Dear Nigerian youth, welcome to power. At last, our Gen Z becomes the generation to claim a degree of power and able to get an arm of govt to make concessions, albeit still far from the target. With power, comes responsibility/expectations. Now the question is what next? #EndSWAT
Listen to this, whether you like it or not now, you will have to dialogue. Dialogue is both a language of protest, as it is of diplomacy. While you’re upset, and rightly so, you’re not tyrants. Without dialogue, everything could be seen as noise. The challenge is...

for a leaderless protest, how do you dialogue? Who represents you? And how do you hold them accountable? How do you ensure that the sacrifices made so far are not in vain? How do you ensure that the youth remain at the forefront of it? I’ll come to that shortly. Firstly,
Understand these 5 principles of dialogue (or negotiation)
1. Think win-win; not win-loss
2. Understand interests, and know yours
3. Constantly put proposals that benefit the youth forward
4. See sooner faster; be 1 step ahead
5. Not everyone is an enemy; Identify allies
So back to the question, who represents or dialogues on your behalf?

These are my ideas. Feel to refine them. They’re not perfect and you don’t have to listen to me or accept my suggest. After all, I’m not in your generation 😀
1. Democratize/decentralize the process;
2. Throw up the names of those that you trust who started this protest and have been in the trenches with you so far, on and offline
3. Possibly set up an online voting platform
4. Select top 4-5, from the result of no 3 above
5. Entrust them with your mandate

6. Demand that meetings are live streamed so all Nigerians can watch
7. Demand transparency at all times.
8. No protest should ever be called off until the Nigerian young people agree with the resolutions.
9. Whatever you do, don’t collect govt money for anything

While all the fun, food and music are great, there are some things to do in order to keep the main thing, the main thing (staying focus). These things must begin now!

1. At the end of everyday, in the same decentralized manner that protest has been organized so far,

check if the objectives of the protest have been met.

2. If yes, set up an online monitory platform to monitor the implementation of what’s agreed (either from the dialogues or by an announcement), and announce a timeline for returning to the streets, if any is broken. #EndSWAT
3. If no, protest continues.

This is my 2 cents. Haven been burnt by at least 2 major protests in Nigeria, because we were not proactive and strategic, I owe it to God, to ensure that you all don’t experience the same pain and agony that we all have experienced.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to provide the usual daily advice and guide from the sideline and will be out again to join you like I did earlier on. I stand with you and I fully support this cause.

May God bless you all and may God bless the Federal Republic of Nig.


• • •

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15 Oct
Why Davids Win Goliath!

If a sling & 5 stones were all you had, against a giant, backed by an army with monopoly of violence, what’d you do?

Most people run! Not Davids; they don’t back down. That’s the way I see the Nigerian youth right now. They won’t backing down! #EndSWAT
I wish our leaders would quickly realize that the Nigeria police especially is up against a force that is more united than they realize. The earlier they do, and agree to these seemingly reasonable demands made so far, the quicker things could come under control. #EndSWAT Image
Over the last few days, I’ve taken time to follow/engage countless of the young people who are fighting for their rights to live, by with #EndsSARS, which immediately became #EndSWAT as soon as SARs was rebranded SWAT, and one thing is clear, there’s no fear in them at all.
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I went from being a big Tesla bear to becoming an unrepentant bull. While I never “shorted” its stocks, I sat on the fence for so long until the whole idea of the company started to make sense. I used to see Tesla as a car company and was using the metrics of the auto industry to
judge it. That was unfair, especially after I realized that it has actually gone from being an auto maker to a Tech company. From that moment, my metrics changed. To understand Tesla, you have to subscribe to a world where petrol/gas dies and we run on battery-powered engines.
You must also be willing to embrace a world where how we generate electricity as we know it today is going to dramatically change over the next two decades.

In these two worlds, one company has no competition so far; and that’s Tesla.
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There are some things I don’t apologize for or even think of hiding, regardless of where I find myself:

1. Being a Christian
2. Being a Black-African
3. Being a Nigerian

These are part of my core identity and who I am. I respect every faith and those that have none, but
When I come into the room, my identity as a Christian also comes with me. This means that there are some things I’ll never do, and some ideas I will never subscirbe to, simply because of my faith. For instance, I’ve never been involved in corrupt practices, it’s against my faith.
As a Christian, it also means that there are parts of the world that I may never be able to live and walk freely in, because of persecution. And if I damn the consequences and live there, I may end up paying with my life; as I will rather die than deny my faith as a Christian ✝️
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These are statements that many people make casually but are deeply rooted in fundamental assumptions about the two genders.

I’ve found, after years of quiet observation that people who make these statements fall into 3 categories. They:
1. are Incredibly ignorant
2. have a deep personal experience
3. hold a belief system

The very ignorant ones are mostly ignorant about many things but are usually quick to jump on the bandwagons, generally to appear trendy or be seen as supporting a seemingly popular faction.
The ignorant tends not to test assumptions, ask clarifying questions or attempt to understand why a popular belief is held so tightly. Usually when you ask, why do you believe that “women like money or are materialistic?”, the common response is “everybody knows so”. Which is
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Dear young friend, one of the most important and frequent questions you will ever have to answer in life is the question, who are you? Please don’t make the mistake that this is a question about your name. As important as your name is, it is not who you are, it is merely a label
The question who are you or whose son or daughter are you? is a question about your very essence, history or your people. It is also a question about the makeup of the person standing in front of the enquirer. ‘The Who’, is very different from ‘The What’. So if I say who are you?
Please don’t tell me your name. That is the what. That’s why you never ask “who is your name”. ‘The What’ is a thing, and ‘The Who’ is a person; it is much deeper. It speaks to your personality, what makes you, you. The challenge about swapping “The Who” with “The What” is that
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27 Jun

As a young President of a campus group, I paid a condolence visit to a friend and fellowship member who had just lost her dad. I said “you know, the Bible says, if you fail in the day of adversity, your strength is little”. I‘ll never forget her response.
She goes “Kola, please don’t preach AT me. I know the scripture and yes, I am failing and my strength is little. I didn’t ask you to come so you could TALK to me. I asked you to come so you could LISTEN to me”. My goodness, that experience changed me forever.
That was about 18yrs ago. As I grew and mature in the things of God, advocacy work or business, I have discovered the power in actively listening to people. I’ve sat down for more than 5hrs and listened to someone talk himself out of suicide. I’ve sat down for hrs and listened
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