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Breaking News: Most powerful #ISIS branch In Africa #ISWAP kills its leaders in dramatic circumstances— New radical leader emerge — Both biological sons of Original founder #Mohàmmed #Yusuf deposed & killed. First public image of Abu Musab Albarnawi,first leader of #ISWAP emerge.
Sources confirmed #BokoHaram - #ISWAP have appointment a new leader #Amir #Abba-#Gana following the elimination of #Ba'a #Idirisa as far back as February 2019. Ba'a Idirisa had replaced his blood brother #Abu #Musab #Albarnawi both biological children of Late Muhammad Yusuf.
Sources say Ba'a Idirisa, biological son of Late Muhammad Yusuf was assiasinated along with three other Commanders for attempting to surrender and renounce the 2 decade jihadist war.
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1. The @nytimes is wrong on the facts. There is an alternative. MT Syria’s Drawn-Out Agony
2. Times: “there remains no viable resistance inside #Syria for #America to support.”

That’s factually incorrect. AA of #NES is an oposition group. The Times doesn’t distingush between “Rebels” (mostly jihadists including #ISIS and Al-#Qaeda) and the #SDF, the brave fighters
3. who fight shoulder-to-shoulder with @SOJTFOIR in the war against terror. #Turkey armed and financed Al-Qaeda & ISIS. Syrians should not be left with a choice of either ISIS or Assad. In NES folks are free. The misguided uniformed people on Times Editorial board threaten NES
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1-🧵👉Modern Day Israel is a Rothschild Creation, Not God's!👉Isaiah 66:7-8 is NOT referring to Israel nation born in 1948!👉It's referring to Jesus' birth ✝️!

👉🇮🇱 DUPES Christians to get:
1-war & political agenda
2-💰 & votes 4 zionist politicians 2b elected
2-b 🧵 #ChristianZionism is heresy & duping many.
#JimTraficant 👉Truth!!!👏 📺👇
What happened to him? 😫
7.5 yrs prison (phony charges)- & sudden death😩

More Powerful💥 #Traficant Vids
He Sets #MSM Straight & more! 👊👊👊

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1- The Syrian Kurds have recently announced that they will soon start putting jailed foreign #ISIS fighters on trial in Syria using local courts.

So what are exactly the details of this? I checked for you.

This is what I learned.

أعلنت الإدارة الذاتية في شمال شرق #سوريا أنها ستبدأ قريبا بمحاكمة مقاتلي #داعش الأجانب المسجونين في السجون الكردية أمام المحاكم المحلية.

كيف ومتى ولماذا؟

كافة التفاصيل في هذا الفيديو.


Thank you @RojavaIC for your help with this story. 🙏
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1. The #ISIS Arabic website "Muslim News" has been stable for quite some time now, likely a result of their top-level domain registered under a Mali address, and hosted on Cloudflare, but who is visiting the site? Well, some insight on that in this thread.
2. This is "Muslim News" a persistent #ISIS site, which servesd as the repository for #ISIS media outputs since 2014, and hosts all of "state's" media updates on a single stand-alone platform. It's been around off and on since 2016. Turns out it's quite popular in Canada.
3. In November 2019, some 34,352 Canadian IP addresses visited the site. Third only to Algeria and Egypt, which contributed respectively 35,511 and 44,552 visits. It was also being accessed in Palestine and Morrocco, with less frequency.
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Thread on #Erdogan and #Syria:
From 2012 to date, Erdogan has never had clear political goal in Syria.
His policies has alwaysbeen reactionary in response to events on the ground 1/
At the initial phase of the Syrian civil war, #Erdogan has raised his rhetoric and openly asked Assad to step down. But he never followed his threats with clear measures or policies on the ground. 2/
Erdogan wrongly assumed that Assad will buckle under pressure and stepped down, and opened the gates for Syrian refugees to enter Turkey. He assumed they will stay for few months. He was wrong on both assumption: Assad stayed in power, and Turkey stuck with a refugees problem 3/
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@billybartyjr @dbp49 @Global_Netizen1 @TulsiGabbard Rep. @TulsiGabbard Speaks Out Against #Syria War Bill- H.Con.Res.121
Mar 14, 2016
"Similar resolutions were used in the past to legitimize the regime change wars to overthrow the Govts of #Iraq & #Libya. I will have no part of it."…
@billybartyjr @dbp49 @Global_Netizen1 @TulsiGabbard Rep. @TulsiGabbard Votes Against Efforts to Overthrow #Syria Govt - H.Con.Res.75
"I was extremely disappointed by amendment language later added to this resolution that provides “cover” or an excuse for ISIS & other terrorist orgs committing this genocide"
@billybartyjr @dbp49 @Global_Netizen1 @TulsiGabbard Tulsi Gabbard - CIA Must Stop Illegal, Counterproductive War to Overthrow Assad
Oct 22, 2015
"#NoFlyZone would be a terrible mistake"
why to overthrow President Assad is an illegal, counterproductive war that will cause even more human misery in the region
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NEW: US unveils revamped strategy for #counterintelligence

Instead of focusing on nation-state adversaries, new strategy "focuses on five key areas where foreign intelligence entities are hitting us hardest" per @NCSCgov Dir William Evanina
New #counterintelligence strategy to focus on:
-critical infrastructure
-key US supply chains
-US economy
-American democratic institutions
-cyber & technical ops

...per @NCSCgov
@NCSCgov Under new strategy, US counterintelligence counting on more help from the private sector for info & countermeasures

"W/the private sector & democratic institutions increasingly under attack, this is no longer a problem the US gvt can address alone" per @NCSCgov's Evanina
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#Virginia Somali Muslim @FBI translator caught talking to #ISIS suspects, has own voice intercepted on terror surveillance calls, only gets PROBATION for lying & falsifying documents❗️

Not even deportation⁉️

His SON convicted of transporting high-powered weapons in #ISIS case❗️
💣 Abdirizak Wehelie falsified transcripts in a terror case and lied to the FBI about it. His son was convicted of illegally transporting high-powered weapons in an ISIS case. Yet all he got was probation and the family is not being deported⁉️
⚠️The aptly described “terror-linked #CAIR” represented the jihadi family.
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#Qanon #Hussein #Obama

In honor of Q drop 3836, 02/06/2020

A THREAD ‘honoring’ the man and legacy of BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA
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A tourist woman has been harrassed by the public and then manhandled by the police before being arrested for wearing a bikini in public in the #SunnySideOfLife. This follows the wake of multiple stabbing attacks of tourists by Islamic State in the #Maldives

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Why #AshrafGhani undermined #TUTAP's protest and Appreciates #PTM

#TUTAP project was proposed by #ADB (Asian Development Bank) in #Karzai's tenure. As per this project, 500-KV would be supplied to #Afghanistan and #Pakistan considering the power crisis in the region.
In 2016 Second Vice President Mohammad Sarwar Danish spoke out against routing the #TUTAP projects through #Salang rather than #Bamyan. He pointed to a 2013 assessment prepared by #Fichtner, a #German engineering consultancy,
for the #ADB that recommended #Bamyan for the project’s second line crossing the Hindu Kush–a 500 kV transmission line. “The Bamyan route will avoid the narrow space and difficulties along the Salang Pass, will allow connecting further
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LIVE NOW | @CrisisGroup’s #WatchList2020 Part 2
🔸 Panel discussion on how the EU can act better for peace, with @FedericaMog and @Rob_Malley, moderated by @NicolePirozzi…
@FedericaMog @Rob_Malley @NicolePirozzi For @FedericaMog, the biggest challenges to the EU in #WatchList2020 will be Iran-US escalation, and how this is giving new space for #ISIS; and the multiple layers of conflict in 🇱🇾#Libya.
@FedericaMog @Rob_Malley @NicolePirozzi Recent #US actions expose weaknesses & open opportunities for EU, says @Rob_Malley.

⇨Diplomatically, can EU play a role between US & Iran?
⇨Financially, can EU limit exposure to the reach of US sanctions?
⇨Militarily, eg after a US exit from Iraq, can EU reduce vulnerability?
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So yesterday was #BasantPanchami.
While we reveled in festivities, let us spare a moment for to remember a young teenage boy, Hakeekat Rai who chose to embrace death instead of leaving his faith and converting to Islam, on a #BasantPanchami not very long ago.
Hakeekat Rai was the only son of a rich man, Bhagmal Khatri of Sialkot. He became a Sikh under the influence of his mother.
During Mughal rule, kids went to study Persian from Maulvis.
Hakeekat Rai also did so.
He was the only Sikh in a class full of Muslim students.
One day when the Maulvi had gone out, he got into an altercation with them after they insulted the Hindu Mother Goddess.
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Good news: An Iraqi committee has been formed to oversee the implementation of the withdrawal of all foreign forces from #Iraq, including the US forces. The US, UK, France, and tens of countries involved are informed of the procedure. #QassemSoleimani
I have to bow to the request to offer further explanation here:
I have to bow to the request to offer a further explanation here:e: The Iraqi government and all Iraqi forces agreed to allow the US and other forces to leave within 3 months.+
If Foreign forces refuse to complete the withdrawal, these will be considered occupation forces and therefore legitimate targets.

This is why I said the other day that no Iraqi anti-US group was responsible for rocket launching against the US embassy.+
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Roma "gypsies" were migrants from India who fled after Islamic invasions. In Europe they were persecuted by Christians, and finally mass slaughtered by the Nazis. As with Hindu holocausts, this too was buried.…
The Yezidis too have an Indic link. They were persecuted by Christians and Muslims and faced over 70 pogroms from Muslims in their history.

This is the fate Hindus face from Islamists in India, enabled by India's "secular" Left #JihadCoolies..…
Over and over again, native traditions have been wiped out across the globe by two totalitarian religions to please their "god."

Hindus lost territory from Afghanistan to Indonesia. The idea that they are "majority" in India is used to lull them into guilt & complacency.
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1)An #AQAP leader was killed via U.S. drone strike in Wadi Ubaidah district of #Marib #Yemen, according to Yemeni news reports. The Wadi Ubaidah area is known as a long-standing stronghold for AQ militants in the country. Name of the leader was not stated.
2)Will be interesting to see which #AQAP official warranted the intel & military resources required to carry out a precise U.S. drone attack...AQAP in recent years has dwindled. As it stands now, top publicly known officials are leader Qassim al-Rimi and official Ibrahim al-Qosi.
3)Breaking: It appears that Qasim al-Rimi, leader of the Yemen-based #AQAP, was the individual targeted & killed in a U.S. drone strike on Saturday, January 25 in Wadi Ubaidah, east of #Sanaa - a longtime stronghold for the group. AQAP has yet to officially confirm his death.
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My new piece:

Three recent incidents indicate that #Erdogan has been getting ready for a significant move, probably a transformation that will change Turkey forever.

Elevated Police Intel
ISIS leader's ties to Turkey
A Pathway to Caliphate… @TIJournalism
@TIJournalism So, here are a few details:

On January 17, 2020, Erdogan issued a new presidential decree, elevating the status of the Turkish National Police TNP Intelligence Dpt. to a Directorate, essentially to a #Mukhabarat for the protection of his regime through torture, kidnappings, etc.
@TIJournalism The second, development took place during a January 2, 2020 speech:

#Erdogan said, “We have come to a point where we can longer ensure the security of our cities and maintain the order inside with police forces. In the face of this new situation, we need to develop new methods.”
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1) Breaking: #ISIS’ Furqan released an audio speech by its spokesman titled: Allah Destroyed Them Completely, and a Similar (Fate Awaits) the Disbelievers”. Last message was following the killing of Baghdadi and the spokesman.
2) In his second speech since appointed in Oct 2019, ISIS spokesman Abu Hamza al-Qurashi focuses on Iraq, boasting of the group’s longevity despite constant military pressure against it and threatening a renewed war on Iraqi forces.
3)#ISIS spokesman mocked the Iraqi government, military, & militia units for their inability to impose order on the ground, enforce sovereignty
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1) #ISIS official who led oil/gas ops & finances of sleeper cells was k'd last week in joint U.S.-SDF op in #Deirezzor #Syria. U.S. spox said death stifles ISIS’ ability to finance activity along the Syria-Iraq border. Comes shortly after capture of "large" ISIS mufti in Mosul.
2)The slain official, Abu al-Ward al-Iraqi, was among last fighters trapped in Battle of Baghuz, before escaping & disguising himself. Abu Yousef Al-Iraqi & Abu Yasin al-Shami listed as possible successors, as per reports citing individuals familiar w/ ISIS movement in the region
3)Large-scale ops by joint U.S.-SDF forces resumed in late Nov., despite President Trump’s withdrawal that initially saw a complete halt of counter-terror ops in N.E. Syria. Separate U.S. forces were moved to Syria from Iraq & Kuwait, for now mending alliance w/ Kurd partners
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1/ EXCLUSIVE: ISIS files I got in Syria show #ISIS drone budget was at least $1.1 million.

"Purchase lists" mention: 300 Phantom-4 drones, 115 UAV-planes +batteries, cables, etc.

How ISIS ordered it? Online from China, Hongkong, Europe &Turkey.


2/ These are the ISIS hard drives &phones that I recently got access to in Syria. I took pic of it.

They were taken from abandoned ISIS locations or captured ISIS members. The drone files were on 1 of those drives. Am going thru content of drives. Expect more stories.

3/ Of course it's already known that ISIS used drones in Syria/Iraq.

But what is interesting about the ISIS files I obtained in Syria is that we now have the numbers and $$$ behind the #ISIS drone program:

300 drones. 115 UAV planes costing over $1.1 million.

That's huge.
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1)The following thread is dedicated to recent reports claiming to have gathered new information on #ISIS' current leader:
2)Recent reports identify #ISIS’ leader under newly revealed name “Amir Mohammed Abdul Rahman al-Mawli al-Salbi.” Based on similar information and backstory, seems to be same man as “Abdullah Qardash,” whose name first arose in a phony ’Amaq report from August 2019.
3)Back in Aug, a storm of articles sourcing Turkish and Iraqi media reported this Qardash as the new leader, which was troubling considering the name was based off an 'Amaq message SITE concluded to be fake.

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1. The mess in #Libya is at least as complex as the mess in #Afghanistan: In Afghanistan the #Kabul-government, supported by #NATO, controls little more than Kabul.

In #Libya "Prime Minister" Fayez #Sarraj only controls a small part in the North, around #Tripoli.

2. While Khalifa #Haftar, the commander of the Libyan National Army (#LNA), controls the larger part of #Libya. He does not control greater #Tripoli and in the South local warlords rule.

#AnneWill #LibyaConference
3. To make things more messy:
The "Prime Minister of Tripolis", Fayez #Sarraj, is supported by
#Turkey (troops in Libya)

#Haftar is supported by
#Russia (RUS mercenaries in Libya)
#France (#NATO-partner & #EU)

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