain how the 'NSW is better at covid contact tracing' narrative has been used in the 'it's all Dan's fault' narrative by the Liberals, and how the media (and many in NSW) have bought it, without evidence. A thread👇
Facts that don't fit a narrative just bounce off. So I'll start with some facts in case you think I don't have any evidence to show contact tracing in NSW is broadly comparable to the results in Victoria. This graph shows local transmission in NSW and Vic since pandemic began.
The graphs shows that if you're to judge contact tracers on how many cases they identify as connected to another (which I think is the best measure of overall effectiveness), NSW has 24% unknown and Victoria has 25%. This includes the last two months of crisis in Victoria.
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