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. 🦠COVID is not over ❗️
⬆️Big recent increases here in my country 🇮🇱 ; a fresh new wave.
1⃣new cases:… 2⃣hospitalizations:… #COVID19 #openscience #rstats #serverless #snrtg #Israel
I was not expecting a new COVID wave until at least Autumn. I was wrong.
🦠SarsCov2 is unpredictable. It does not abide by seasons.
The figure of new cases could be a vast underestimation:
"Israel's Covid czar: Likely up to 20,000 cases
every day in current outbreak"… #scicomm #COVID19 #Israel #openscience
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Signs of a new
COVID-19 wave🦠
Here in 🇮🇱 Israel
⬆️Quadrupling ➕of new cases in past week
😷Indoor masking mandate could return (source: Haaretz)… #CovidIsntOver #snrtg #serverless #openscience #COVID19 #rstats #Israel Image
🦠COVID-19 🇮🇱:
⬆️New daily cases had been in the 1,100 to 1,600
range for the past 3 months. Now a very dramatic,
very sudden upturn.
⬆️29.77% positive test rate today.
⬆️ROI at 1.44
Not particularly good signs.
Our 🇮🇱 Health Ministry is already recommending that people begin to mask again indoors.
😷A debate to require indoor masking again will commence in the coming days against the dramatic rise in new cases.
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The no. 1 question I get about #serverless is around testing - how should I test these cloud-hosted functions? Should I use local simulators? How do I run these in my CI/CD pipeline?

Here are my thoughts on this 🧵
There's value in testing YOUR code locally, but don't bother with simulating AWS locally, too much effort to set up and too brittle to maintain. Seen many teams spend weeks trying to get localstack running and then waste even more time whenever it breaks in mysterious ways 😠
Much better to use temporary environments (e.g. for each feature, or even each commit). Remember, with serverless components you only pay for what you use, so these environments are essentially free 🤘
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There are two major problems with Serverless Aurora v2 that fundamentally miss the mark of true #serverless(ness). One is the inability to auto-pause (as Mike mentions), and the other is the missing Data API. These might make it unusable (for now). ☹️ Some thoughts… 🧵
Let’s start with the “scale to zero” bit. I think it’s unreasonable to expect a production cluster of Aurora to scale to zero and then be instantly accessible following a short cold start. However, this feature is crucial to development and preview environments.
One of the greatest features of #serverless apps is the ability to create “isolated stacks” that mirror production environments. Serverless apps should be as disposable as @QuinnyPig tweets. Spin ‘em up, tear ‘em down, and then move on to the next experiment.
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Pretty excited to see Lambda Function URLs ship! (I got to help name this one):… It's a long long time coming, with years of "diving deep" into where this fits in the broader picture of Lambda. I think ppl will love it. #serverless 1/
It fits along side the native Lambda invoke API, Amazon API Gateway, and then ALB, all of which provide some sort of https event source to Lambda. each has its place. There's likely reasons to use it plus others throughout your infrastructure 2/
Simplicity wise?? you really don't get much easier than what @alex_casalboni's post shows. check/check done. It's there, it scales, its HA, you dont pay extra for it, etc. It's easy-button easy. 3/
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before I dive in here, did you know that @awscloud Audit Manager exists?

probably not. tl:dr > it helps map your usage to various regulations & standards to give you a better idea of your risk & compliance posture

some thoughts & a blog post analysis 👇

🧵 #cloud #security
@awscloud this 👇 is the workflow for @awscloud Audit Manager. it's not bad for the basics

🧵 #cloud #security The AWS Audit Manager workflow: - review, customize, or crea
@awscloud what started me down this path was this post on the @awssecurityinfo blog, "Streamlining evidence collection with AWS Audit Manager"…

anything that helps smooth out the evidence gathering process is usually a big win, let's dig in

🧵 #cloud #security
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Which would you expect would be faster, SNS directly invoking a Lambda function? Or SNS to SQS to a Lambda function?

Here's a fun thread documenting what I've learned!
In a totally unscientific test (N=3), I’ve observed SNS messages delivered directly to Lambda functions are slower than an SNS message sent to SQS, then delivered to Lambda.

Check out the following trace:
Here, the SNS message is published from the initial lambda function (purple spans). You then see the fan-out, with the yellow span indicating the time for SNS to invoke my function, and the two blue spans representing the time for SNS to SQS and then invoking my function.
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#serverless paradigm encourages you to use any programming language. However, some choices have benefits in terms of speed/cost. AWS supports @rustlang runtime for AWS Lambda. Writing SLS functions is super easy. Let's dive into this.. 🧵
The magic is done through lambda_runtime crate (…): your function code is passed as a closure to handler_fn (1) which returns a Handler struct
which is passed to run function that starts Lambda runtime and waits for events (2). Once they come, they are sent to your function, as the event parameter, which conveniently is a JSON Value, hence the need to use serde_json crate (3).
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I'm currently working on preparation for the tech talk about #eventdriven architecture and would like to share some articles that I found helpful
Introduction to Event-Driven Architecture by Kacey Bui contains basic information about EDA, its main parts and what is more important list of benefits and drawbacks of #eventdriven approach. I would also like to note the great illustrations in the article
Journey to Event Driven… by @confluentinc - series of 4 articles with detailed overview of Event Driven Architecture and its history, related architectural patterns, events in connection with #serverless, questions of performance and scalability
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The responses to Kelsey's tweet illustrate a fascinating disconnect between traditional and #serverless mindsets. If you approach "serverless" like any other compute platform, you're going to be disappointed. Here's why… 🧵
Let me start by clarifying what I mean by a "traditional" mindset. I don't mean "legacy", and I certainly don't mean "wrong". I think of it as the encapsulation and orchestration of compute processes within a single execution stack. This includes both VMs and containers.
The traditional mindset assumes some measure of vertical scaling (e.g. concurrency) within an environment, often relying on some form of statefulness/stickiness, and then graduating to horizontal scaling to achieve higher throughput. Again, nothing wrong with this approach.
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2021: A year in review for AWS Lambda Powertools Python 🧵 #Python #Serverless
v1.10.0: Logger, Tracer, Validator, and Parameters

- Parameter: AppConfig support @IsenbergRan
- Logger: Support for extra parameter @heitor_lessa…
v1.10.1 / v1.10.2 / v1.10.3 / v1.10.4 - Bug fixes, code coverage, typing and documentation

- Internal benchmarks @NMoutschen
- Migrate documentation from Gatsby to MkDocs material @am29d
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Here is my Ode to the Cloud 2021. Happy New Year, everyone! 🍾🥂🎆 #cloud #serverless
Two thousand twenty-one, a strange year we have seen,
Mixed with lots of highs and lows, and bags of in between.
And even though, most of us, just want to scream out loud,
Plenty of interesting things, did happen in the #cloud.
Jassy went to Amazon 'cause Bezos went to space,
And all without missing a beat, Selipsky took his place.
Munns decided startups, is where his help should aim,
So Talia, James, and others, all stepped up their game.
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☁️ Quéres ser un desarrollador en la nube y no sabes por donde empezar?

Durante los próximos 40 días te voy a compartir TODOS los días videos en ESPAÑOL sobre este tema.

🙏🏽 Si conoces a alguien que quiera aprender sobre esto, compartí este hilo.

🧵 1/38
Empecemos por lo primero, que es la nube ☁️?
Es un termino que usamos mucho pero que pasamos poco tiempo definiendo.

En este video te lo contamos!

🧵 2/38
Hay una serie de pasos que te van a ayudar a convertirte en un desarrollador en la nube.

🚀 Este es un buen video para empezar tu viaje hacia la nube. ☁️

🧵 3/38
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Great thoughts & opinions in 👇 and in Jeremy's

To me, @awscloud should focus on providing a #Serverless adoption & application experience (AX) than simply improving DX by mixing a bit of UX and getting nowhere. 🧵
As a cloud prvoider and with the scale of services and adoption, for #AWS, it's difficult to play the balancing act.

Too few service cause frustration and too many services lead to confusion. Adding more new services is not always a healthy situation.
As Jeremy mentioned, the maturity of the existing services is crucial. He also beautifully described what a DX is in the cloud world. It's not about adding some UX and calling it DX.
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#Serverless enthusiasts were lucky this month. November had lots of interesting meetup videos regarding the serverless framework. Check out the most watched videos below.…
Get familiar with fan-out, queuing, decoupling and many many more! @julian_wood strives to help developers learn how they can use serverless technologies in order to transform the way they build and run applications.
Wondering how you can create highly scalable, loosely coupled systems? Check out Event-driven architectures using Amazon’s EventBridge. Explore different options of testing with @serverlesssarah @ServerlessParis @theodo…
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Yesterday I turned 43 and realized I've been in #tech for 24 years (I got paid to create my first "professional" website in 1997). Here's 24 things I've learned over the past 24 years. Perhaps you'll find them useful on your journey. 🧵
24. Plan work around your life, not life around your work - I worked 70+ hr weeks in my 20s & early 30s. While I'm sure there's a correlation between that & my "successes", there's also a lot of regret for missed time with family & friends.
23. Be a T-shaped human - There are 3 types of knowledge: the shit you know, the shit you know you don't know, and the shit you don't know you don't know. Specialize in a few things, and gain wisdom by learning the basics of many others.
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As i've pivoted into my new role working with AWS's startup customers one thing that is really exciting is to see the natural adoption of event driven architectures for new companies at day 1. more to do here, but companies are recognizing the patterns early in their MVPs 1/
Still seeing people get a bit caught on the topic of queues vs. buses vs. pub/sub vs. streams. but generally speaking here's my framework for this when building a #serverless app: 2/
1. Queues: great where you might have unexpected significant spikes or want to really throttle down stream. also best if an event has a single consumer app 3/
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Why I minimize emulator use when developing #serverless applications. A thread.

Early on in my serverless career I was one of the the many who attempted to emulate as much of the cloud as possible on my machine. 1/8
I used LocalStack, LambCI, Serverless Plugins, SAM local, Local DynamoDB, and others. The problem I found was two-fold. The first was that the emulators, even the AWS ones, were a shadow of the actual service they were emulating. 2/8
Especially with third-party emulators, there was no way to ensure they were processing data the same as the actual services. I would find myself struggling to fix a bug that was introduced, not by my code, but by the emulator. 3/8
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Where is @edjgeek speaking at #reInvent? Glad you asked!!

SVS208 (Breakout) - Building real-world #serverless applications with AWS SAM and Capital One. @georgemao and I talk about AWS SAM in the real world and the new SAM Accelerate features!
SVS305R1/R2 (Chaltalk) - CI & CD workflows for serverless applications. In this session I cover best practices for CI/CD for #serverless. Including utilizing new tools like SAM Pipelines!
SVS315 (Chalktalk) - Amazon S3 to AWS Lambda: A flexible pattern for serverless applications. In this session we talk about basic and more advanced patterns for utilizing the #serverless S3 -> Lambda pattern (and more)
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I presented the #ValueFlywheel today at #MapCamp - it's an illustration of using #WardleyMaps to visualize tech & product drivers and move forward with pace and precision. I live mapped it, which was fun. Here's an early copy of the map. 1/
The top-level is visible by the executive and the mid-level by the technical leadership. Often the two are not aligned - but they have to be. We often go to Cloud but don't really think about how we are going to behave when we get there. 2/
The #ValueFlywheel is a concept that I created with @MarkMcCann and @bigheadoreilly - 1/ Clarity of Purpose 2/ Challenge with mapping 3/ Next Best Action and 4/ Long Term Value - mapping plays a role in all four phases. 3/
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Everyone got so excited about Graviton2 Lambda functions & Step Functions AWS-SDK integration yesterday that you might have missed this one about triggering Lambda functions from SQS queues in *different* accounts. This is important, a short 🧵 #serverless…
Having multiple AWS accounts to handle different parts of your application (from both a lifecycle and service perspective) isn't just good practice, it's also AWS recommended. 👍 2/9
This is because AWS account separation is the best isolation model for security, scalability, regional controls, service limit management, billing 👈, and much more. 3/9
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This is HUGE - for #serverless developers especially, but really for anyone building applications today!

I want to pull out some key points from this post:

"Cloudflare R2 Storage includes full S3 API compatibility"

This was a genius move by Cloudflare. Wonder where they got the inspiration (blinks in DocumentDB, OpenSearch)

"R2 builds on Cloudflare’s commitment to the Bandwidth Alliance, providing zero-cost egress for stored objects — no matter your request rate."

Simplifies cost calculation and reduces overall cost. Great for developers. Love to see it.

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✅ After a bit more than 4.5 years, tomorrow will be my last day leading Developer Advocacy for #serverless at @awscloud. I'll be staying at AWS and taking on a new role starting next week. 🧵1/
For me this journey started back in 2016 in discussions about how to bridge a perceived gap in serverless GTM(go to market). Effectively there was none. Yet Lambda at that time was doing what you want a product to do, organically 🚀📈 2/
A huge thanks obviously to @ajaynairthinks and @timallenwagner for figuring this all out with me and agreeing to bring me in. And a special thanks to Ajay for years of leadership/mentorship. One of the best leaders at @awscloud hands down. The majority of Lambda has been his 3/
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