X : How do you determine where to use the right methods?
Me : I use map.
X : No, I mean how do you know what fits where?
Me : You mean like this?
X : No, I mean what charactersitics. If I want to use Agile, what should it look like?
Me : Ah. Well, use the map to allow others to challenge (because often we have bias) but you can use the cheat sheet for characteristics.
Basically ...

* Agile - Stage I & II
* Lean - Stage II & III
* Six Sigma - Stage III & IV
X : Where did those characteristics come from?
Me : The same place as the labels. The 9,223 publications that have gone into making the evolution curve which was flattened to make the x-axis of the map.
X : How old is this stuff?
Me : Evolution curve, cheat sheet, different methods - about 15 years. The map above is from HS2, it's only 8 years old but there are much earlier maps with the same, so about 15 years. Why?
X : How comes I'm hearing about this now?
Me : Hmmm.
X : And?
Me : What do you want me to say? You've been following the wrong people on twitter?
X : I don't use twitter.
Me : Whoops. That was silly.

• • •

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More from @swardley

18 Oct
X : Do you know anyone impacted by COVID?
Me : Everyone? But if you're talking impacted directly then numerous friends have had COVID, a couple have been hospitalised (including family members) and then I have good friends who work in healthcare and I've seen their trauma ...
... if you're talking death, then just one in a very extended circle. We've been lucky so far, it's a vicious disease.
X : Yourself?
Me : Well, I look for the positives even in a crisis. At the very least I try to be a rock - more time with family, more social interaction due to less travel. Hell, I've even lost weight but I feel a constant pressure towards that dreaded phone call.
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17 Oct
X : Suggestions for thriving in this post truth world?
Me : Tough one. The most common pattern I see is ... do bad things, become rich, write book about people doing bad things, become richer, produce a film saying how bad you feel, run out of space to store the bags of cash.
X : Is this a new thing?
Me : Oh no. The "road to Damascus" is a common ploy in economics ... you "liberalise" a market like Russia, causing a catastrophe and then build a new career on why liberalisation was a bad idea and how you have the answers etc.
X : Can't we learn from our mistakes?
Me : Of course but the mistakes in such cases are generally believing that your past dogma was right which is then followed up by a solution that involves believing your new dogma is right. Some people are just more wrong than they are right.
Read 4 tweets
17 Oct
X : #Serverless seems quiet these days.
Me : Everyone is in the "too busy doing stuff" phase.
X : Lol, what's after?
Me : The old "oh my god, how big is this" phase.
X : And then?
Me : The rapid scramble by consultants to claim they've been doing it for ages.
X : Any advice?
Me : It's probably not a good time to write articles or publish papers saying #serverless is a flash in the pan or just for startups or not for enterprises.
X : Will people do that?
Me : Oh yes. They always do.
X : Other hints?
Me : Battle for serverless is pretty much over. In the West AWS won, MSFT 2nd, Goog 3rd and then a long drop off the cliff to everyone else.
X : Oracle?
Me : Good point. Three years after the battle has ended and everyone has gone home is when Oracle turns up ...
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16 Oct
X : Have you seen the scientific disagreements on herd immunity?
Me : What disagreements?
X : Great Barrington declaration?
Me : I haven't been involved in scientific fields (genetics, environmental etc) for 25+ years but no-one I know in the fields agrees with that nonsense.
... as far as I am concerned, that declaration only exists so that some can say "Look, we could have been more wrong". The people behind it and its supporters should be investigated on grounds of public health and national security.
X : A bit authoritarian?
Me : What? Investigating people for proposing a declaration that if followed might leave 300k dead in the UK by Spring is "authoritarian"? I'd want to know who is funding it, who is proposing it, what ties to other nations / organisations they have.
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16 Oct
The complete index for #MapCamp2020 ... slides and videos included. Some is still going up but this will be the source for it all - leadingedgeforum.com/research/map-c… ... thank you to the speakers and @lefep for making this happen.
X : Is #MapCamp going to be virtual going forward?
Me : Yes. We've started that transition. We will grow from here. There are many lessons to learn and may additional things that we can do to turn it into a truly global festival of mapping. This was the beginning of that journey.
But as important as learning about the new world, there are also many things we need to unlearn. As with three perspectives on one topic, because of the timezones then we will need three community driven mapcamps merging into one. Each with its own perspective but shared values.
Read 6 tweets
15 Oct
X : Are those #MapCamp2020 talks recorded?
Me : Oh yes and they are all going online - youtube.com/playlist?list=… ... you can watch the whole event.
12 talks, 36 speakers ... help yourself - youtube.com/playlist?list=…. Huge thanks to @lefep for getting this up there.
So each of the 12 session has three speakers covering the same topic. Three perspectives to every talk. I cannot emphasise enough how grateful I am to our wonderful community and speakers for giving up the time to make this happen. Thank you all for making #MapCamp2020.
Read 4 tweets

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