1/ Let me "fact-check" the very idea of fact-checking.

I have great contempt for fact-checkers. Here's why.

When people claim to do a fact-check of some claim, what they purport to do is to test it against objective evidence in order to determine whether it is true.
2/ The problem is that the claims they are "fact-checking" are usually ambiguous: they are open to many interpretations. It's easy to show a claim to be false; you merely have to pick an interpretation according to which it is false. That is usually not hard.
3/ Among academics who pride themselves on their intellectual fairness, there is a basic principle, the principle of "charity," according to which you choose an interpretation of your opponent's claim based on which possible interpretation is most likely to be true.
4/ The stupid, biased political fact-checkers seem to use the opposite method; they typically employ a principle of uncharity. They typically construe President Trump's claims, in particular, according to the most outrageous or uncharitable interpretation.
5/ Skilled, professional fact-checkers—so, not most of the partisans *called* fact-checkers—are very much aware of these issues. They explicitly discuss issues of interpretation and offer different truth evaluations based on different possible interpretations.
6/ If a fact-checker is consistently uncharitable to one side, he is profoundly hypocritical. After all, his very job presumes a special concern about the truth, and yet he ignores the most basic interpretive requirements of his job in the service of...partisan politics.


• • •

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More from @lsanger

15 Oct
YouTube Qanon purge is here.

It is appalling that now YouTube has taken down channels, like @99freemind, who just research various sources, share info, and draw sometimes wild (sometimes correct) inferences.

If it’s not libel, they should be free to speak their minds, period.
Here’s what I believe about free speech.

This used to be the “liberal” view. Well, it still is. It’s just that the so-called liberals have become so illiberal.

The good news is that you can still find Polly and others on Bitchute.com. I’ll be visiting them more now.
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14 Oct
Let me break down the Hunter Biden situation for you a bit.

Source: web.archive.org/web/2020101417…

1/ Background: Joe Biden said his son had never spoken to him about his crazily lucrative job with Burisma—which was very unlikely, since Biden was Obama's Ukraine point man.
2/ Now we have a copy of an April 2015 email from Burisma adviser, a Vadym Pozharskyi, to Hunter Biden, saying, "thank you for inviting me to DC and giving an opportunity to meet your father..."
3/ A May 2014 mail from Pozharskyi to Hunter requested the younger Biden's "advice on how you could use your influence."

So not only did Biden meet Pozharski, it seems to have been in response to an earlier request for Hunter to use his "influence."
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14 Oct
It's potentially harmful, all right, @Twitter. It's harmful to your favored candidate's chances of re-election. And that's the *only* reason you're blocking it.

But good luck avoiding the Streisand Effect with this one. Image
If you're confused about what this is all about, expand the image and look at the blue-colored message at the bottom.
It seems this Post article hasn't been blocked by @Twitter yet. Come on, Twitter, keep up! You gotta keep whacking the moles!

Unfortunately, it looks like your lawn is completely shot.

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11 Oct
Cardi B is having a birthday today!

So, look at the lovely thing @AtlanticRecords put out about her on Twitter. Just kidding. It's nauseating.

Think this is a responsible corporation after an honest dollar? That's all? Really?

"There's some whores in this house" indeed. And Cardi B isn't the only one: Atlantic execs are much worse. She's just their product.

This is beyond corrupting. It's shockingly repulsive.

And it's advertising used by Atlantic. They're becoming billionaires on this sort of thing.
"Who said pu$$y can't take you to the top!" screams the video in gold lettering.

What exactly are they selling here? Not just Cardi B's music. They're selling a way of life.

Why? Because it's what's popular?

No. It wouldn't be nearly so popular if they weren't doing this.
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11 Oct
1/ I enjoy two things,
(1) that once- and still-maligned (as “far right”) new journalism sources are breaking many important stories, and
(2) that the MSM is constantly being humiliated as their falsehoods are exposed.

This is a true media revolution, happening quietly.
2/ It is true that people still in thrall to the MSM have little clue about this. But their numbers dwindle daily. Cry, “advocacy journalists,” cry.

And as their influence wanes, more and more unlikely-seeming allies of the once “right”—now, just “Americans”—show up, awakened.
3/ As much as social media has been corrupted, the power of crowdsourcing is still responsible for much of this revolution. So many stories break now on Twitter, blogs, and other popular sources.

The media class qua mediators are less necessary today.
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11 Oct
Shocked I am—shocked!—that it was not, in fact, “white supremacists” who plotted a Gov. Whitmer kidnapping.

One attended a BLM protest; one called Trump a “tyrant.”

The MSM prove themselves over and over to be bald-faced liars—irrational & desperate.

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