"French President Emmanuel Macron denounced “Islamist terrorist attack” against a history teacher decapitated in a Paris..."

He has more courage than so-called Hindutva leaders in India, who did not even mention the Islamist beheading of Priya recently.

While the so-called "gangrape" of a dalit girl allegedly by the "upper caste" was made continuous national news (though there was likely no rape at all), the Islamist beheading of Priya was completely buried.

Meanwhile the attacker in Paris shouted "Allah hu Akbar" but this has been buried by most "liberal" media.


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13 Oct
Does anyone remember the name of the athlete who was married and pressured to convert?

Perhaps she needs to write a book.
Anyone have contact info for Tara Sahdev? Her story needs telling.

What is seen in many of these stories is how the Muslim women family members of the perpetrators are collaborators in the conversion war.

Like #ISIS women held down #Yezidi children and young girls to be raped by jihadi men, even their husbands.

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13 Oct
Open challenge to claims that inter-religious sexual violence "runs both ways."

Find instances where a Muslim girl is raped by a Hindu to force-convert to Hinduism.

For every such, I'll offer 2, where a Hindu girl is raped by a Muslim/forced to convert. See who runs out first.
And this violence is when it is a so-called "minority." For what happens with majority status, just check situation of Hindu girls in Pakistan.

And the entire "secular" discourse acts to aid and abet sexual violence by Islamic predators who are driven by the belief that conversion will get them to "heaven" and #RapeJihad is a legitimate act in the eyes of their god.

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12 Oct
Women in Britain couldn't own property till the late 19th century, while British "civilized" us.

In India they made property tradeable and by law only males could inherit it. (same with kingdoms). This made a male child imperative—which they then blamed on "backward Hinduism."
The wealth of women was transferred from mother to daughter, as "stridhan." Rural land was generally not tradeable. So a large part of movable wealth was controlled by women.

This stridhan was unlike "dowry" given to men which was a European custom.

Even after "stridhan" went away, "dowry" is a form of inheritance which is paid to the daughter during wedding, rather than at death.

In India, stridhan always belonged to women. Even today parents will say "we will give what we want to the daughter."

Read 8 tweets
11 Oct
Full of nonsensical tropes about India that Indian "seculars" peddle doing their monkey dance for a White audience.

I blame the West for choosing such "interlocutors" who are unable to explain or represent India, but feed West's ignorance and stereotypes—no one is wiser for it.
The joke's on @nytimes, @wsj @washingtonpost etc. When they get the Nandy/s, Dhume/s, Ayyub/s to write for you, do they realize they're being peddled comforting junk by people who have no clue about India?

Do you prefer wilful ignorance to understanding a major civilization?
I'm not seeking approval from the West. I've lived here for years, having them as my co-workers and employees.

I'm merely amused at their ignorance in choosing such people. Ultimately they lose in failing to understand what is happening in India.

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7 Oct
For decades the Congress party has been the slaughter + riots party in India.

On the streets it would shed blood for political polarization and machination, for media and academia it would be suave as it cultivated "liberal" darbaris to demonize "Hindutva" for its violence.
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25 Sep
I had an idea for a novel about a girl who wears saris to college, and is teased for it. But her confidence and #SareeSwag starts a new trend of #SariCool.

This is what I had in mind. :D

Anyone wants to write this novel? I have a story outline and an in with a good publisher.😀
Unfortunately my writing and editing schedule is chock-full right now. But if there are good writers of fiction or nonfiction who are willing to work hard, I have a number of ideas we could collaborate on.

Yes, that is what I am mostly busy with though await my historical fiction novel coming up that has been in the works for about 12 years. 😌

Read 4 tweets

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