Police unions are very smart politically: They need immunity for killing, racism

Why did PPA invest $15,000 in Eudaly’s rival Mingus Mapps? Why did a smart guy like him take that cash?

Let’s read their answers to local groups’ policing questionnaire:

The Q’s come from 6 groups experienced with PDX policing issues.

Below are responses to a Q about historic, criminal PPB police violence at protests.
(L, Mapps; R, Eudaly)

Mapps GIVES COPS A FREE PASS. Eudaly shows her usual commitment to addressing police at their level.

“Does Mapps give them a free pass?”
Mapps “opposes rubber bullets”??

Mapps says PPB “should protect civil rights”.. they haven’t done this in 4+ mos!!

PPA and Mapps know they will work well together: Mapps says empty things, PPA wins. $15k well spent.

While Mingus Mapps says empty things about the police force which he took $15,000 from,

Commissioner @Chloe4PDX is strong, informed and direct on opposing police violence at protests, like she is on many questions around policing.

On Houseless persons and the police:

Eudaly notes the Police Union is delaying every effort to get Portland Street Response going

Mapps - who took money from his apparent allies at PPA - neglects to mention this (cont...)

Question ⬇️
A: Mapps top, Eudaly below ↘️

Mapps on homelessness/police:

Mapps, who is apparently fun to talk to, says things that sound good to people who don’t know the issue and dynamics.

He DESCRIBES the problem in a nice sounding way, but he indicates an offer of a FREE PASS to police who do a LOT of harm.

On homelessness/police, Mapps says “let’s do Portland Street Response.”

YEAH, no kidding, that’s already being done, and Mapps’ campaign friends (The Portland Police Association) are deliberately gumming up the process however they can, which Eudaly notes (below).

WHY is PPA gumming up Portland Street Response?

Because they “want police out of dealing w homelessness” (Mingus’ language), BUT they want new PSR employees IN THE POLICE UNION MURDER PROTECTION RACKET. They’ve forced the city to make concessions to extract those employees.

Do read thru the rest of Mingus Mapps’ empty answers, and @Chloe4PDX’s aggressive, substantial answers.

How would Mingus affect policing policy?

He’ll consistently drag down efforts from Hardesty or Iannarone, by adopting police stances and laundering them to the public.

Speaking of @sarah2020, she actually filled out the survey, the only of 3 mayor candidates. Her answers are aggressive, practical, and substantial.

Sarah Iannarone has pledged to give Hardesty the PPB Bureau, a move the police reject (and Wheeler refuses). More...

Iannarone would be in the Mayor’s seat, and has a big role in setting the discourse on issues of police using violence and force.

Her answers largely indicate she’d immediately work to politically set up prevention and solution to police corruption and harm. (cont..)

On complex issues like JTTF, Iannarone knows what she’s talking about and gives a practical, BLM-friendly answer.

The cops’ friends - Mapps and Mayor Wheeler - oppose Iannarone’s position, though she is both RIGHT, and also more practical.

On racial profiling by notoriously racist and violent PPB, Mapps says we need different stats, pushes back on criticism of Gang Team. A common “cops can do whatever they want” reformist take

Iannarone says smart, practical things AND calls for HONEST reckoning, which cops reject
In Portland and OR, a politician doesn’t have to say much on policing to sound good to everyday people.

The system is set up for spineless reformists to get into office and limit any real change, advance police lobbyist demands. i.e. Mapps saying “I want to ban chokeholds”.

Both Eudaly and Iannarone’s answers indicate they actually want to get something done to stop these corrupt and violent cops from doing harm.

So, both women are under serious attack from the police and their allies like Wheeler, media, Business Alliance reactionaries and Mapps
If you’re an agent for defending police control, you call Iannarone and Eudaly “divisive” women.

Eudaly and Iannarone understand the issue, then propose real action. Police + big business lobby and fund people like Wheeler and Mapps to make inaction sound just and practical

Why did Mapps take $15k from the PPA police “union” murder protection racket?

Based on his answers, he took it bc he agrees, deep down, with their arguments/rationalizations, and will generally act as PPA ally in beating back legit BLM/abolitionist demands around policing.

Why does PPA invest $15k in Mingus Mapps?

Because they know it could be EXTREMELY valuable to them to get rid of Eudaly - a smart, biting hater of lying policeMEN - on the council and replace w a very clever ideological ally.

The answers from both bear out the wise investment.
Thanks to @Chloe4PDX, @sarah2020, and Mingus Mapps for filling out the policing issues survey from Portland Copwatch, @JwJpdx @UniteOregon @ForwardPortland PMPC, us.

We all learned a lot from digesting the thinking of multiple important political ppl dealing w OR’s biggest PD.
The views expressed here just represent PR, not all the other groups. They all have their own takes on things and had no say in this thread.

We coordinated in putting together the questions, and kept pestering the candidates for answers.
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