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16 Oct, 26 tweets, 3 min read
Trump just said 85% of the people who wear masks get COVID. Not so. But CDC did report that 85% of the people they studied who got the virus reported wearing masks always or often.
Savannah Guthrie has wasted 10 minutes on her personal obsession with people wearing masks and I would like her to move onto more interesting and more important topics.
Savannah Guthrie just brought up QAnon. I am not joking.
Savannah Guthrie tells Donald Trump some weird stuff about QAnon and then demands he denounce what she said. He says he knows nothing about QAnon. She may be right but he doesn't know anything about it. DONALD TRUMP SPEAKS FOR ALL OF US.
"WHy aren't you asking me about Antifa? Why aren't you asking me about the radical left? Why aren't you asking Joe Biden questions?" "Because you're here" Savannah is flailing.
"Will you accept the results of the election" -- As Trump responds, Guthrie interrupts to insist that there will be no problems with mail-in ballots. Trump mentions that he didn't get a peaceful transfer, and he'll accept results but he wants it to be honest.
Savannah Guthrie says that if there are millions of ballots that are properly cast, he shouldn't be concerned about those that aren't. Even as she hectors and pesters him, he responds, "Savannah. I want it to be clean."
Trump notes that his opponents were the ones that dealt with Russia. An "undecided" voter who Guthrie admitted had voted for Clinton in 2016 asks Trump why he only banned travel from China and not elsewhere if he knew it was bad.
Savannah Guthrie goes BACK to pushing masks.
Savannah Guthrie apparently thought the big takeaway of the year was that people wanted more interruptions in presidential debates.
Little note here that it is very yawn to watch media and NeverTrump activists "slay queen" over Savannah Guthrie.
This was billed as a town hall, not a debate with Savannah Guthrie. I truly don't care about Savannah Guthrie's personal views and could stand to hear about 100% less of them.
Voter asks about corporate tax rates and I'm just waiting to see what Savannah Guthrie's pre-planned interruption is.
She went with "on the subject of taxation" and then brings up the NYT story on taxes.
Savannah Guthrie doesn't understand leverage.
Guys, I'm beginning to think I don't want to vote for Savannah Guthrie.
"OH MY GOSH SHUT UP!" -- Me, just now, at the top of my lungs after Savannah Guthrie's latest interruption. Am I alone here?
So could someone explain to NBC what a TOWN HALL with a PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE IS? That means questions from *VOTERS* and answers from the *CANDIDATE.*
Even the Biden voter has asked better questions than Savannah Guthrie. The only good questions came from the voters.
Guthrie's pre-planned interruption was to ask about Garland.
FWIW, my phone is blowing up with people loving the woman seated behind Trump on his left.
Trump says he has no expectations of how Amy Coney Barrett would rule and that he never discussed any cases with her.
I was a bit confused by the question from the pro-life millennial. Trump says if Roe V. Wade were overturned, it would go to the states. Savannah Guthrie peppering him on his views on Roe V. Wade. He says he doesn't want to say anything that would put Barrett in a bind.
Question from Biden voter about preparing law enforcement officers to work better with Black and Latino members of the community. Trump responds by mentioning Tim Scott's bill to improve policing, and that Democrats fought him.
Savannah's pre-planned hostile interruption came at the time that he received applause for his answer. AWKWARD.
Genuinely happy with the questions from voters. They elicited interesting answers and a real dialogue. Such a shame there were so few of them and that Guthrie kept trying to steal time away from voters for her weird obsessions and hectoring.

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12 Oct
Kamala Harris begins her skyped in monologue at Amy Coney Barrett hearing by using her time to express alarm that the committee is operating during a global pandemic. (Harris previously had no problem with the committee's hearings during pandemic)
Kamala Harris had similar talking points about the need to perpetually delay Kavanaugh's hearing -- years before the Coronavirus pandemic.
Somewhat surprised that Kamala Harris not just reading this straight off a teleprompter but droning along so poorly as she does it. Her natural gift is super dramatic committee performances. This makes Joe Biden seem lively.
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3 Oct
“Silent no more!” This woman shouted while driving by.
Scene outside Walter Reed.
Black Trump supporter speaks with white BLM protesters.
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3 Oct
I’m here at Walter Reed where hundreds of Americans have gathered to wish President Trump well during his hospitalization.
Lots of people praying
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1 Oct
Holy crap. This is crazy to watch. I've noticed this for years and have commented on it publicly, but the actual words that Trump or his administration speak and their actions do not seem to have any influence at all on the narrative, the questions, the stories.
Me on Fox News in 2017 discussing this "alternate reality" that journalists have set up.…
A couple of days later in 2017, also on Fox News:…
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30 Sep
Comey hearing is starting, if anyone wants to endure that.…
Graham notes that Igor Danchenko, the source for the dossier that was purchased by Hillary Clinton and the DNC, was suspected of being a spy and national security threat. This obviously should have killed any use of dossier by apolitical intel agencies.
Feinstein just falsely asserted that Steele dossier had no part in larger Russia investigation. This is a lie. It was used quite heavily throughout, from warrants to spy on Trump campaign affiliates to Rosenstein's direction for the special counsel.
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30 Sep
Trump asked about his nomination of Amy Coney Barrett. He says that elections have consequences, that Republicans won presidency and senate. That ACB is a great judge. "As good as anybody who has served on that court."
Strong tie game from both Trump and Biden.
"I'm not opposed to the justice, she's a very fine person." -- Biden says of Judge Amy Coney Barrett
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