We don't take issuing subpoena lightly; astonished that we couldn't get attendance data from DOE says @NYCSpeakerCoJo . Chaos is tremendous and no individual's fault; our stress nothing compared to anxieties families are facing with little info & rules changing day by by.
.@NYCspeakerCojo says getting education right will determine future of our city and how we handle this challenge will determine whether parents can go back to work & kids will get their education; excuses no longer acceptable
.@JumaaneWilliams says the planning for reopening schools could have been done better; it couldn't have been done worse. Blames it on incompetency of @nycmayor. Delays caused by Inadequate staffing while he was warned by principals of teacher shortage months in advance.
Some students still don't have access to devices; vast majority of students negatively affected are Black and brown.
Carranza describes their extensive ventilation inspections and have purchased HEPA air purifiers - but why did these inspections only start in August?
Carranza: Every NYC school building has a school nurse with help of HHS & DOE has acquired 400 additional nurses; & nurses in charge of geographical areas for child care providers. Also there's detailed health screening, physical distancing, masks & kids staying home if sick.
Free covid testing for all NYers & expedited to students/teachers; plus monthly random testing at every school starting Oct. 9 to keep transmission low. Plus situation room w/HHS, etc. All school will close if citywide rate over 3%, more aggressive in nation.
Is Covid testing mandatory? language is confusing asks @MarkTreyger718 . Carranza says yes, anyone in a school building but we are asking for parent consent & give them time to be educated about need for this. If not, they can be educated remotely.
But parent consent form says kids w/o consent "may" be educated remotely says @MarkTreyger718 if necessary. When needed for truly random sample asks Treyger: will same kids be repeatedly tested if not enough others have consent & is that reliable?
Q Not really answered by Carranza or Dr. Ted Long. How many affirmative consent forms returned citywide, asks @MarkTreyger718 We don't have that data says Dr Varma. Mandatory language reasons b/c we can't force them to be tested but can be removed from in-person learning
Dr. Varma says NYC only district in world doing random testing. Treyger: why don't you have data on # of consent forms? Varma: We've tested 7250 people for .02% positivity. How many in yellow zones? Don't have. We got 72,000 consent forms as of yesterday says Carranza
How many schools have 20% or lower rate of consent for students opting into in-person learning? Carranza: We'll get you most recent figures today. Why can't family's pediatrician provide testing data? Varma: for statistical validity must be random,done same day using same method
Varma: We need to limit people w/in schools for safety so parents can't be present during testing. Concern only have 15% of consent forms? Varma: Testing is not 1st line of defense vs masking, distancing, this is instead a snapshot of results of our prevention efforts
Treyger: Dr. Fauci says testing is essential. Varma: NYC performs more testing than any other place in US and more than most places in the world. Treyger: some experts caution vs. NYC hybrid plan Varma: many places have kept schools open successfully with far less testing.
Carranza: 20% of blended learning students have given consent; also there's staff. As of Oct. 14 schools in yellow zone:3100 tests received only 4 positive results. D75 students will also be tested but additional precautions will be used, crafted w/educators to ensure not scary.
According to Governor's mandate, students & staff in Yeshivas also supposed to be tested. Will that happen? Hope someone asks that question. cc @Dromm25 @MarkTreyger718
Dr. Ted Long says parents should be present w/D75 students & come to our sites to do. What about other special needs kids? Yes. School safety personnel tested positive but did not notify schools; update to protocols to ensure NYPD will alert DOE? Carranza - verifies that's true.
#requests fr/students for more devices? Siciliano: since school year started, schools working to id device needs, provide them & let us know what gaps remain. Last few weeks we've distributed above 20,000 ipads & we've ordered 100K more. 77,000 requests as of now,.
Why did DOE wait so long to order more devices; esp. given huge need & racial disparities? Mayor has failed. How soon we will get these devices & have you heard students need chromebooks/laptops instead so can type etc?
Carranza: some schools may be asking for more devices to fulfill their own needs for in-person learning. also trying to get back devices from kids who graduated. Supply chain shortage - we've been prioritized for chromebooks, ipads. {probably paying the most].
Siciliano - Apple able to supply us most quickly in spring & we ordered keyboards for Ipads for more functionality. We're working with all manufacturers. Schools can order chromebooks with 4 weeks turnaround. [do schools have to pay or will DOE centrally?]
What % of schools providing in-person learning by having students logging online when in school? That's not in-person instruction but in-person study hall says @MarkTreyger718 Carranza: very challenging staffing issues which continues to change. This is not ideal.
Carranza: But at least these students in schools get socialization, food, counselors, their parents can go to work. Over time that number will shrink as get more staffing. asks Donald Conyers who doesn't have that data with him at this time. Carranza: will get it to you today.
Treyger: Doesn't help that Mayor gives out incorrect info. Transfers hearing to Health chair @MarkLevineNYC
Levine asks why zip code data not online; also positivity rate higher in Staten Is than Kew Gardens where schools closed. Dr. Varma: zip code level available soon. also schools may not draw students just geographically so citywide rate. new school closures decided reluctantly
New school closures: Had to limit interaction in those communities & those coming from outside into high positivity zones. Why not close schools in other areas in Staten Is & Bronx with higher than 3%? When test positivity rises & stays for 7-14 days that's the trigger.
Varma: there were High rates in Tremont in Bronx & Sunset Park earlier, we ramped up testing & social distancing measures & it worked to lower rates. Tried that in Borough Park and didn't work.
New guidance require monthly testing for school staff; is this to be required for students too? And how will this be monitored? We encourage families to do this too, but w/ younger kids rates of symptoms are lower as well as risk of transmission.
Random testing at schools NOT replacement for individual testing efforts says Dr. Ted Long, w/ more than 300 sites across city.
Alert via Test & Trace corps or individually by family to school & then to DOE situation room & then to schools and stakeholders if student or staff tested positive via citywide labs. 320 classrooms closed so far.
Ventilation critical given airborne transmission of virus, but data not publicly available. How can parents/teachers check readings for their classrooms? Carranza: now C02 meters in each classroom. Kevin Moran: ventilation one of multi-pronged approach to ensure systems operable
Kevin Moran: using Co2 meters to see if air flow adequate, also providing air filtration and opening windows. We will update air flow data weekly & parents can ask principals for access to data. he said this is on our website. ordered 30,000 Hepa air filtration devices.
Levine concerned about community school services being cut & relationships w/CBOs. Carranza - big supporter but budgetary challenges. We will find more funding w/ help of @MarkTreyger718 - we have restored some funding but need more help fr/ state & feds.
.@MarkTreyger718 How much staffing do we still need to ensure all kids get in-person learning in schools? [And reasonable size remote classes as well! Some online classes are as large as 60-100 students!] Conyers: we will get you some data on this.
.@BenKallos w/many Qs about shortages of Learning Bridges seats in his district & Manhattan, will DOE pay for necessary laptops & why some students can come only 1-2 days a week in schools when classes as low as six? Will desegregate online classes? Also buses still lack GPS.
Carranza: pandemic halted GPS tracking (but guaranteed huge busing payments last year & companies had months to install) Kevin Moran: in March shut down GPS supply chain & no opportunity to install or training over the summer. Committed to getting back on track soon.
Carranza: culturally relevant curriculum, no different in virtual environment. students only 1-2 days of blended learning; we're re-calibrating figures to reconfigure classes & offer more in person learning. But in 4-5 weeks more kids may opt back into in-person learning.
We don't want to confuse families by changing plans too many times. Lindsey Oates - $ for laptops Reso A funding released & schools are ordering devices. Learning Bridges -Josh Wallack happy to work w/ you for more seats but prioritizing neighborhoods hardest hit by COVID.
Citywide online desegregated classes separate from schools? says Kallos - where will staffing come from? Carranza- labor issues, we need to discuss.
.@bradlander New added fees for schools' extended use permits for after school programs supposedly for cleaning costs- will you reverse this? Lindsay Oates - can't commit but DYCD not exempt. How many Learning Bridges slots available & how many schools doing outdoor learning?
Also @bradlander: admissions decisions for MS where 4th grade test scores aren't available; can't we use D15 model esp given reality of pandemic.
Susan Haskell: Learning Bridges had more than 45,000 families eligible & signed up: we have more than 300 programs matched w/500 schools. When see how many seats & offers? We've now exceed 30K seats which was our initial goal. More updates over time.
Carranza: working through initial decisions on admissions process soon.
Can we get commitment that every homeless shelter gets access to internet asks @StephenLevin33 Carranza says yes, we're working on sim cards for 10 shelters on our list, Also will address broader strategy. Levin: more than 10 shelters w/ students. We'll do it all says Carranza
How many homeless students are logging in & attending schools asks Levin. Caruso: last year 119,000[?] homeless students did not engage with learning in schools. Who is point person for homeless kids? Caruso: principals in charge but DOE supports those w/ high nos of homeless.
Caruso doesn't say. Levin: it would be helpful to have a high-level point person when specific issues with homeless students someone to go to. Deputy Commissioner LeShawn Robinson says- you can reach out to me directly.
Holden: how are children w/IEPs getting services need if only in school 1-2 days per week; online SETTS & therapy not working say many parents John Hammer - directives to schools on how to provide services remotely; some can be. Related service providers also in-person available
Holden: how are evaluations being done & could be done outside? Should be done in 60 days & it's happening still. If families have concerns should email us or principals.
.@AndrewCohenNYC - will you offer in-person learning after Thanksgiving - what are yr projections? Carranza: building both systems concomitantly, in-person & remote, to be able to switch quickly. Cohen: why not be honest & let people prepare. What's your modeling data?
Also wish someone @nyccouncil would ask what class sizes are for remote learning - either for blended learning or full-time remote & whether they're trying to lower them. cc @Dromm25
Dr. Varma- we don't know what will happen in future due to NYC connection to rest of world. We have multiple layers of intervention to keep our schools safe - only those better have eliminated Covid completely like NZ.
.@Salamancajr80 says PS 150 my alma mater 120 of 360 students doing remote learning have no devices. (!) Parents have to come & get packets weekly. Why not focus on making sure students have devices. Carranza says surprised; we'll follow up w/school & we've prioritized this.
DOE asks if parents filled out these forms; but many parents scared to fill them out esp if they're undocumented. Carranza: that's why we've asked schools to provide us w/ that info. What about kids w/special needs? Doing home visits? John Hammer: no teletherapy. How monitored?
Principals are doing monitoring. (But teletherapy can't happen if they have no devices!). @Salamancajr80 you should talk to Mayor, to ensure all kids have technology.
.@RCornegyJr in my district we've given students journals. Not hearing much about student needs for socialization, arts & sports. What's available? Carranza - outdoor learning in Queens school talking about their feelings etc. LaShawn Robinson:emphasizing support for whole child
.@IDaneekMiller asking why DOE hugely increased fees to schools providing afterschool programs. Carrazana:CFO Lindsey Oates will provide you & Lander with briefing on change in fees. We built in schedule for 30 min where in person, blended & remote teachers can coordinate.
Carranza: Schools are shifting what doing with in-person learning, to consolidate tiny classes but thus allows another teacher to support blended learning. We’re hiring CUNY adjuncts to teach in HS & hired 1000s of new substitute teachers. Talks about substitutes at REC centers
(But those subs working at Rec centers weren’t teaching! Kids in those centers were supposed to go online to learn from their regular teachers)
Can we see which schools are utilizing subs vs regular teachers asks @IDaneekMiller But that’s changing everyday says Carranza we will provide but we need more time for system to settle,
.@JoeBorelliNYC- are all buses were buying from Reliant? Yes. Will taxpayers be responsible for pension shortfalls? No nonprofit will be employer, we don’t anticipate shortfall. What’s their intellectual property?strategies, training, recruiting. How did city value? No price yet
We know pensions underfunded, and many their buses leased. Why are we buying this company & not use capital funding to buy buses at cheaper price? Moran: No additional subsidies, no info on pension shortages. 2000 buses, 1000 employees.
Dr. Varma: Not seen any large outbreaks in pubschools & no data to show any public schools contributing to community transmission but don’t know when can open the schools in hotspot zones. (what about Yeshivas?) Borelli: S. Shore SI, high attendance rates & low #s of Covid cases.
CM Inez Barron - for yrs we haven't funded small enough classes w/need to address this & also need to budget for enough devices. Remote learning okay for some, but many parents have to go to work & others whose kids badly need in-person support.
Carranza says we must continue to address racial disparities in many ways to bridge the technology gap to personalize instruction. [Yet class size reduction does this far more effectively than any other strategy to narrow opportunity gap vs online learning that widens that gap]
Learning bridges & Learning lab programs - will have nurses? testing? & which schools/communities will get these slots? asks @CMDebiRose needs to be more equitable.
Susan Haskell: telenursing available for Learning bridges; providers have info on testing incl expedited results for staff. 500 schools matched - focusing on high-needs students, demand & those hard hit by Covid.
.@CMDebiRose concerned students need educational support also at Learning Bridges; & programs not been supplied for students/schools w/highest needs w/ parents who are essential workers.
.@KeithPowersNYC why didn't busing deal w/ Reliant go through an RFP? Moran: we're creating a non-profit doesn't have to go through RFP. More info to come. How do you know getting best value? We had a consultant evaluate the deal.
.@KeithPowersNYC why did #s increase for students opting for fully remote learning? Carranza: my POV, parents are nervous & traumatized; but once you're in a school you see protocols & cleanliness level of angst goes down. So why didn't #s in other direction?
Carranza: But people bombarded by media about rise infection elsewhere. When you look at actual data in our schools, doesn't reflect that but don't blame parents for being nervous.
.@KeithPowersNYC asks for data on teacher retirements & medical accommodations. Carranza- Oct. 31 official data but we don't see more retirements this year. Lauren Siciliano -to date 38,000 staff applied for medical accommodations, 34,000 granted.
Carranza says he thinks that over time, more kids will have increased desire for in-person learning but no way to know. We follow those figures every day. There will be a window for parents to opt into in-person learning within four weeks probably.
Carranza says he can't stay for a 2nd round of questions; has too much work to do & they should stick to the ground rules. With all respect, @MarkTreyger718 says, admin is in no position to talk about ground rules w/all their delays but will give him a 5 min. break.

• • •

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Chancellor: I know some districts started remote learning and in-person w/ cameras in classrooms. This is the most horrible form of pedagogy I can think of. We could have done that and called that synchronous learning but we decided not to.
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Next week will have 30K seats available says @joshwallacknyc - we're getting more set up each day. you can email if you need a seat. Priorities are shelter kids, essential worker & teachers' kids. you can email learningbridges@schools.nyc.gov
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Is Mulgrew talking about an automated lesson plan that will be online for every school? Hard to imagine.
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