oh my god lwj has an adorable trait. 🥺 he might appear to be very..confident? but he still asks for wwx's opinion / reassurance... bc he cares about his opinion.
like the kiss thing..
'was i.. not good enough?'
and about the essay feedback..
'is short.. not good?
like if he's doing grading, he's doing it by his standards, what he thinks is appropriate and good. and then comes wwx who talks and talks and compares lwj' grading to lqr's and then lwj becomes a bit unsure. 🥺 like what if he's not doing as good of a job as he'd thought?
and then wwx makes fun of the kiss Like "and in the end i only kissed ONE person during my whole previous life!!...in my heart i thought i, wei ying, didnt die in vain! But Who knew it would turn out to be you!!"

lwj: was my kiss not..good enough?
lwj who wouldn't give a rat's ass about anyone else's opinion but when it's wei ying and his nonsense he's instantly like..oh ..🥺


• • •

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More from @suibunnies

17 Oct
maybe lwj has a collection on his phone, which is just photos of wei ying and cummies on him. and also short videos where lwj spits on his fucked out hole.
lwj editing compilations for himself of wwx getting slapped. on the face. gently and harshly. (dw they've discussed this). wwx could be blindfolded or not. and you'd see the dazed look on his face. lwj just rewinds that shit
lwj: it is art. wei ying is art.
wwx: you just want to jack off to my face
lwj: correct. still art. appreciation of art.
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17 Oct
and when wwx disappears for a year or two lwj only has the toy left. with wwx's voice.
and then the battery runs out. and the moment it happens lwj doesn't even have wwx's voice anymore. until he goes to fix it, of course.
the moment the toy stopped working, lwj had a crying breakdown. it's like he's losing wwx again. it happened again.

he realizes that he's been very, unhealthily attached to the toy. but...does he care? no. it brings him comfort. he'll take what he can get.
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17 Oct
the audio drama is really really too good to us.. i love it so much. it always makes me happy, and there's always something new when you rewatch it. there are so many scenes that you can analyze and it's incredible just how much character details you can get from dialogue alone?
perhaps even more than from a visual adaptation...there's SO MANY THINGS i've noticed just from their speech alone and what kind of reactions they have and what the tones of their voices are and HNNNG
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16 Oct
am now thinking about wwx accidentally stumbling into a room of 10 lan wangjis!
wwx: um....lan zhan--

everyone turns to look.

wwx: i mean...lan wangji..?

everyone still looks.

wwx: what is going on?
wwx realizes that his husband has been multiplied. he groans. it's his fault! it was that copying talisman he was goofing around with!! this is terrible!

and they're all staring at him! with those same intense eyes! if one isn't enough, then how is he supposed to deal with 10?
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15 Oct
enigma!lwj and alpha!wwx preggy thread

cw for a/b/o mpreg
note: this is for the preggy enthusiasts. the thread is basially our gc messages gathered and reworded. thanks lyra for brainstorming with me. <3
no war!au where everyone lives. wangxian get together and they're horny together.. but in this world in addition to alphas, betas and omegas, also enigmas exists. this concept is kind of new, so everything in this is made up to go along with omegaverse.
let's start with: what's an enigma?

quote: "a rare and unique gender that can make anyone submit, even an alpha."

we came up with a bunch of made up facts with our brainstorming session so i'll list them in the next tweets.
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3 Oct
modern au wwx and lwj go to a halloween party. wwx will have lwj dress up as the hottest vampire ever....with that ruffled silk shirt and black high waisted pants and a cheap cape..he looks absolutely too hot to exist. wwx just swoons
he goes all in with the sharp fake teethies and puts a little red eyeshadow under his eye .. and maybe a bit of highlighter on the flawless skin of his cheeks and nose. . lwj is like, well, anything for wei ying
wwx, one week before the party: oh my god. i just realized i have no plans for myself. hm i guess i will just be lan zhan's innocent victim 🤪 *bares neck*
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