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Excellent appointment by @SecPompeo, hoisting up @WashInstitute's Amb. Jim Jeffrey as the new Special Representative for #Syria Engagement.

Key times ahead, vis-a-vis #Turkey, #Idlib, #Manbij, and potentially a renewed political process.
@SecPompeo @WashInstitute #pt: As #JimJeffrey is sworn in today, the U.S. is 48-72hrs away from initiating training of #Turkey’s armed forces in order to begin joint patrols around #Manbij.

American weapons & equipment already in #Turkey.…
@SecPompeo @WashInstitute BIG - The U.S. looks to be staying in #Syria - thanks to $300m of funding from other @coalition partners, including #Saudi, which will offset #Trump’s $200m cut from stabilization.

Recent DIA/DOD estimates on #ISIS also indicate a military intent to sustain a necessary mission.
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La #Turchia bombarda #Sinjar ed uccide Mam Zaki, uno degli eroi che salvò decine di migliaia di #ezidi dal genocidio dell'#ISIS.

1) Una notizia terribile, l'ennesimo crimine atroce e disumano della #Turchia contro il popolo curdo.
Ieri intorno alle 16 un raid turco ha colpito alcuni veicoli (pare 3) delle forze di autodifesa ezide #YBS che stavano tornando dalla commemorazione del massacro di #Kocho.
2) Tra il 3 ed il 15 Agosto 2014 il villaggio di #Kocho nei pressi di #Sinjar rimane sotto assedio da parte dell'ISIS.
Tra il 15 Agosto e le prime ore del 16 Agosto i miliziani dell'#ISIS entrarono nel villaggio. Radunarono tutta la popolazione, circa 1700 persone, nella scuola.
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Just now getting around to reading the @UN’s report on AQ & #ISIS.

Some “analysis” of its content on the AQ in #Syria issue has been skewed, to say the least - with some aspects aggrandized & others underplayed.

@UN #pt: What clearly emerges from the UN report is an AQ *movement* weakened by internal inefficiencies, the consequence of which => a clear AQC undermining of #Nusra/#HTS & empowerment of alternative, loyalists within groups like Nusrat al-Islam (Huras al-Din+) & Ansar al-Tawhid.
@UN #pt: One strange thing came up… the UN report says Sami al-Oraydi & Abu Julaybib’s defection from ‘#Nusra’ resulted in the creation of a “new group under the name of Ansar al-Din.”

Not to my knowledge.

Ansar al-Furqan? Yes.
Also Ansar al-Tawhid.

Ansar al-Din is old/unrelated.
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"The president wanted to give her a chance," responds @PressSec to question as to why @POTUS hired @OMAROSA.
"Individuals in this room continue to create a large platform" for @OMAROSA who "has no credibility," asserts @PressSec.
"The president is an equal opportunity person who calls things like he sees them," says @PressSec.
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DEVELOPING: #ISIS force strength now may be close to its peak in 2015.
As of June 2018, estimated 28,600 to 31,600 #Daesh fighters in #Iraq #Syria per IG report

US intelligence estimates had 33,000 #ISIS fighters at group's peak in 2015

h/t @nickglavin
The same report says there are about 200 #ISIS fighters in #Philippines…
#ISIS caliphate gone but it's foot soldiers remain-as many as 32,000 #Daesh in #Iraq #Syria per latest @DeptofDefense intel

At its peak US intel officials said ISIS boasted about 33,000 fighters…
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He’s traded with #ISIS; acquired land expropriated from displaced civilians; and become super rich out of #Syria’s conflict & destruction.

- Meet #Assad’s latest moneyman & likely route around international sanctions - Samer Foz.…
Make no mistake, Samer Foz is an asset of #Assad's regime; empowered & facilitated by current & ‘retired’ security officials to get around tight foreign sanctions.

Foz has bankrolled militias in #Latakia & he stands accused of ordering the assassination of a rival in #Turkey.
#pts: Samer Foz also - allegedly - runs a quiet PR effort, both in the #EU & the U.S., which plays up one line over & over:

- 'Sanctions only hit innocent civilians & create terrorism… International investment is the key to saving #Syria, recreating jobs & bring back refugees.’
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#Burkas are like wearing a crusifix&should b defended,said Scots leader liberal+lesbian,irresponsibly ignoring that a crusifix is a symbol of #Christianity,which holds t western civilisation,while #nijab is a symbol of oppression enforced recently in #Islam by the #Saudi #Wahhabi
#Liberals accusing #Iranian govt of"oppressing women" who must wear a lose scarf,but do not protest against the #Saudi #Wahhabi reactionary dogma,while it's creeping as political #Islam to combat western #civilisation at the end.If it's sounds like fiction,think Saudi investments
Serious problem wth "western civilisation"mental health.Giving up easily to full veil wearing wthout asking what the cover symbolises,wthout questioning why it came from archaic #Saudi #Wahhabi #Sharia #Regime by force,is👉rejection of progressive western values.Period
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For 1st time since 2014, UN peacekeepers are back on Golan heights - #Syria frontier. As the situation stabilizes further, these posts will be handed over to Syrian government forces. Overnight, Israel was on high alert as #ISIS fighters tried to cross into its territories ==>
2-This is a significant realization by #Israel & others that the earlier foolish policy of arming and supporting militants on its border had to be reversed. It is now clear that without the Syrian State, the void will be filled by uncontrollable cocktail mix of armed groups
3- Significant myth that was promoted by observers was that presence of Syrian State is likely to bring more chaos & instability than other way around. To help this argument, such groups promoted Shia/Sunni discord & argued only way to calm majority Sunni fears was to defeat SAA
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1/ I read many threads about #Suweida and #ISIS attack. In a few words, as I stated in my last article, there is a failure in the Syrian Army security of the province because no-one thought ISIS would have the courage to mount an attack
2/+ Among ISIS attackers, there were people of the same province who know the area very well and even the population.
The 32 #ISIS killed were mainly Palestinians who were dislocated from Yarmouk to the only ISIS pocket remaining under the Syrian Army control in al Badiya.
3/+ The Syrian Army considered the priority is to liberate Daraa and Qunietra first, both provinces linked to Israel, USA, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and therefore is much more complicated than the 100km under #ISIS control in al-Badiya.
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Robert Fisk’s latest “EXCLUSIVE” reveals just how little he knows about #Syria's opposition, its foreign relations & support networks.

Gloss over inaccuracies & he’s “revealed” what we've known for yrs - #Saudi backed the multilateral MOC, arming #FSA.…
#pt: #Saudi was a principle backer of the MOC; a multilateral structure created to centrally coordinate armed support to [extensively] pre-vetted #FSA groups in northern #Syria.

120mm M75 mortars were one of many systems provided through MOC channels - inc. to units in #Aleppo.
#pt: The purchase of arms from E. European states by countries backing #MOC (& #MOM in the south) has been extensively documented - it’s not a secret.

+ #Fisk’s portrayal of #Aleppo in late-2016 is insanely inaccurate - #ISIS had *0* presence & #Nusra was about 1% of fighters.
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Extraordinary report on #ISIS’s attack on Suweida by @kshaheen - the details are chilling.

- 12hr attack from x3 axes
- Bedouin acted as #ISIS guides
- #ISIS knocked on doors, often calling out people by name
- #ISIS left single survivors as witnesses…
@kshaheen #ISIS is thought to have taken many prisoners - male, female & allegedly also children - during its attack in #Suwaida.

Hostage demands have reportedly been made, involving female prisoners.

Some local #Druze militiamen were beheaded already:
A trio of #ISIS suicide bombers attacked an #SSNP checkpoint in eastern #Suwaida overnight - at least 4 people were killed.

One of the #ISIS militants was captured alive & lynched in public, with an SSNP (essentially National Socialists/Nazis) flag tied to his corpse.

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In 2015 after fall of #Palmyra #ISIS quickly came through gates of #Damascus and #Suwayda but they focused on #Qalamoun. After 2016, #FSA near Jordanian border started to attack to ISIS and gained ground through early 2017.
When #SAA was planning massive offensive to capture whole #ISIS areas in the center and east of country. #FSA in #Qalamun and near Jordanian border attacks to ISIS and try to open supply line for the besieged Qalamun pocket.
#ISIS was pulling back these areas quickly. They did same in June 2016. They fallback near al Tanf and Iraqi border. Rebels with US Spec Ops attacked #AbuKamal under US-led Coaltion Air Support.
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Horrendous - the death toll from this morning’s #ISIS #Suwaida attacks has risen to 220.

Tensions are already high in the area, amidst fresh disagreements with #Damascus (& #Russia) over the imposition of conscription on the area's local male population.
It seems that #ISIS may have kidnapped #Syria soldiers/pro-#Assad militiamen during today’s assault on al-#Suwaida.

#ISIS media has published graphic images showing a mass execution - again, eerily reminiscent of earlier days, when intimidation was a main objective.
BREAKING - Days after horrific attacks on #Suwaida, ISIS says it's attacking nearby Khalkhalah airport, now home to *huge* amounts of weaponry surrendered by the #FSA in #Deraa.

Watch this.

Via @JohnArterbury & @HKaaman
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#ISIS bloodiest attack since 2014: 156 killed and 170 wounded on #Suweida southern province. #Syria
#ISIS plan was not to occupy any territory but a hit-and-run attack to :

1. Say we are still operational

2. Support their Huran welaya (Quneitra) under attack.

Both objectives will serve little to eliminate ISIS in the south. Only problem is #US base in Tanf preventing pursue.
#USA occupation forces in #Tanf established a 50 miles (80km) safe perimeter where neither the Syrian army nor Iraqi can approach the area and attack #ISIS.

Yesterday #Israel shot down a Syrian jet attacking ISIS, today US indirectly protect ISIS retreat.
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“Moderate rebels” have killed at least 38 people in Sweida city in a series of bomb attacks. These are the people Israel provides anti-air support for.
BREAKING: ISIS kills at least 38 people in devastating terrorist attack in southern Syria @FortRussNews…
BREAKING: An ISIS terrorist tried suicide bombing Sweida hospital that has been overwhelmed by earlier terrorist attacks. Thankfully he has been arrested. These are the people Israel defended yesterday.
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41 killed and 30 wounded in #ISIS (3) suicide #PBIEDs and militants group attack in the (druse) southern #Syrian city of #Suweida this morning, precisely in the open fruit market.

Syrian security killed the attackers following a street fight.

ISIS has a presence in #Quneitra.
#ISIS attacked four villages, south- East, bordering al-Badiya (Syrian steppe) before reaching #Suweida market. The group used the element of surprise and still engaged with the Syrian army in many spots.

ISIS has the possibility to mount deadly attacks

Death toll of #Suweida increased to 50 and 78 wounded caused by #ISIS.

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Per this @nakashimae/@missy_ryan story on the American #ISIS fighters being transferred stateside to be tried in civilian court, it’s not just that sending them to the #GTMO military commissions would be stupid; there’s also no legal authority to do so.…
Under the Military Commissions Act, only an “alien unprivileged enemy belligerent” can be tried by the #GTMO tribunals:…
US citizens can still theoretically be tried by military commission under World War II-era precedents, but (1) only for international war crimes; and (2) under different authority than the #GTMO commissions:…
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Selected list of #indictments and #sentencings
July 20, 23, 24, 2018
1. Ibraheem Musaibli and Samantha Elhassani will be charged with aiding ISIS. They were transferred from the custody of SDF to US Law Enforcement.
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Using a Patriot missile, Israel shoots down a Syrian Sukhoi flying over Saida in rural Quneitra above al-Qadi area in southern Golan while bombing #ISIS - Huran enclave.
#Damascus said its jet was not flying over any Israeli territory neither breaking the 1974 disengagement line as Israel falsely claimed.

The Israeli act of war has no strategic purposes but trying to provoke the Syrian government to a wider response. There is no point for Israel to support the last #ISIS enclave because the Syrian army is determine to end it in less than 2 months.

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It’s a confirmation #Israel downed a #SyAAF Su-22M4 while it was bombing #ISIS

This is the second Su-22 loss for Syria by a foreign force
First time while bombing ISIS in east Syria by the US
And now while bombing ISIS in south Syria by Israel.

Pilot fate unknown
#Israel targeted the jet over the #Syria/n airspace and it crashed on #ISIS controlled areas near the borders of Israel

The pilot mostly captured by ISIS.
The pilot is a colonel in the #SyAAF
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Acc. to @BarakRavid sources, #Russia has told #Israel that it'll seek to force #Iran 100km away from #Israeli-held 1974 #Golan line.

That means all territory west of the red line on map (L).

= A truly wild fantasy.

Look where #Iran is now (R); per @ETANA_Syria:
@BarakRavid @ETANA_Syria #Israel has shot down an #Assad regime Sukhoi fighter jet, which took off from T4 Airbase & flew 2km into Israeli airspace.

x2 Patriot SAM missiles were used & multiple messages sent in multiple languages prior to shoot-down.

Another example of #Russia’s value in de-escalation.
@BarakRavid @ETANA_Syria #pt: Just 36hrs ago was #Israel's first operational use of the "David’s Sling" SAM system, used to down #Assad ballistic missiles.

Yesterday, #Russia’s MFA & MOD visited #Jerusalem to firm-up their security arrangements with #Israel.

I wrote that #Moscow is incapable - clearly.
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Would any anti-Syria Palestinian please justify to me how it is okay to support the al-Qaeda affiliated White Helmets who get evacuated by Israel while Israel bombs Gaza?
Let’s never forget that ISIS once even apologized for attacking Israel…
“In their one full page statement about their evacuation from southern #Syria, the #WhiteHelmets deliberately omit the fact that they were evacuated to #Israel by the Israeli Defense Force before continuing on to Jordan 😂” via @walid970721
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Al-Qaeda must be trilled knowing 800 #WhiteHelmets are taken under #Israel's protection, following a #USA request to evacuate them, "crossing Israel to #Jordan" as reported by @ronzheimer on the ground.

As predicted, no more "chemical attacks" expected in jihadists stronghold #Idlib when the ops will take off in few months, after ending #ISIS in south #Syria.

#WhiteHelmets (supposedly) turned out to be a valuable intelligence asset gathering info on al-Qaeda, Khorasan, and all the militants as they were praised by every single jihadists and non-jihadists.

If that is the case, it was a successful intel ops.

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I am not historian but was in Libya at that time:Yes Gaddafi would have survived even w/o Obama: his army surrounded Misrata & was close to Benghazi when coalition destroyed all his deployed units & barracks. He knew local tribal dynamics more than anyone

Syria was not observing a "true revolution": #ISIS dispatched 1st group to Syria in 2011. Saudi, Qatar & US were all in, involved to support Sunni jihadists and not "revolution". Saudi are not revolutionary but Wahhabi Salafist promoting their doctrine.

Ojective @jricole was to:
-close the gas road Russia-EU
-Shut the flow of weapons to Hezbollah via Syria
-Remove Assad from the "Axis of the resistance" to isolate Iran
-create a fail state in Syria for Israel's security
fuel sectarian war that hits Iraq
Is that 'revolution'?
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