1/3 How do you commit the 'perfect' crime in the Swamp?

You frame 1 enemy & frame a 2nd enemy for the frame up, works best across 2 parties.

Example, if Hillary wants to frame Biden all she has to do to make it work is to frame Trump for framing Biden.
All the R's think Biden is guilty. All the D's think Trump is guilty.
No R will admit Biden was framed because that leads to Trump framed him. No D will admit Trump is innocent as that might be an admission Biden is guilty.

No partisan of either side can blame Hillary. 2/3
Likewise, who would Hillary frame to camouflage her framing of Trump for Russian Collusion. Well Hillary would have to frame another Democrat for that.

So why do still believe all the frame jobs? ...just to toe the party line. 3/3

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14 Oct
Bruce Ohr 302's released to Catherine Herridge.

Looks like in January 2017 Steele enlisted Ohr to try & protect Danchenko's identity that the FBI & then the press had learned about!

Problem for Steele is that Danchenko was not afraid of being contacted by the US Government. In fact he had already reached out to the FBI & been interviewed with his lawyer without Steele knowing about it!
Document is available here: scribd.com/document/48005…
Some redaction that prevent an easy identification of another person that might be exposed too. Not sure if that is a source or a conduit for information... Contacts with Sen. McCain's office....
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13 Oct
Starting to read the FBI's 94-page Spreadsheet on corroboration, or lack there of, for the Steele Dossier.
Getting the idea that this will expose all the people involved in Hillary's plot to frame Trump. It's an inventory of the Trump Russia fake news!
Of course most of the information came from Brookings Institutution and Orbis employee, & suspected Russian Spy Ivan Danchenko who told the FBI made up most of the stuff attributed to him.
Steele had a Russian friend & executive at Target Labs in the US who put Danchenko on their payroll so that he could pay Target Labs a fee & they would pay Danchenko who didn't work for them to conceal he worked for Steele.
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8 Oct
Sullivan’s Brady Order saves the best for last!
Day after Flynn interview DOJ lawyer notes say “NO REASONABLE PROSECUTOR” would bring the case against Flynn! #ButNothingsHappening
In looking a little closer it does seem that this lawyer from DOJ OLC is quoting FBI Chief Counsel Jim Baker. Which makes this seem like this is the meeting the coup blew up in their faces! And you have to see Comey & Baker's roles in this now.
I have long said that Comey was repeating what the coup plotters told him with "No reasonable prosecutor"
That the people who rigged the Hillary email case celebrated when Comey quoted their talking point in his 'exoneration' press conference that revealed Hillary's crimes.
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8 Oct
If Elliot Broidy is only being charged with one conspiracy charge, he is cooperating & likely has been since 2018!

This case involves Hillary & Obama donors trying to buy access to Trump to get him to stop Comey’s #1MBD investigation.
Don’t have time to thread but I will post links to old threads.

Broidy is a long-time Swamp Creature connected to Swampy Republicans & Democrats. He has connections to many Clintonistas & parts of this investigation was started by Mueller targeting George Nader & others.

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8 Oct
Why was @MarkWarner wearing a wire for @Comey when texting a Hillary Clinton associate Adam Walkman who was a Russian Agent & representative for Steele & Assange? To expose the effort to frame Trump for collusion...
Thread to Comey & Warner cooperating to stop DOJ holdovers & coup plotters.

After Comey & Warner blocked Ohr & Laughman at DOJ, a second effort was made by Manafort to get Assange hidden away in Russia using a Chinese bank to bribe Ecuador’s President.
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8 Oct
The Flynn discovery revelations this week, combined with the DNI Ratcliff revelations & Comey's testimony have revealed some VERY interesting things regarding McCabe & the coup plot. If you look at the timeline of the revelations & of DOJ's 'mistakenly' scanned post-it notes
On 9/28/20, we got a new set of Strzok's notes with the date "1/4-5/17" Strzok's lawyers immediately notified the court that this was not his handwriting & was added to the document. DOJ claimed yesterday that it was a Post-it note left on while scanning.
This is important because there is a discrepancy among the records about when that meeting took place. Rice's CYA memo says it took place on the 5th. But Yate's alibi claiming she did not know about the Flynn-Kislyak transcripts could only be true on the 4th.
Read 24 tweets

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