one of tonight's segments:

Biden's Secret Emails!
Biden's Secret Emails

You know, it's kinda funny - the fellows implicated in these emails.

We thought they were allies - we should have recognized Partners In Crime.

Crimes Against Humanity.
A Face Which Shall Live In INFAMY
We've seen 4 years of framing innocent men & women. Using the power of the State - to crush those who want peace and freedom.

They maligned POTUS. They Framed POTUS. They Impeached POTUS - to distract from their genocidal plans.

Now ~ they turn to us!…
Why is it, that they always have the same sort of smile?

Always screaming about the wrong things?

The Castle Scene Is Coming.

Do you remember the scene?
Let's keep this thread together. It's going to come in handy (kek).

Interesting Clenched Jaw. Hmmm.

The chans have been busy this morning. It might be a good idea not to look too devilish in your Q's?


SIGH-TANIC Cann!b@l Club?

Why does no one address Marina Abramović? Or, is it not polite to eat and tell?

My, what big teeth you have?
Ummmm ....

Please say "SIGH-TANIC CANN!BALS" three times fast?


Watch the show tonight Ms. Guthrie - a retired FBI Supervisor spills the beans regarding your marginalization agenda.

What WILL you say to Jesus?
Speaking of IMPARTIAL Debate Moderators - how did that Steve Scully thing work out?

(it's ok, Ms. Guthrie, you can say it)....

Even CNN is forced to report on it - days after the truth was already exposed.


How would you like to play tennis with a corrupt line judge? Soccer with a compromised Ref? Football with an entire purchased Referee staff?

How about a lawsuit before a blackmailed Judge?

this is not going to age well.
Did you notice anything odd about NBC's set last night?

Look closely. You might recognize something about it - that showed up on our last show.

Answer in the next panel.
#240 // C3NSORSHIP

They're on a Team. Their 4AM Talking Points come from somewhere. Why is this question never asked?

Look in the middle of the circle.

Its plain as the stars in the heavens!
New Episode Tonight!

#241 // WOKE

What happens when the wolf's costume slips? Those teeth & everything he's been saying - start to paint a picture.

And where did our kids go? Find Out Tonight!

Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent In Charge & head of the LA FBI.
New Episode Tonight!

#241 // WOKE

The evidence that is coming out is truly extraordinary. The C19 - was just the start of the attack vector. POTUS has copies of the 3 drives.

This isn't just a Halloween party ... it's a Horror Show.

New Episode Tonight!

#241 // WOKE

Why is Joe calling them Super-Predators? Is Joe 'trying' to lose?

New Episode Tonight

#241 // WOKE

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15 Oct

Behind calls for censorship ~ the long arm of Beijing. Not figurative. Fact.

Finances in trouble, @wilsoncentercf? Things sort of dry up a bit there?

How much paid to silence American's free speech? Even when what you silence is 'treason'?…

What happens when communist insurgents call for Censorship, funded by a massive counter-intel NGO network - infused US Tax-dollars to bribe, cajole, silence & even pay for ANTIFA/MS13 hits?

Hide behind ADL skirts?

What if other Jews killed in their zeal to dominate?

All organizations named in “SCTOUS Rapid Response Action Guide” Google Doc, including Demand Justice:

“This guide was written and compiled by a coalition of groups including: MoveOn, Frontline/ M4BL Electoral Justice Project, Demand Justice, NARAL Pro-Choice America,
Read 35 tweets
14 Oct

Our "mainstream" media have sold us out. They hate God, detest freedom, vilify those who ask real question, work in conspiracy with nuclear armed enemies who have these nukes pointed at us & are traitors to WE THE PEOPLE.

Those who advocate silencing American Voices work in lockstep with the machinations of enemy States.

They receive 4AM Talking Points & work tag-team to destroy freedom & those who defend it.

Those who monopolize digital domains & deny it to We The People are thus Traitors.

We cannot trust absolute power to operate without PUBLIC supervision.

Purchased Supervision is not good enough. Any fool can see this.

What happens when supervision becomes purchased - is Tyranny, Corruption, Murder, Treason.

Read 15 tweets
8 Oct
Why Do D's Advocate:

ANTIFA & BLM arson
Killing people
Destroy businesses
Burn homes
Lynch mock-effigies of Americans
Set them on fire
Digital Ghettos
Torch marches
Wear Masks/Hoods

Do they want this done to them? I seriously don't get it?
Ooops, I forgot ...

Why Do D's Also Advocate

Nothing says Party At The Hamptons, like an old fashioned German Cookout?

(look closely)

I guess they ran out of soy-cakes?
Read 4 tweets
8 Oct
Did YOU see that "fly" last night?

We are watching a movie. Who controlled the television cameras? which segments were allowed to broadcast into CHYNA? Which ones weren't?

Realtime 3D Mapping has come a long way.

Wanna see an example?
I am absolutely certain that images can be doctored to say the darnedest things!
I mean - it's not like they're working together behind the scenes, right?

Not like it's pillow talk - or - that they share the same hidden Chicom agenda, right?

or, should we look closer?

Read 36 tweets
6 Oct
That Look You Get - When You Realize You've Been Poisoned. But, they didn't realize you had developed an immunity to their plague.

paybacks and told-you-so's inbound.

Even little feller fauci is gonna feel the sting of this one. Image
Consequences Are LIFE ALTERNING.


How's that song go? "There Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now"
EPIC! We are living in BIBLICAL TIMES, Ladies & Gentlemen.…
Read 8 tweets
6 Oct

I can't think of a better way to begin this thread than letting CNN lead the pack.


We must examine the Chicom-Press [4AM Talking Points Press] - and parse out their attack vector.

China's Communist Party - the most racist political coagulation ever spewed forth from the enemy's bowels - persistently bleeds RACE-BAITING.…

Shaping public opinion ONE LIE AT A TIME.

unless we call them out. Do not let them get away with it.

Why is it that those who speak out against their tyranny must be right 100% of the time - yet, they get away with being wrong 98% of the time & THEY ARE TRUSTED?
Read 10 tweets

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