I participated in this virtual town hall meeting. The conversations were frank and it clearly IMO is a move forward. I was particularly impressed with @PoliceNG PRO DCP Frank Mba's comments and response to questions. I would like to highlight a couple of things he said. #EndSARS
1. SARS has been disbanded. It is dead and buried. He said this is the first time it'll be disbanded. That what happened previously were just attempts to restructure, rejig & reorganize the unit and not a ban.

2. None of the current SARS operatives will be in the new SWAT unit.
3. The new tactical unit will not be on the streets but will only be seen when needed for specific security operations. Recruitment into this unit has already began.

4. Psychological and medical re-evaluation of the defunct SARS operative will start. (I think he said tomorrow).
5. The @PoliceNG will love to have representatives of the youths to witness these psychological evaluation. The challenge is "who to work with"

6. Police officers are recruited from people who apply which is determined by the conditions of service. To attract better people...
....the conditions of service of the police must improve. In other words, you are what you attract.

7. They recognise a huge trust deficit between the people ans police/govt. Unfortunately, for there to be progress trust is needed. In other words, give us the benefit of a doubt.
8. They are working to identify, arrest and trial police officers involved in human rights abuses like the 4 announced by the Lagos State Governor @jidesanwoolu. He mentioned other arrest that I can't remember right now

9. They intend to actively engaged Youths on ALL platforms
No one will seriously believe that one virtual town hall meeting with less than 200 people in attendance will solve a perennial problem or bridge the trust deficit. But you can never go wrong with dialogue. The more you engage, the better you communicate. #EndPoliceBrutalityNow

The word "recruitment" as used in this tweet is my characterisation of DCP Frank Mba's comments about the new tactical unit having new officers and not the old SARs operatives. It was not the word used by DCP Frank Mba.

• • •

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18 Oct
I have read tweets of people questioning why the FG asked States to set up the Judicial Panel of Inquiry citing the example of OBJ's Oputa Panel. Well this is why you need a bit of history.

The Human Rights Violations Investigation Commission (aka The Oputa Panel) was created.. Image
...in 1999 by President Obasanjo with the mandate to "investigate human rights abuses during the period of military rule from 1984 to 1999 and to work towards reconciliation of the various communities and groups of people that were in conflict with one another under military rule
The commission submitted its final report to OBJ in 2002 and it's recommendations were made public in 2005 by 2 activist groups. Now for the close to 2yrs the panel sat (even though it shd have been for only 3mths), some ex-military rulers like IBB refused to appear on the panel.
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18 Oct
"Time is necessary because of process" - @sam_adeyemi @DaystarNG
"The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once." - Albert Einstein. @sam_adeyemi @DaystarNG
"The person that is thinking 4 years is likely to be better prepared and successfully that those thing 4 days" - @sam_adeyemi @DaystarNG
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18 Oct
Learn to think ‘right’

‘The thoughts of the righteous are right.’
Proverbs 12:5 NKJV
1. Your mind can work for you or against you. When it works for you, it helps you to stay positive, reach your goals & enjoy each day. But when it works against you, it can make you negative & discouraged, hold you back & cause you to think thoughts that result in self-sabotage.
2. So teach your mind to work for you instead of against you. An important way to do this is to make an intentional decision that you’ll begin to think positively – in terms of faith and not fear. Now, your brain won’t be able to fulfil this new role overnight.
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17 Oct
Truth is, we are all on the same side - The side that believes Police brutality must End, and perpetuators must be punished and victims compensated. But we all have different ideas of how to get there. Some believe civil disobedience is the way, others believe it is with dialogue
Some believe blocking roads and inconveniencing others is a better cost than losing your life while others believe protest is never a licence to deny others the right not to be inconvenienced. Some will like to make this a sprint while others warn it's a marathon. #EndSARS
In this one side that we are all in, there will be moderate positions and there will be extreme ones. It is not for those with extreme positions to think those with moderate views are cowards or pacifiers nor for those who are moderate to think the extreme ones are unreasonable.
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17 Oct
Laugh more!

‘We were filled with laughter, and…sang for joy.’
Psalm 126:2 NLT
1. God created every human emotion you feel. He designed you to cry when you're sad & laugh when you're happy: ‘For everything there is a season…A time to cry and a time to laugh’ (Ecc 3:1, 4). Jesus said, ‘These things have I spoken to you, that my joy might remain in you, and
2...and that your joy might be full’ (John 15:11). Question: how often do you laugh? Doctors say laughter has incredible healing effects on your body. It also has incredible healing effects on your mind and soul. Stop and think abt the days you laughed, even though you really...
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16 Oct
Sometimes I've flashbacks to 1992/93. I was in the university, young and reckless. We protested on the streets for democracy confronting soldiers who had no qualms using us as target practice. That I didn't get shot or come home to my parents in a box was but for the grace of God
If I tell my parents what I did then or where i went to protest, they'll cringe...hell even I still cringe today when I remember. There was no social media then. There were no hashtags. There was no Jack to help us raise funds or amplify our voice but we confronted evil and won.
Supo Shasore "Journey of an African Colony" made us understand that the independence we got in 1960 was off the back of protest like the Aba women's riot in 1929 and the Enugu Coal workers strike/massacre in 1949. In 1978, students had reason to demand that "Ali Must Go" after...
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