When we seek approval, we train ourselves to match energy with other people. Rather than staying in alignment our own energy.

This may work when someone is praising us but how well does it work when we match energy with someone who is judging or criticizing us.
“What the sayer of praise is really praising is himself,
by saying implicitly,
My eyes are clear."

Likewise, someone who criticizes is criticizing himself, saying implicitly, "I can't see very well
with my eyes so inflamed”
—Mawlana Jalal al-Din Rumi
This is why on the spiritual path we are often taught to reject both praise and criticism, because the subtle truth is both are merely a distraction from what we are truly seeking, which is to know thyself.
Instead of training yourself to look for who you are in the opinions of others, train yourself instead to know who you are within. To know what it feels like to be in a place of inner clarity, coherence, lucidity, awareness and alignment with your own truth.

• • •

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12 Oct
When you set healthy boundaries or refuse to be the energy supply for people who feel entitled to you, just remember, you will be seen as the problem. They are so used to codependency that healthy boundaries will feel like you lack empathy & compassion or just don’t care.
That pattern of getting confused, dysregulated and overwhelmed by others emotional reactions to you prioritizing your own needs. Which results in second guessing yourself and then not being able to maintain or enforce your boundaries. That will need to eventually be addressed.
This is where many people get confused about what empathy actually is.

When you merge with another person and lose a sense of individuation, you take on their feelings as your own.

This is a pattern that has to be addressed in the nervous system and subtle body, not mentally
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1 Oct
Learning to downregulate your nervous system, heal chronic reactivity, find inner peace and equanimity isn’t something you do for others. Although others also benefit when you do, its not done to make others more comfortable with your pain. It’s something you get to do for you.
Often people mistake being at peace with people pleasing, making concessions, suppressing ones feelings in order to appease, pacify or to appear non-threatening.

This has nothing to do with inner peace. And everything to do with masquerading as peace while being at war within.
Inner peace for me means when I turn within myself it feels like a sanctuary, a sacred space, somewhere beautiful to rest, a place for rejuvenation and restoration, a place where I remember who I am and am reminded all that I am capable of. A place I can come back to at any time.
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28 Sep
When people say, you have to do the work in order to receive the love you deserve, its not to say until we do the work we don’t deserve love. It’s about the fact that until we do the work many of us are asleep deeply in a trance that prevents us from even knowing what we deserve.
People often misinterpret or read into this idea to mean someone is saying, until you’re healed you’re not worthy of genuine love. This is inaccurate. We deserve love just because we exist and never have to earn it. But we do have to remove blocks that prevent us from receiving
Genuine love can (and often) is actually present already all around us. But we have yet to recognize it because we don’t even have a reference point for what that is. Nor do we trust it fully. Our system reads it as “too good to be true” or in some cases we overlook it completely
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24 Sep
Today is a good day to start tracking and recording the way your body is responding to the current situation.

Rather than cognitively examining what you are thinking, keep a record of the actual sensations you are feeling in your body.

What is this moment bringing up for you?
There is something that your body needed and wanted that it did not receive. And although yes it is about the current moment, it’s also about something deeper and much older. Perhaps a lifetime of a similar, almost identical energetic experience as far as the body is concerned.
Again don’t track any mental ideas, don’t even track emotions, track the actual sensory experience and sensations. This requires a much more subtle level of attention and attunement, which is exactly what your body is asking of you.
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10 Sep
It wasn’t until I addressed my trauma that I could even begin to understand what true empathy was.
For many people growing up the person they loved and trusted the most was also the same person they were most afraid of. And this is why so many struggle to discern the difference between intuition and fear.
I had the opportunity to speak with Cyndi Dale about this recently and she agreed to teach an advanced level class for our community. So that we can really master this. Please be prepared by reading both Energetic Boundaries and her latest book, Energy Healing for Trauma. Image
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6 Sep
If you are connecting with someone and you notice them going into distress, take a deep breath and feel your feet connected to the ground.

We can only invite others back into their body if we are in our body. You might even invite them to take a few breaths with you.
You want to do something radical, try that. Become more embodied. We don’t teach embodied self-awareness by talking at people and lecturing them. It’s taught nervous system to nervous system. Through co-regulation.
We can offer insights to people, reframe their experiences and try to make meaning for them. But what is even more powerful is when someone’s brain starts to make connections for themselves. When they actually start connecting the dots on their own. This is what integration is.
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