Sir Syed Ahmad Khan had a feudal-casteist orientation and is an icon of the Ashraf (high caste) Muslims. He looked down upon the subjugated caste Pasmanda Muslims with contempt and pejoratively addressed the weavers as 'badzaat'. 1/n
After the popular anti-colonial insurrection of 1857 he started collaborating closely with the British colonial regime in order to secure the interests of the Ashraf classes. 2/n
The ideas of Sir Syed laid down the foundations of Muslim nationalism/communalism and inspired the notion of an exclusivist Muslim identity. 3/n
The discourse of Muslim communalism produced a legitimating vocabulary for Hindu communalism and strengthened it further. The symbiotic relationship between these contending communalisms eventually found its logical culmination in the Partition and establishment of Pakistan. 4/n
The 1946 elections, dubbed as the consensus on Pakistan, in which the Muslim League won handsomely, was marked by a restricted electorate and nearly 85-90 per cent of the Muslim population (Pasmandas) was excluded. 5/n
Mostly, propertied and educated Muslims, the high caste ashraf, voted for Pakistan; the vote of subordinated Muslim caste groups wasn’t even put to test. In fact, lower caste Muslim organisations like the Momin Conference were actively contesting the two-nation theory. 6/n
The ‘Hindu-Muslim’ binary was solidified at a great cost to the Pasmanda-Bahujans. The Indian ruling class has consistently employed communal euphoria and violence as an instrument to repress the social justice demands of the subjugated Bahujan castes across religions. 7/n
The Pasmanda activists pronounce Sir Syed Ahmad Khan guilty for being the chief architect of the regressive politics of Muslim communalism. Sir Syed is an ashraf icon, not a Pasmanda icon. 8/n

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20 Sep
Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar (1938):

"There are in my view two enemies which the workers of this country have to deal with. The two enemies are #Brahmanism and #Capitalism. 1/n
By Brahmanism I do not mean the power, privileges and interests of Brahmins as a community...By Brahmanism I mean the negation of the spirit of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. 2/n
In that sense it is rampant in classes and is not confined to the Brahmins alone, though they have been the originators of it. This Brahmanism which pervades everywhere and which regulates the thought and deeds of all classes is an incontrovertible fact. 3/n
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30 Aug
कुछ नए-पुराने #पसमांदा कार्यकर्ताओं ने पसमांदा विमर्श को एक ख़ास दिशा देने की कोशिश की है. पहली कोशिश #वहाबी/सलाफी/देवबंदी नज़रिए को बढ़ा-चढ़ा कर पेश करना और बरेलवी/शिया तबकों के ख़िलाफ़ ज़हर उगलना है. 1/n
जब #सय्यदवाद हर मसलक (पंथ) में है तो कुछ ख़ास मसलक को घेरने का क्या मकसद है? आवामी समझ यह ही है की वहाबी/सलाफी/देवबंदी मसलक सऊदी अरब के पेट्रोडॉलर से पल रहे मदरसों से फलती-फूलती है और इस्लाम का सब से कट्टर रूप है. 2/n
ऐसे में अगर पसमांदा आन्दोलन को #वहाबियत से जोड़ दिया जायेगा तो आन्दोलन का क्या होगा? पसमांदा आन्दोलन तो मुस्लिम और हिन्दू कट्टरवाद के खिलाफ़ उभरा था. अगर वह इस्लामी विस्तारवादी सोच का शिकार हो जायेगा तो उसका मूल उद्देश्य ही नष्ट हो जायेगा. 3/n
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19 Mar
मुझे व्यक्तिगत तौर पर चंद्रशेखर आज़ाद @BhimArmyChief पसंद हैं. नौजवान हैं, जुझारू हैं, सहारनपुर में स्कूल के दिनों से जातिगत भेदभाव के खिलाफ संघर्ष कर रहे हैं. स्थानीय राजपूतों-सवर्णों के दबदबे को खुल के चुनौती दी और आत्मसम्मान की लड़ाई को जिंदा रखा. 1/n
उनके बाग़ी तेवर और निडरता की वजह से नौजवान उनके करीब आये और उनको अपना नेता माना.
28 साल की उम्र है. लेफ्ट-लिबरल, कांग्रेसी, बहुजन, मुसलमान, NGO वाले, पत्रकार, बुद्धिजीवी सब उनसे संवाद करते हुए दिखते थे. मुझे लगता था सीख रहे हैं. सब तरह के लोगों से मिल रहे हैं. 2/n
एक दिन संगठन मज़बूत करेंगे और फिर जब वैचारिक तौर पर परिपक्व हो जायेंगे तो राजनितिक पार्टी बनाने की तरफ क़दम बढ़ाएंगे. इधर कुछ बातें सुनने में आयीं कि भीम आर्मी में पैसा-वैसा चलने लगा है और उनके सदस्यों को चमक-दमक वाली ज़िन्दगी की आदत लग रही है. 3/n
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14 Mar
**I am not your data**

Abhay Flavian Xaxa (Rest in power dear brother)

I am not your data, nor am I your vote bank,
I am not your project, or any exotic museum object,
I am not the soul waiting to be harvested,
Nor am I the lab where your theories are tested, 1/n
I am not your cannon fodder, or the invisible worker,
or your entertainment at India habitat center,
I am not your field, your crowd, your history,

your help, your guilt, medallions of your victory, 2/n
I refuse, reject, resist your labels,
your judgments, documents, definitions,
your models, leaders and patrons,
because they deny me my existence, my vision, my space, 3/n
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5 Mar
Dr. B. R. Ambedkar:

"Of the two ways of classifying people of India the religious classification is the one which is more impressive and arresting for the foreigner... 1/n
The impression of the foreigner is that there are only Hindus and Musalmans in India and that there are none others worth bothering about. That this should be his impression is quite natural. The air is filled with the din and noise of the Hindu-Moslem conflict. 2/n
How grave the conflict is, can be seen from the number of Hindu-Moslem riots that have taken place in recent years and the casualties and deaths that resulted from them.

But this struggle is a struggle for establishing an empire. 3/n
Read 12 tweets
19 Feb
#ManyawarKanshiram on #Pasmanda Muslims

“I thought it was better to contact Muslims through their leadership. After meeting about 50 Muslim leaders I was astonished to witness their Brahmanism. 1/5
Islam teaches us to establish equality and struggle against injustice but the leadership of Muslims is dominated by so-called high castes like Syeds, Sheikhs, Mughals and Pathans. The latter do not want the Ansaris, Dhuniyas, Qureshis to rise to their levels. 2/5
In the Allahabad by-election (1988) this became very clear. Hindu fundamentalists like the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, RSS, Bajrang Dal, BJP and Ram Janambhumi Mukti Samiti and Muslim fundamentalists like the Muslim League, Muslim Majlis, Jamaat-e-Islami, Maulana Bukhari... 3/5
Read 5 tweets

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