Somebody should ask Ms. Coney Barrett:

If the right to life extends from fertilization to 'natural' death...

is a preventable death from COVID19 considered to be a "natural" death?

given distribution of PPE + resources was based on political considerations, not need...
there is clearly human intervention assisting the survival of some over the survival of others, solely based upon the political leanings of neighbors in the state in which they reside.
For comparison's sake, let's say there are 25 premature infants born in one day in a single, isolated, rural hospital with only 5 NICU beds, and 11 more beds without the full complement of equipment that MIGHT be used successfully for those closer to term.
All mothers arrive in labor @ the same time.

If beds are assigned based on birth order + proximity to term and the infants born later in the day were unable to survive, that would be 'natural death' based on the stochastic nature of the universe and timing.
But if beds are NOT assigned sequentially, based instead on other criteria - an assumed probability of survival - that act of HUMAN judgement choosing one's death over another's right to live brings into question the 'naturalness' of death.
If we learn that human judgement is predicated on discrimination that would be an explicit violation of constitutional rights - i.e., the infants who get the beds are the ones whose parents can afford to pay their hospital bills over those on medicaid
Or imagine if all 15 black infants are denied NICU beds, 11/15 denied a bed at all if, but ALL the white infants get a bed (all 5 NICU beds and 7 of 11 secondary beds)

That could be an explicit or an implicit violation - explicit discrimination is clear;
and implicit discrimination can come in the form of reliance on statistics or AI that leverages statistics that assume a lower probability of survival in all black infants, not just based on skin color or "race", but zip code, parental income, the car the parents drive, etc...
Human judgement comes into play when choosing to accept the results of any tools that allocate distribution of life-saving resources, and those who choose to use any tools that may make assumptions

If this choice is
If any human takes it upon themselves to make the choice if you, in isolation, live or die, ill or not, that is considered a unnatural death.

That's murder/manslaughter/etc.
When selecting who lives and dies from amongst a group of ill patients, if done fairly & equitably, selection based on the stochasticity of disease severity reflects the stochasticity of the universe...

so it's fair to consider that a natural process.
BUT, when someone chooses to intervene and prevent some deaths but not others, based on that individual's assumptions and preconceptions about the value of a patient's life -

if there are any biases based on the rights we hold to be self-evident, you lose stochasticity,
and without stochasticity, the progression of illness to death ceases to be a natural process, rather a human-curated and human-directed process.

And that, to me, may be a death from a natural response to a proximal stimulus - but it not a 'natural death.'
So. If choices of someone within the GOVERNMENT leveraging a bias against those who happen to live in states that favor a given political party, that violates one's right to peaceably assemble AND penalizes all citizens of the state for the exercise of freedom of speech of SOME.
And if those choices by government actors lead to the death of citizens who otherwise would have lived?

That's an unnatural death.

So, how does Ms. Coney Barrett feel about that?

Or is that a hypothetical - or just too close to being in the pipeline for her to address?
There's an unfinished thought in there somewhere, I think, but Im'a hit send anyway and eat my dinner.

And, BTW, in case it's not otherwise clear - I think all of the above are wrong.

• • •

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13 Oct
Something Mike Lee just said made me wonder: if someone with a medical condition encounters an elected official who is about to vote to take away their health care, which will result in their death 2 weeks later - are they justified in using deadly force to prevent it?
And - crazy fact: in Florida, it seems you can preemptively kill someone to prevent them from committing an act of treason....

So long as you are someplace you have the legal right to be.

This is not legal advice - just a possible interpretation...
And Ms. Coney Barrett said that THE PEOPLE's understanding of the law as written is what matters in originalist parsing of the law, rather than the legislator's intent...

that's kind of weird, no?
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Trump thinks he can play Superman?

Let's take a look.
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In fact, you might say he was Anti-Fascist.
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"Pizzagate" did not begin until 11/4/2016.

Prior to 11/4, it was "Spirit cooking."

If anyone can prove me wrong, with earlier tweets or 4chan posts referencing "pizzagate" in context (not just sporadic pizza references), please do.
Meanwhile, the data that was still available in early 2017 showed the first unambiguous mention of "Pizzagate" in a political context was 11/4.

The first unambiguous tweet I know of has since been removed, will post the screencap if I can find it.…
Should you care to understand a reason why...…
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Hey all, I've been working on this one for a couple months, working through several variations on the theme - I figure it's time to release it or risk it becoming too late.

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1 Oct
"When each person loves the other as much as himself, it makes one out of many (unus fiat ex pluribus)" - Cicero

This brilliant piece by @kacinpoint (whom I don't otherwise know), reflects the true nature of what it means to be a citizen.…
Thanks to @PB_Curry for bringing this quote to my attention again.

It's rather interesting that all of the histories I've found on this subject were written by those with a theological bent... Image
It's almost like -you know, if there truly is a God - that God would strive to be a unifying force for the good of all...

and, as such, would want us to be led on earth by those who act to unify rather than divide. Image
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28 Sep
If I didn't say it earlier, you MUST watch #TheComeyRule. It puts a linear, human sequence on things we've otherwise only gone back and reconstructed - and something interesting clicked:

the chatter about HRC's emails was always projection...
maybe the investigation was too.
like, it shows the Clinton email investigation wasn't referred to the FBI by the IC IG until JULY 2015 (July 6, 2015 ). That's not until AFTER BOTH:
- the Hastert indictment in May 2015... &
- Trump announcing his run...

And I believe the referral came after the SMARTech breach began too - IIRC, it began was shortly after the Hastert indictment sometime in June 2015 (though I can't seem to find the date offhand, it was based on a months-long date range subtracted from 12/2015).
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