Mantra Deeksha when you can't find a Guru

A lot of conversations revealed people's helplessness and confusions on about how to start a spiritual life and sadhna of their interest without a Guru. Let's see how a Guru makes an impact in one's life.
Seeking gnyaan from a Shidha guru makes a strong impact in one's life. When a guru checks the eligibility of the seeker and educates him, the seekers life would start to bloom like a padma(Lotus). Guru Upadesha is very important in ones life.
Every praani (living Being) is equally eligible to get this gnyaan depending upon how strong his virtues and will power is to attain the Para Bhraman. Guru's grace is Eeshwar Icha ( Bhraman's Will ). There would be number of tests of our patience on the path of spirituality.
God's & Guru's don't come to us just like that. We have to start meditating and initiate an aura to connect with them. We have to connect with them by starting to do any kind of japa or sadhna.
What does a Guru Actually Do?

Gurus when they give us a Mantra, they do the upadesha and also transfer some sidhi shakti from their own sadhna, which further when continued by us gives us speedy benefits. It is always recommended to get a Guru in a Human form for this reason.
Attaining Sidhi all alone is very challenging unless one does severe sadhna. Once a seeker gets a mantra from Guru, a procedure called Purascharana is supposed to be done to attain mantra sidhi. Purascharana is a severe procedure which has many recommendations to follow.
One must try a lot to attain a guru. He should try different ways roam seek and then if he can't attain it, then there is a recommended procedure to start your spiritual sadhna with adiguru. This procedure doesn't say that you would never get a guru in human form in future.
This procedure is infact for ones to really attract the blessings of a guru and who are unable to find a one. During this procedure one may be blessed with a Guru. Based on the willpower and dedication he would be given guidance by God himself.
There would be some set of people, who would have mantra sidhi through dreams and meditative visions from Devi, Devtas, Gurus etc. This is rarest of rare cases. As per shastras It is always recommended to find a Guru in human form but, if he can't find any they can do this.
As per Meru Tantra ( Tantra Revealed by Shiva Himself when the Devtas were rescued from a rakshasa Jalandhar )

If a person, after many efforts cant find a guru and wants to start with sadhna with extreme willpower and good will they can initiate their sadhna with Eeshwar.
As per shakta tradition, one should choose a TRAYODASHI Tithi during a Shukla Paksha ( The Waxing Phase of Moon ) and choose a shiv temple having Shree Dakshinamurthy murthy and start the initiation process. A kalash sthapana / puja of the Dakshinamurthy should be done.
One must write the Mantra which they want to do sadhna of on a Bhorja Patra or Tala Patra and place it near to Dakshinamurthy and start chanting it for 108 times after the basic Shodasa puja of the lord. This symbolizes deeksha directly attained from Shree Dakshinamurthy
Since there would be issues to find a selfless guru without any lobh( greed) in him, shiva uvacha says accepting Dakshinamurthy as adiguru is best. No mantra will work when chanted by just seeing a book. Mantra deeksha from either guru or adiguru Dakshinamurthy only will work.
Mantras which fall under vaidika maryada can be initiated by this process. However it is believed that when a man starts his journey this way, god guides the seeker to reach right guru or sends someone into their life seeing the dedication.
A seeker should use this process to take mantra deeksha for Nishkaama mantra phala, and not to harm anyone in life. During later stages if they opportunity to meet the guru they should again get the upadesha from the guru.

Guru is the ultimate 🙏🏼
Stay tuned for next Thread on types of Mantras and Locations for Mantra japa and purascharana of Mantra. Types of maalas of japa for different sidhis 🙏🏼

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15 Oct
Here in Skanda 11 Chapter 27 of Bhagwat purana, Shree Krishan is telling us the methods by which worship is done to him.

Shree Krishan said -:

वैदिकस्तान्त्रिको मिश्र इति मे त्रिविधो मख: |
त्रयाणामीप्सितेनैव विधिना मां समर्चयेत ||७|| 1/9
Meaning : One should carefully worship Me by selecting one of the three methods by which I receive sacrifice: Vedic, tantric or mixed.…
Now in SB 11.27.15 shloka Shree Krishna is saying that he is worshiped according to the faith of a particular worshiper.

So one can worship him in deity form OR one can worship him in his heart also , its called Manas pooja ( pooja by mind).
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15 Oct
Why idol worship of gods came into existence?

Its said in Shreemad Bhagvat Purana that in the beginning of Treta yuga saints ,sages introduced deity worship in the form of idols when they saw people are doing Disdain (Tiraskar ) , Malice and disrespecting each other. 1/3
दृष्ट्वा तेषांमिथो नृणामवज्ञानात्मतां नृप |
त्रेतादिषु हरेरर्चा क्रियायै कविभि: कृता ||३९||

My dear King, when great sages and saintly persons saw mutually disrespectful dealings at the beginning of Tretā-yuga, Deity worship in the temple was introduced with all paraphernalia.
So what are the other ways we can worship our Bhagwaan?

Shree Krishna has explained this in Gita in a beautiful and clear manner. Which we will explore later in the day.

Wish you a good day and Jay Shree Krishna 🙌
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13 Oct
One Of our Follower asked a very cute and a genuine doubt:

What is the difference between Shrimad Bhagavatam and Bhagavad Gita?

Ok So here are answer to few questions (though very trivial but important)
Srimad Bhagavatam or the Bhagavat Puran, is the 5th major purana amongst 18 different puranas. It contains 12 different parts (skandhas) and around 18,000 verses. Similar to the other Puranas, the Srimad Bhagavatham is written by Sage Vyasa.
Sage Shuka, who was Vyasa's son, recited the Bhagavatam to King Parikshit who was cursed to die in 7 days, by Sage Shrungi.

What happened to King Parikshit?

Well, For that we needs lot of threads but lets continue with the differences.
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12 Oct
Krishna’s appearance as Jagannatha :

Its from The Utkala-khanda of the Skanda Purana (Utkal= traditional name for Orissa.):

Once, during a solar eclipse, Krishna, Balarama, Subhadra, and other residents of Dwaraka went to bathe in a holy pond at Kurukshetra. 1/9
Knowing that Krishna would be there. Krishna’s parents Nanda and Yashoda, and other residents of Vrindavana, who were burning in the fire of separation from the Lord, went to meet Him.
Inside one of the many tents the pilgrims had set up at Kurukshetra, Rohini, Lord Balarama’s mother, narrated Krishna’s Vrindavana pastimes to the queens of Dwaraka and others.
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12 Oct
In these tweets : The primary difference between Yajna and Havana.

While reading Rigveda, You will often encounter these two closely related words, so often that the entire scripture seems to depend on these two words only.

Let's get the difference clearly.
Havana- "means the act of offering oblations in fire".

Homa has exactly the same meaning.

Few meanings of Havana are as follows:

हवन n. havana invocation
हवन m. havana god of fire
हवन n. havana sacrifice
हवन n. havana act of offering an oblation with fire
for Homa there is a reference:

sandhyA snAnam japo "homo" devatAtithipujanam |
Atithyam vaiswadevam cha shatkarmAni dine dine ||

(Ref of Havan is still under search, you can suggest some)
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11 Oct
An interesting Question : Why does the Jiva reside in Brahman during deep sleep (its called Sushupti in Sanskrit)?

The answer to above question is explained in the Chhandogya Upanishad - Aadhyaya-6, Khanda-8.

Lets go through it in 3 sub questions: 👇
First Question : What is the Sushupti actually and why do we experience it?

उद्दालको हारुणिः श्वेतकेतुं पुत्रमुवाच स्वप्नान्तं मे सोम्य विजानीहीति यत्रैतत्पुरुषः स्वपिति नाम सता सोम्य

तदा सम्पन्नो भवति स्वमपीतो भवति तस्मादेनꣳ स्वपितीत्याचक्षते स्वꣳह्यपीतो भवति ॥ ६.८.१॥
Uddalaka said to his son Svetaketu: "Learn from me, my dear, the true nature of sleep. When a person has entered into deep sleep, as it is called, then, my dear, he becomes united with Pure Being (Sat), he has gone to his own Self....
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