enigma!lwj and alpha!wwx preggy thread

cw for a/b/o mpreg
note: this is for the preggy enthusiasts. the thread is basially our gc messages gathered and reworded. thanks lyra for brainstorming with me. <3
no war!au where everyone lives. wangxian get together and they're horny together.. but in this world in addition to alphas, betas and omegas, also enigmas exists. this concept is kind of new, so everything in this is made up to go along with omegaverse.
let's start with: what's an enigma?

quote: "a rare and unique gender that can make anyone submit, even an alpha."

we came up with a bunch of made up facts with our brainstorming session so i'll list them in the next tweets.
- enigmas can subdue anyone
- they are very rare, very sought out, popular
- they are good breeders (they have two! cocks)
- they can induce heats/ruts in a/o
- they usually hide their true gender and try to present as other genders
- enigmas can claim multiple a/b/o's
specific to this au:
everyone has a reproductive system (even alphas) of some sort but it is only 'usable' in b/o. enigmas can impregnate anyone, even alphas. but alpha pregnancy is rare; no records or proper research of them exists sine it's such a rare occurrence.
ppl in the past have been incredibly secretive about it.

"what happens to enigmas if people knew?"

rare things always induce greed. so alpha pregnancies are extremely rare, and if alphas knew about the existence of an enigma, some might seek out those enigmas.
enigmas are extremely wanted as partners. people want to have children with them, because the chances of a successful pregnancy are so good. the child could be an enigma, too, and even if they aren't, their child would be powerful regardless of their (secondary) gender.
highranking people seek them out in order to get a powerful heir of their own. high strength, high cultivation level, high possibility to immortality later.

enigmas themselves are very likely to end up in leader positions too. (consider; nie mingjue)
(subplot: enigma cum is extremely good for a successful fertilization. there even exists a dark market. ppl could be selling semen and claim it's from an enigma, and try to get money like that. no one is sure of the specifics... but the dark market is anything you can imagine.)
but back to wangxian. lwj is an enigma, hidden and faking presenting as an alpha all his life. he controls his scent.

wwx is an alpha. he meets alpha (assumed) lwj, and they are very into each other and, well, because this is a happy au they get together.
although they go through the whole alpha x alpha thing when they are courting, lwj's secret can't be hidden forever.

bc.. when they get naked...you know.. man has two cocks..... and wwx is just like holy FUCK lan zhan you-- /drools

but lwj trusts him. loves him.<3
wwx is immediately accepting and ready to keep this secret. lwj has trusted him with it, and wwx is lwj's chosen one <3

and then they fuck. a lot. and they claim each other, get bonded. and fuck a lot more. it's so good. they can go both ways, they both knot.
so, they don't really know enigmas can impregnate alphas. even the existence of an enigma is a bit of a mystery, still. and lwj is not living 'as an enigma'.

wwx has mentioned before that he would love to have children of his own, with the person he loves. it's his dream.
they've discussed the alpha x alpha thing before. they went through the whole thing together. in this au world everything is possible, but alpha pregnancies are so rare that it's thought to be almost impossible, and like stated before, there isn't a lot of info on recorded cases.
wangxian have a big breeding kink. they have fun with it and they roleplay it. during sex wwx says things like, "oh, oh, i'm so full of your come, it's like carrying a baby, yeah, er-gege, give your babies to me! fill me up!"
and lwj? he wants to BREED him. he has TWO cocks for that specific purpose so he's NOT gonna let it stop him. he's gonna breed the FUCK out of him.

and so, they fuck. and enigmas cum a lot. and one day, as one would think, wwx wakes up feeling a bit weird, weak.
he eats breakfast and gets extremely nauseous. he goes to see the gusu lan doctor (yes he lives with lwj in cloud recesses) and he's just thinking that maybe it's a food poisoning from breakfast or general fatigue so he'll just get some medicine for it and go back. yes, surely.
lwj waits for him, not very sure abt what's going on.

meanwhile at the doctor's.. before wwx leaves with the medicine, the doc is like, "wait.." bc she's sensing something. she does a check up. and she does a few more check ups, and wwx is reading confusion on her face.
(cultivators, you know.)

he gets the news.

she says, "you are pregnant. with a child. congratulations." (??!)

wwx's first reaction is disbelief. he's stunned. he lets out a squeaky, "what?"

he needs a moment.
and then wwx notices that his eyes are watering and he's softly crying. is this real? is this not like, a big prank?

he's a bit in hysterics, but most of all, he is so happy.. it's literally his dream. it's his and lan zhan's right? he thinks to himself and wipes his snot.
he rubs his belly, and although it's still flat, he's thrilled. he can't believe it.

"are you serious? you're not kidding?" he asks the doctor, who is also smiling and nodding. and wwx cries (because his sister is also pregnant, and he can't wait to tell her!!!)
lots of discussion with the doctor follows. they go through a lot of things and she makes sure that things are okay. (+checkup schedule)

eventually, wwx returns to his shared house with lwj. on his way there, he holds tight onto the herbal medicine he's got for the nausea.
lwj sits around the table, hands on his guqin, worried. wwx has been at the doctor's for a long time now. he's worried--what if something bad has happened? did wwx get more sick? should he go after him? if that's the case, then why hasn't anyone came there to fetch him?
wwx is barely contained within his own skin when he hurries across the yard. he stops at the door and sees lwj around the table. lwj raises from his seat and meets him at the doorway, greets him silently and holds his elbows. he notices wwx's eyes are puffy. he's been crying.
"wei ying--are you okay?" he asks, voice smaller than usual.

wwx is panting from the running. he swallows, clears his throat. "yes, lan zhan, yes!" and he stops to breathe, "i--i have something to tell you." he looks up at him, teary eyed again. he's smiling. so bright.
wwx cups lwj's face.

he looks at him and tells him, "we are having a baby, lan zhan. it's ours. i'm not joking! i'm pregnant."

lwj, a visual representation of: ⁉️
his eyes go big and he's processing it... until the tears well up in his eyes and fall. he's crying.
wwx has never seen him actually cry before.

with a shaky voice, lwj asks, "how?" and grabbing his elbows tighter.

wwx kisses him once. "i don't know!! the doctor said a bunch of things but i forgot half of it when i was rushing here to tell you!"
(wei ying--you should've listened--! sigh!!)

they hug tightly. they're both so happy! wwx was convinced that he wouldn't have been able to get pregnant, but here he apparently is.. he had been angry before, when he knew he'd technically be able to, but also knew how rare it was.
and yet, again, here they are. he hopes it continues to be true. he hopes it's going to go well.

lwj kisses him and whispers into his ear, "let me hold you. for a while." happy tears.

wwx giggles. "yeah, it's big news. take your time. that's why i was taking so long."
they hug some more. lwj only stops crying when they kiss again, but.. "our baby?" he asks, weakly.

and when wwx nods, lwj is immediately back at it, sniffling when they're not kissing and the tears just fall. he buries his face into wwx's neck. the familiar scent comforts him.
it's messy and perfect. the way wwx is looking at lwj, smiling wide through his wet, teary eyes. beautiful--the most beautiful thing lwj has ever witnessed. lwj is unable to talk, so he just hugs him and holds him.
more kisses. soft kisses, tender ones, all over wei ying's face.
they go inside and close the door.

later in bed, they're spooning in pleasant silence.
wwx guides lwj's hands on his belly. lwj had calmed down earlier but now he's feeling it again and pressing his nose close to wwx's soft neck hairs, kissing at the mark from their bonding.
and, well, because it's them, it turns heated when lwj tries to pull wwx's robes down and kiss more of his skin. wwx turns around and lwj undoes his sash. lwj kisses his neck and chest--down, down.

wwx is delighted. "lan zhan, you really gave me the babies you promised, huh.."

lwj worships wwx's skin with soft kisses. when he's over his belly, he murmus thank yous and i love yous, almost inaudible. he talks to the baby and to wwx, and wwx feels like he's gonna combust on the spot.
"i think the baby needs lots of kisses, lan zhan! to become very big and strong!"

lwj, happy about the hint, nods. "mn. that will not be a problem." he is so grateful for it he's not sure at all how to show it.
so he hums, little bits of their song, and kisses wwx's tummy.

"grow well," he speaks against his skin, and, "we will wait for you," with tears down his cheeks. he can't wait to meet their baby. he wants the baby and wwx to be safe. "stay healthy. i love you." kisses.
wwx starts holding his belly all the time. he likes touching it even if he's not showing. he wants to protect their little baby, likes to think about it and to remind lwj about it. (lwj doesn't need to be reminded tho, bc his brain is just a constant brrr of wei ying and child)
lwj accompanies wwx to places more often. they visit yunmeng.

together with lwj they tell wwx's siblings about the pregnancy. lwj's enigma secret is a bit bigger and a serious topic, so they don't reveal that. it will be kept strictly within gusu lan, at least for now.
jyl and jc are very surprised (but also VERY excited.)

wwx is good at coming up with believable reasons for it. he has asked the gusu lan doctor for help with a cover up story and gathered knowledge about a/a relationships (which isn't a lot, tbh) but it's enough!
wwx just shamelessly tells ppl that YEAH lwj's dick so powerful he got another alpha pregnant, that it's about CULTIVATION, and YEAH we are that compatible!! and you all are NOTHING compared to the powerful righteous skilled cultivator hanguang-jun!

jc: oh my god please shut up
wwx: he's so powerful he basically kicked my uterus into action!!
jc: wtf stop i don't want to hear this

but jyl is blooming with happiness for his brother!! and since jyl is pregnant at the same time as wwx (she's expecting her third child!!), wwx weeps when he talks with her.
wwx is so happy. he has voiced out his dream to his siblings before.. and now he has it, with lan zhan. jyl and jc ask questions regarding probability (within alphas) and wwx just convinces them that yeah lwj is such a powerful cultivator, so it's not unheard of!! (it is, cough)
jyl, third time pregnancy, an expert by now: finally gets to have a sibling she can guide around! she shares tips with wwx and they talk about it a lot. what to expect and look out for.

lwj also talks with her a lot, they have a good relationship.
jyl also shares tips with lwj. things that they wish they had known with her husband in the beginning. lwj intently listens to all of it and even takes notes (in beautiful calligraphy writing). she tells him things like what to expect and how a pregnant person might feel.
jc is like angry happy. after wwx and lwj have gone back, jc is obsessed with making regular visits to cloud recesses and jinlintai, and he complains about having to visit wwx every time he goes there, but yet he's so happy about it. he will be the best uncle for all the kids.
sometimes lwj's enigma possessiveness shows. not much tho. wwx is pregnant with their child, so lwj feels like he has to keep him safe around strangers. he doesn't limit wwx's living, he encourages it (esp. in gusu), but he'll cut a throat if anyone ever causes any harm!!
and wwx likes lwj's attention on him. he likes lwj's hand on him. he often knowingly smiles and grabs lwj's hand to rest on his belly, usually just to tease him.

but for them, it a special thing, and they are both hopelessly in love.
there are ups and downs. they get through them, with the helps of the tips they've gotten. some days are worse for wwx and some days are better. when he's tired, lwj helps him and has him rest. when he feels like doing something, lwj makes sure he gets to do it.
jc starts preparing a ymj clarity bell as a gift to the baby.

when wwx's bump starts showing (it's a bit early, but they think it's bc of the whole enigma business), they visit the doctor for a scheduled check up.
it's during the doctor visit when they hear about it.

there's another one growing.

they are going to have two babies.
they're seated in the doctor's room and wwx is like, "what? what do you mean there are two? THERE ARE TWO?"

the doctor just smiles gently, "congratulations again."

wwx turns to lwj, "lan zhan! you put two babies in me?!?"

lwj: crying again
wwx is still unable to process crying lan zhan so he tries to joke about it. "lan zhan what is this!! why are you so much more emotional than me? i'm the one with babies here! babies!!"

lwj: even more tears at the word "babies"
// and that's the end! YAAY!

i'm gonna conclude the thread here bc it's like,, 5am here and the thread is getting too long and i wanted to focus on the happy reactions!

when jc hears about the second baby he goes through whole range of emotions at once.
"oh shit! ANOTHER ONE!??! how on EARTH?"
and while wwx just laughs, jc goes on, "WAIT A FUCKING MINUTE! I NEED ONE MORE BELL FOR THIS OTHER BABY AS WELL!"

and he prepares another bell.

• • •

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