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💡 IDEA EMERGENCE 🌱»🌲»🗺️»🌎»🏡

If you can use this framework masterfully, you will immediately change the game—and take your thinking to the next level!

🧵A thread 👇 (1/19)
For the management and development of ideas using linked notes, we need Fluid Frameworks.

The rigid folder-only system we all grew up with is stunting our thinking. 👇 (2/19)
As you use link-based notes for developing ideas, interesting patterns start to form.

These patterns follow “Systems Thinking” and jive with terms like “emergence, divergence, and convergence.”

So, let's explore IDEA EMERGENCE... 👇 (3/19)
In the beginning...

We go from the nothingness of fleeting thoughts »»
to the “somethingness” of a concrete note (see below).

Let's call this:

Notes start to link to other notes. Relationships are formed. This is basic Zettelkasten. (5/19)
EMERGENCE LEVEL 2 (continued)
As we continue making connections, the system starts to come alive, almost naturally evolving itself.

This is a well-oiled Zettelkasten. (6/19)
The beauty of the direct link is that ideas emerge organically. The limitation is that you're always in the forest.

Very often, you want a birds-eye view of these relationships. That's where EMERGENCE LEVEL 3 begins... (7/19)
The solution is to make higher-order notes—which are just "notes with primarily links to other notes".

Higher-order notes like MOCs (Maps of Content) serve countless purposes... (8/19)
EMERGENCE LEVEL 3 (continued)
You can use MOCs to overcome "Mental Squeeze Points" & continue triumphantly w/ your ideas & projects.

Just "Assemble" links to notes in a new MOC. You offload the cognitive burden so you stay in creative Flow (9/19)…
EMERGENCE LEVEL 3 (continued)
But the even more profound and next-level power of MOCs is to USE THEM AS RAPID IDEATION CHAMBERS.

I can't stress the superpower of this enough...

EMERGENCE LEVEL 3 (continued)
And yes, most obviously, higher-order notes like MOCs can be used for navigational purposes (hence the "Map" nomenclature). (11/19)
With your MOCs, you are 80% of the way done to finalized CREATION!

But that's not all the value you've created... (12/19)
At this next level of emergence: MOCs are linked to MOCs! Instead of a just having living systems (basic Zettelkasten)...

Now we have living ecosystems! (13/19)
This allows you to fly around your note library rapidly, organically getting UNFORCED BEHAVIOR-BASED SPACED REPETITION.

Now you have multiple MOCs that easily communicate and contribute to more fun-to-finalize CREATIONS!

How powerful is that?! (14/19)
Now, we get to the highest level of your Idea Emergence...Your HOME NOTE

It consolidates new higher-order notes w/ older, more mature higher-order notes.

The Home note is the beginning & the end. It is a launchpad & a homebase. It is your North Star. (15/19)
At this level, your ideas have become like a relatively stable Planetary system. (someone else's PKM would be another planet btw).

It's your "Earth"

"All roads lead to HOME." (16/19)
The Home note allows for top-down “Convergent” thinking like navigating and deliberate creating.

The Home note allows for bottom-up “Convergent” thinking by consolidating new forms of emergence. (17/19)
That's IDEA EMERGENCE 🌱»🌲»🗺️»🌎»🏡

If you can utilize this framework effectively you immediately change the game and take your thinking game to the next level! (18/19)
If this resonates with you & you want to hear more, then register for my webinar tomorrow on exactly this topic.

It starts in 22 hours! (19/19)…

• • •

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