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UNDERGROUND groups which have discussed violently killing politicians planned the recent protests in Melbourne. Here they speak on media's role in promoting events for free. 3AW, Channel 7 & newspapers (likely Herald Sun), are named. All promoted the events. #ThisIsNotJournalism
The coverage by Channel 7, Nine, Herald Sun, etc has not touched on the groups' motivations - that Coronavirus is a hoax by governments to introduce a New World Order (and many other conspiracy theories). Instead, they've painted them as everyday mums and dads who've had enough.
Yesterday it was reported 3AW aired a call which included instructions on how to attend. Previously Herald Sun has promoted events with locations, times and details on numbers organisers hope to achieve.
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We will probably never know the origins of the original hashtag, but we know the origins of the #IStandWithDan campaign
The origins of the #IStandWithDan Hashtag may never be known, #IStandWith….. hashtags are quite common; they are used to support people being attacked online and are quite successful.
On the 9th of July the frustration had set in, living through the first lockdown in Melbourne a friend called me in tears

The tweet attracted a lot of trolls, but mostly love from the other states, 11 minutes after I tweeted Shiannon tweeted this
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Since we’re all talking about the #MurdochRoyalCommission and complaining about media bias (#ThisIsNotJournalism), I thought it might be a good time to talk about what good journalism looks like, and why we can’t go on the way we are. A thread👇🏻
In Rudd’s statement urging people to support a Murdoch RC, he said media is no longer a level playing field. Media is supposed to represent a market place of ideas where groups compete fairly to have their perspectives heard. Different sides of politics, different interests etc.
This ideal is the reason Rudd called for a stronger diversity in Australian media outlets. Australia is the most concentrated media industry in the world. This, coupled with Murdoch’s partisan media and his huge share, means our media is anything but a level playing field.
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The "in case you missed it" rundown of the #Baxendale drama:

Rachel Baxendale somehow managed to land herself a job as a political reporter, no doubt due to her LNP connections to such high profile shitweasels like Tim Smith and other IPA toadies out to undermine the efforts of
the Andrews government to contain a monster situation with the covid outbreak in Victoria.

During Premier Dan Andrews' pressers, Baxendale has become public nuisance number one for her Olympic level skill in asking redundant questions and being the reporter on the ground for
Australia's own conspiracy theorist/QANON/Army of Karen paranoiac patriots.

One of her most recent journalistic gifts was her "esoteric" question to Andrews about whether or not one has to wear a mask if they are out walking in regional victoria and there's nobody else within
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This thread summarises the most egregious event
this week re journos behaviour at @danielandrewsMP pressers.
If we don’t value truth, then we can’t solve any issues.
If lying becomes the norm then democracies are stuffed worldwide
#Covid19Vic #ThisIsNotJournalism
/2 Actual Q by Baxendale:
“Judge Coate’s has already told Counsel Assisting that she should find that ...blah… given those findings ...”

Dan: “You have just put it to me that findings have been made. No findings have been made.”
Baxendale: “I didn’t” … then more denials by B
/3 Then Baxendale abandoned truth & tweeted this “transcript”:

“Judge Coate’s already BEEN told (by) counsel assisting that she should find that ...blah… given those (Counsel Assisting) findings ...”

Bracketed words were never said, nor was the “been’’; Changing the meaning.
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In the spirit of #ThisIsNotJournalism, I give you this #AccuracyMatters mega-thread. I will add journalists and flag their misdeeds over time to give us a look at how #COVID19 reporting has failed to the public interest test, particularly in Victoria.
First up, @samanthamaiden who famously gave us 'findings' from the Hotel Quarantine Inquiry months before they will exist:
Next we have @Adam_Creighton who tried to make a point by quoting a political activist known for his extremist views, and who bashed his spouse with a chopping board. Creighton has not retracted or apologised.
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Correcting the record. #ThisIsNotJournalism #COVID19Vic
Showing the words added to the transcript correctly removed:
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Victorians have stopped trusting the media. News Corp and #ThisIsNotJournalism are trending daily. Many journalists do not attempt anymore to veil partisan reporting, and I believe this step too far is what's outed them and changed the public mood (beyond Twitter). Agree?
I also believe the daily pressers have given everyday Victorians an insight into how news is 'created,' allowing us to compare the source to the output, and exposing the impossible gaps.
I think the role of journalism is extremely important, now more than ever, but I don't think that role is being fulfilled much if at all in political reporting in Victoria, and possibly more widely in Australia. What's passing as journalism now is not journalism.
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Listening to @abcnews I am amazed at the lengths they go to ‘describe’ the supposed adverse impacts of the lockdown in Victoria; from individual business to the how tough it’s been for kids unable to go to ‘childcare’ without reference to the number of lives saved; long term
Impact on lifelong health of contracting and surviving #CoVid19 Some may be surprised to learn that many kids never get to go to childcare, or access to early childhood education; get home schooled or distance education for all sorts of reasons. Some kids miss years of school
Have escaped war inflicted on them by so called ‘civilised’ nations and on escaping and arriving by boat in those so called civilised western countries are locked up in gulags; meanwhile in an alternative universe the appalling adverse impact of cutting Jobseeker and the hounding
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The poll was "secretly done for the state Liberal Party leadership and handed to Herald Sun." It was conducted at the same time the Morgan poll recorded 70% support for Andrews.

Only 5 polled seats (all volatile marginals) were cherrypicked and given to HS. #ThisisNotJournalism
The data released to Herald Sun covered just 550 people (approx) selected in the following marginals only: Bayswater, Hawthorn, Monbulk, Mount Waverley and South Barwon.

No info is offered on how samples were developed.
The company behind the poll, MediaReach, has a weak public track record, with a history of "favouring the sponsor for internal party polling."
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@MargaretSimons @theage Margaret you make very good points and your reporting on the tower lockdowns was truthful and unbiased.
But why many of are mad as hell is because we have seen the destruction and bullying of pollies and former PM Gillard who faced years of relentless smear campaigns etc
@MargaretSimons @theage Yet when Abbott got in he was allowed to get away with numerous scandals, rorts and incompetence without scrutiny. Credlin the mastermind behind the Great Big Tax admitted later that it was propaganda. This is why mining/oil vested interests are wrecking our farms and environment
@MargaretSimons @theage Turnbull wrecked Australia’s NBN leaving us a third world country with slow speeds and hobbled our IT and tech sector. They wrecked Labor’s good NBN policy because of partisan politics. Almost no media scrutiny, no hard questions of LNP. A huge opportunity for Aus squandered
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Just saw Spud giving a presser on @abcnews

1. He's speaking outside his portfolio, it has nothing to do with him

2. He's a federal Minister commenting on State politics, undermining the Morrison Govt's newfound solidarity w/ the states thru the Nat Cab #Libspill
#auspol #qt
3. Value of Spud's opinion only carries the weight of every other QLD voter. As we know,opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one #ThisIsNotJournalism

4. Meanwhile, there has been no satisfactory closure on multiple govt scandals & media unwilling to demand it
#auspol #qt
5. Rogue MPs speaking-out publicly this wk in opposition to Morrison's official policy without a strong instant public rebuke from PM means he's either complicit or weak #Libspill

Beginning to become a pattern, coincidentally agitators mostly seem to be QLD LNP
#auspol #qt
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