To my knowledge, Bill Barr hasn’t been seen in public since Trump was diagnosed with COVID contracted at an event Barr attended.

Barr reported that he repeatedly tested negative.

Now, in parallel, the two biggest pieces of propaganda Trump expected from Barr this month...

...have both been quietly scuttled.

The first was the John Durham report on the Russia investigation.

The second was the investigation into the Obama Admin’s legal and entirely routine unmasking of names in intelligence reports.

Thus far, it seems like the two big bangs Trump prodded Barr to engineer are dying not with a bang but with a whimper.

And Barr has been nowhere to be found as it has come out that he won’t be giving Mango Corleone what he demanded.

Those things don’t seem disconnected to me.

Now, we know Barr is as corrupt as the day is long... and we can safely assume that if there was any way at all to deliver something that even vaguely smelled like the demanded propaganda, Barr would have done it.

Which leaves me seeing no other way that we could have arrived at this moment - Barr both empty-handed and MIA - other than one of these:

1) The career professionals flatly shut Barr down. Even the John Durhams ultimately refused to go full corruption.

2) Barr sees the writing on the wall and isn’t going to pull his greatest act of self-immolation for a doomed candidate.

It’s one thing to try to pull a con you might get away with... It’s a whole ‘nother to try to pull an inside job knowing you won’t be on the inside soon.

Or finally, the third and least likely scenario:

3) These “investigations” were always just smoke to blow up Trump’s ass to keep him happy. There was never going to be bombshell deliverables. They were just cans to kick down the road to keep Trump off the DOJ’s back.

I don’t know... I kind of feel like it’s probably a combo of all three.

Barr, et al, pursued these dumb, corrupt errands figuring it would keep Trump off their backs and they could figure out what to do with them when the time came...

...and when the time came, enough people at the DOJ balked strenuously at the idea of concocting a complete sham of a report...

...and Barr faced the music.

He can’t save this presidency but he can make a mess of his own 2021 when the Attorney General is suddenly not him.

It just cannot be a coincidence that Barr is underground while The Mafia’s Dumbest Don is getting goose-egged on cons he thought were going to be better than the Lufthansa heist.

Barr is hiding just when Trump expected a show.

A Trump explosion can’t be far away.

If the reason for Barr’s failure to deliver and subsequent disappearing act is an of the above, Trump is almost certainly going to explode publicly.

Start the Eruption Watch.

Bet ya a beer Trump rages about Barr being a failure within 48 hours tops.


• • •

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16 Oct
For the next three weeks: matter how kind a person you are matter how much you hate confrontation matter how uncomfortable it makes you to speak harshly

Find it within yourself *every single time* you see the media doing what it did in 2016.

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While Trump and Republicans “work the refs”; Dems quietly grumble.

Trump has managed to influence the coverage he gets by merely complaining loudly and incessantly without merit.

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Hi, @maggieNYT.

Why don’t you do your actual job, you shameless fucking hack, and maybe develop some original reporting from your access journalism buddies.
Haberman would NEVER do truly damning reporting on Jared and Ivanka because that would cut off her access.

So instead, she’ll write fawning bullshit about how amazing the air smells when you walk behind Ivanka in the hallway and how Jared has the nicest loafers ever.
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A 6:00 am Sunday wake up for a little sunrise youth soccer. Beautiful morning.
Great game on a crisp fall morn.

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This story paints a picture that is just Narcissist 101.

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It’s a spectacle... but it isn’t some new low or some sudden deterioration.

It’s every bit as cyclical and predictable as the sunrise or the tides.

This is what narcissists do when failing. They spiral and flail and erupt.

It’s a scene.

All there is to do though is stand back.

Watch with detachment as he rants and raves. The words are just vomited up without thought, strategy or plan.

He’ll forget he said half of them the second they leave his mouth.

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Starting a little late but I'm going to follow along as Kamala Harris debates the obsequious, vacuous bag of old Sunday school clothes known as Mike Pence.

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Anywho, first couple questions have rolled by.

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The irony is that his lies, no matter how smoothly delivered, have almost no import in this race.

*HE* has almost no import in this race.
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