Beyond misinformation on matters of public health, the support of fanatical ideology that threatens to cause a huge loss of life should be a matter for national security ->
X : Are you referring to the Great Barrington Declaration?
Me : Yes
X : As domestic terrorism?
Me : I have no idea whether it's state sponsored or domestic but I would hope that Government takes an interest for reasons of national security.
X : State sponsored?
Me : We live in a post truth world of statecraft and misinformation. We're talking about a declaration which if followed could cause huge loss of life and destabilisation. Yes, I would be taking an interest in the origin, the supporters and its funding.
X : It's just a different point of view.
Me : That's what ideologies are. Also not every weapon of terror has to be explosive. We're talking about harm, huge loss of life and potential destabilisation - so yes, I would and do have concerns and many questions.
X : Fanatical?
Me : What do you call the pursuit of an ideology (or a point of view if you wish) that threatens huge loss of life? Reasonable? Moderate? ... I don't.

• • •

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15 Oct
X : What do you think about remote monitoring of staff?
Me : Micromanagement in a distributed setting might not end well.
X : Why?
Me : With reduced physical barriers to work as companies adapt, you do realise that many can now work for anyone, anywhere in the world from home.
... i.e. shifting jobs was once cumbersome, you might have to move home, move to a different area, kids to different schools. It all creates barriers. In this new world, that stuff is going. You really don't want to be getting on the wrong side of your talent at this time.
... that's why there are companies out there "hunting" staff. When the economy starts to kick in, you might suddenly find a huge transfer of people if you've been less than supportive. I would be really careful with micromanagement, you're creating potential future problems.
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15 Oct
Why aren’t Lean and Agile Collaborating? -… ... soon to be followed by "Why aren't Lean and Six Sigma collaborating" annd the ever fruitful "Why aren't Agile and Six Sigma collaborating" and ... hell, here's the map. Yes they work together. ImageImage
To get them to work together you have to realise

1) They are different
2) They have context
3) There is no such thing as one size fits all
4) You have to see the context to apply them

Expect shouts on how [Agile | Lean | Six Sigma] work everywhere whilst the others don't.
P.S. Before you do decide to tell me how one or the other works everywhere, I've been having this argument with all sides for fifteen years and no, I've not heard a single justification for a one size fits all approach which works.
Read 9 tweets
15 Oct
X : Is mapping a cult where you pay to get access to hidden knowledge of the inner circle?
Me : My work is research. I use mapping. I occassionaly teach it. Mapping is all creative commons. #MapCamp is as low cost as we can make it (this year we managed to make it free) ...
... mapping doesn't help everyone, I emphasise how it's imperfect, it's a model and hence it's wrong but it seems to be useful. I've spent a lot of time helping others. Yes,I charge for workshops because that takes me away from research but I do an awful lot of community work ...
... I think it's not unreasonable to say that the value the community has gained from mapping vastly exceeds the few workshops I might have given to large corporate by factors of hundred of thousands or more ...
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14 Oct
The modern ideas of philanthropy are just a perpetuation of the ethics of individual choice, a reinforcement of the transactional nature of our society ... at some point, we're going to need hat conversation of Me vs We, to consider the ethics of care and our duty to others ...
... alas not only does our Western education tend to drive individualism but it may also get baked into our neutral structures -… ... that's a difficult cross generational mess to unpick if we can't even think in the right way.
I have to say a huge thank you to @marcusguest for that paper. It has never occurred to me before, after a decade of saying that we need to learn from China that some may not even have the necessary neural structures to do so but then why do I (and others) seem to see this ...
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13 Oct
Well, that's a wrap for #mapcamp2020 ... time to go have a sneaky G&T and then ... well, I've an early start tomorrow. 0730 research call on robotics.

Thank you all for attending and for our wonderful speakers. Videos should be up soon. I do hope you enjoyed it.
A special #MapCamp2020 shout-out to our two chairs - @MajorDamo and @coderinheels, the organising committee and also the person who just makes this stuff happen, the ever marvellous @JaneKingston.
Finally, a huge thank you to our sponsors and in particular @lefep (and the parent company @DXCTechnology) for making map camp happen. It was a wonderful event ... but then I'm highly biased.
Read 5 tweets
12 Oct
X : Is mapping just about things?
Me : Mapping hasn't been about things for well over a decade. You can map activities, practices, data and knowledge. Just use the cheat sheet (below) as your guide. More than that ..
... you can mix and match the labels, they're just labels for stage I to IV of evolution (i.e. the common charactertistics). Hence I tend to use the following labels when mapping values (i.e. beliefs) ...
... hence you can map out the beliefs of a collective including its rules (constituion, laws) and most importantly the components that they are built upon ...
Read 12 tweets

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