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16 Oct, 13 tweets, 5 min read
*Thread* If there is someone who should have no influence in education, it is Kevin Courtney.

Unfortunately, he is the joint general secretary of the National Education Union.

Just one episode from the "Trojan Horse" schools scandal illustrates the story. 1/13
In 2015, a government enquiry found "sustained action carried out by a number of associated individuals to introduce an intolerant and aggressive Islamist ethos into a few schools in Birmingham". 2/13
Tahir Alam, a man at the heart of the story, was banned from any involvement in schools at the time.

"Inappropriate interference", "extremist speakers", "promotiong intolerance", "unacceptable teaching materials", "financial mismanagement"... 3/13
Alam appealed, only to lose.

He went on to join the recent homophobic campaigning against equality teaching in Birmingham schools. What a guy! 4/13
Two years *after* he was banned from education, who took Alam's side? Kevin Courtney, at meeting organised by the Islamist agitation group Mend. 5/13
Birmingam council, a Labour stronghold, was not impressed, to say the least. It said it was “concerned to ensure that there are no misleading messages given about what really happened during Trojan Horse” and that it wanted “to make it clear that the city council... 6/13
...in no way endorses the planned event”. The council then recounted key disturbing findings from the enquiries and
added that it “recognises the need to guard against any repeat of the practices and behaviours of Trojan
Horse”. 7/13
Was Courtney dissuaded? Of course not. Faced with serious and documented wrongdoing, plus the council's displeasure, he went to the meeting. He claimed rooting the problems out was a mistake, while railing about government extremism policies. 8/13
Here he is at the meeting, right next to Alam. On the left is the notorious Birmingham Islamist activist Salma Yaqoob. Her words, keenly reported by "Socialist Worker", capture the spirit of this nasty event: “just being here is an act of resistance". 9/13
A motion was then passed saying “the affair has been used to silence Muslim voices” and calling for an investigation of an “abuse of power”. Textbook Islamism: lie, infuriate, divide. 10/13
Courtney carried on in 2018, complaining about "the mainstream media" in the Trojan Horse context at another Mend meeting. 11/13
There is a pattern here, by the way. One example for now - last year Courtney teamed up with the terrorist support group Cage, Mend, the crazed antisemite David Miller, and Weyman Bennett of "Stand Up To Racism". 12/13
You will not be in the least surprised to learn that the SWP front "Stand Up To Racism" wants to hear from Courtney this weekend at a stunningly awful far-left assembly. Salma Yaqoob will be there too. Five Labour MPs will join them. 13/13

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13 Oct
The SWP front "Stand Up To Racism" would have you believe that it fights Islamophobia. Why, then, is it so keen to hear from Danny Haiphong at its conference this weekend? 1/9 Image
Just two lines from this hideous article say it all:

"I didn’t see concentration camps for Uyghurs in Xinjiang. In fact, it is difficult to walk more than a mile without running into a mosque." 2/9
You see, all is well in the Middle Kingdom.

"China is a land of bullet trains and rising standards of living, in contrast to the decay of the imperial center, the United States."

Haiphong made this amazing discovery on a visit with the conspiracy theorist Cynthia McKinney. 3/9
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9 Oct
*Thread* Miqdaad Versi is a sort of Mary Whitehouse for our times. He is a bully, hassling media outlets day in and day out on behalf of the "Centre for Media Monitoring", a venture of the Muslim Council of Britain, an Islamist pressure group. 1/10 ImageImage
But his goal is not quaintly prim propriety. No, one of his key targets is people who work against extremists. He will muzzle them if he can.

Consider Interpal. Here he crows about it hassling the Jewish Chronicle (on a technicality, actually). 2/10
Interpal was named as a "Specially Designated Global Terrorist" by the USA in 2003. The US Treasury called it "a principal charity utilized to hide the flow of money to Hamas". 3/10
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25 Sep
"Truth Defence" is Justin Schlosberg's silly new venture. The name is amusing - its aim is actually to attack people who tell the truth about the Labour party's foul antisemitism crisis. So it is entirely appropriate that it has Tim Llewellyn on board. 1/4
Llewellyn is a crank's crank. His pearls of wisdom on "the Zionists" bring a grumpy old KKK man to mind. Here are some fine samples on the devious and "influential" "alien polity" and more. 2/4
This one too is fun. What do "Zionists" do with books they don't like? They steal them from libraries! Don't tell anyone where they are if there might be Zionists about! 3/4
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15 Sep
*Thread* Jeremy Corbyn would like you to think that he finds Israelis-are-Nazis abuse unacceptable.

Here he is in 2018, for example, ever so sorry about his platform sharing in this context, don't you know. 1/4 Image
What about the Islamist agitator Salma Yaqoob, then? Here she is calling Gaza a "concentration camp" at one of the countless Israel hatred demonstrations she has attended. 2/4
Ah, that will be, er, different, I suppose. Corbyn is due to share a platform with Yaqoob this Saturday, alongside ever faithful Diane Abbott and Claudia Webbe. 3/4 Image
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14 Sep
*Thread* Since John McDonnell is being discussed today, don't forget his take on Maxine Peake saying US police forces learned to lean on necks "from seminars with Israeli secret services". This led to Rebecca Long-Bailey's sacking from the front bench. John had another view. 1/4 Image
Not antisemitic, oh no, not at all. Solidarity! Indeed, as Starmer decried "antisemitic conspiracy theories", John's view was "bring RLB back". Sign the petition! 2/4 ImageImage
There is nothing of any real substance that is "sensible" about McDonnell when it comes to antisemitism. At times, he's more tactically crafty than Corbyn, that is all. The truth is that he is intensely comfortable with people being filthy antisemites, to nick a Labour line. 3/4
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14 Sep
*Thread* If you are a true Israel hater, you will look on the distressing events in America and your thoughts will turn to, um, Israel. The most tangential and circumstantial of connections will do.

Step forward Newport Labour councillor Miqdad al-Nuaimi. 1/8 Image
Rebecca Long-Bailey spread this poison too. There was a party price to pay, as there should be.

This is no one-off. Al-Nuaimi rails against Israel in tweet after tweet after tweet. Newport, by contrast, gets relatively little attention. Bins? Parks? Roads? Nah. Israel!! 2/8
Did you know, for example, that Israel is committing "genocide"? This is one for the far fringe, as ridiculous as it is offensive. Yet al-Nuami is fond of it. Very fond. He even resorts to "Final Solution" abuse. 3/8 ImageImageImageImage
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