Being dedicated to exploring radical Black onto-epistemologies has allowed me to accept that the Western world is built on the basis of mythological origin stories: anthropology was thus designed to support their projections of a historical superiority
which basically renders their research methodologies biased, false & basic propaganda institutionalized through a scientific culture of revisionism and historical negationism.
I love the ideation of Black indigeneity asserted by Alàn Pelaez Lopez: « I Am a Descendent From People Who Have Interrupted Empire» which means to me that the very existence of Black onto-epistemologies disrupts the compulsion of White supremacist ontologies to design the World
Existing as Black, leaning towards radical yearnings for freedom + engaging in liberatory praxis is a constant struggle to exist with integrity with the earth. I rejected whiteness from the day I was born, my existence is a privileged reminder.
Surviving whiteness through thorough historical materialist analysis is literally what preserves my mental health from the constant bombardment of racist propaganda: it feeds me substance in a world impoverished by the search for power over people racialized as non-yt.

• • •

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1 Oct
It’s extremely triggering to watch people conveniently plot all while reproducing neo-bourgeoisie rhetorics of meritocracy and moral virtue that create a climate of exclusionary group politics..
I am speaking specifically for myself as a Cameroonian/Zimbabwean woman: my diasporic stance is in constant redefinition and up for criticism: it is a geo-political positionality that creates particular conditions of ontological possibility for self-definition
Also given my class privileges (one part of my family is neo-bourgeois while for the most part, my other part is working class and rural), I have realized that it is my duty to deprioritize my class identity over my desire to create organic relationships with my community
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30 Sep
Black Americans are fetishized in Europe. That’s facts... there is a level of privilege (more in terms of accessibility) that is offered to them because of the romanticization + commodification of Black cultural life as an accessible good
that makes people feel “attracted” to them as a more respectable, comfortable & accessible branding of “Blackness” to consume, obviously positively contrasting the dehumanizing experiences of migrant africans who are seen as inferior
And that’s on people treating me differently, when they hear me speaking Canadian English vs. when I speak any other way or language.
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30 Sep
the African diaspora exists to maintain this order & paradox.Although, we experience ordinary systemic violence on different levels depending on location, class appartenance, ethno-racial and social mobility:
the type of violence we experience is nothing compared to the one experienced in America and particularly on the African continent. America is a settler colony and Europe is the colonizing force responsible for it’s inception.
So it is anti-indigenous + anti-Black violence that conditions: it’s existence and durability in geo-political spaces it chooses to terrorize and appropriate.
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29 Sep
hell is on earth,

we, as a people, have survived apocalypse upon apocalypse for 700 years,

so you think I am going to wait for death to be free? I will die trying to liberate myself & my people in every lifetime
I have literally released my attachment to death. I have no control over when it will come knocking at my door, but if there is one thing I will do, is fight to stay alive to tell the story
I get super emotional when I think of it, knowing that parts of my community were victims of human trafficking and were deported to South & North America & the Carribeans.. I think about what it took to survive
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28 Sep
Violence against Black women is so normalized that a woman exercising her full bodily autonomy by joyously twerking is seen as a threat to the existing order and thus can justify the harm she was subjected too
Access to our bodies belongs to everyone but ourselves to a point where even an innocent dance is hyper-sexualized and seen as not only entertainment for the people filming her, but as an act of defiance and disrespect that causes distress in the man who charged at her
This is the life of so many Black women living on the edge where carefreeness can turn into a horrendous experience of misogynoiristic violence for the consumption of all
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27 Sep
whether they are liberal or conservative: it’s all white supremacists playing a game of chess with the lives of the most vulnerable.
it’s a sadistic power play that is state sanctioned colonial wet dream, see these Europeans have been fighting each other for hegemony for centuries and people are made to believe there is actually a real serious and invested effort for them to offer the same communities they
want to exploit,social justice. It’s really a game where they are competing to see who gets to exploit whom for the longest: one side intellectualizes it through very rigid moral standards they can’t even uphold while the other is just being candid about it’s genocidal objectives
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