Self-doubt is killing you.


Here's how you can easily overcome self-doubt.

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Self-doubt is a survival mechanism.

Your brain's #1 job is to KEEP YOU ALIVE.

It's evolved a system to avoid perceived threats.

When you're threatened, your brain responds to keep you safe.
One of the most threatening things is UNCERTAINTY.

When you're faced with a new situation, like:

- a new job

- new people

- starting a new hobby/business

That new situation is unfamiliar. It's uncertain.

So, your brain tries to protect you from the perceived threat.

It tries to steer you away from the new situation.


- it reminds you of your past failures

- it tells you that you're not good enough

- it makes you worry that things won't work out
So what happens?

Maybe you didn't go to that job interview.

Didn't ask for that cute girl's number.

Didn't start that business.

Even if you did try...

Your self-doubt amplified every mistake.

It made you think any success was just luck.

How do you overcome self-doubt?
1) Meditate

Self-doubt is an emotional response to a perceived "threat".

It begins with your amygdala, the emotional center of your brain.

REGULAR meditation can shrink the amygdala.

As it gets smaller, your emotional control grows.

Your ability to IGNORE self-doubt grows.
2) Just Do It™

It's not just a slogan.

Just Doing It™ WILL lower your self-doubt.

Why? Because you'll gain experience.


Try telling yourself you'll try that scary thing for JUST 5 minutes or JUST once.

Your brain will relax once it sees things aren't so bad.
3) Pattern Interrupts via Affirmations

Write down every negative thing your brain says about you.

Start telling yourself the POSITIVE versions of those things.

"I can't" becomes "I can", and so on.

For best results, you need to actually BELIEVE in what you tell yourself.
4) Adopt a Growth Mindset

Your skills aren't fixed.

You can learn, improve, and succeed.


Do you disagree with either of those statements?

If you do, look up the book Mindset by Carol Dweck.

Buy it and read it. It'll transform your mindset.
5) Record Your Wins/Achievements

Your brain has a negativity bias.

It's another survival mechanism that isn't fun to deal with.

The bias makes you forget about all your wins and achievements.

So write them down. Remind yourself of them!

You've won before. YOU'LL WIN MORE!
Thank you for reading!

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Productivity Thread #7:

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Being productive is SATISFYING to your brain.

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It never ends.

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Productivity Thread #6:

Do you feel anxious on Sundays?

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It's called the Sunday Scaries.

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First, what are the Sunday Scaries?

They stem from "anticipatory anxiety".

Basically, the thought of going back to work or class on Monday stresses your brain out.

This can make it hard to enjoy your day.

Even worse, it makes you have a hard time falling asleep.

One way to beat them is to spread out your to-do list.

Do you leave your chores and tasks for the weekend?

You think you have time to get everything done...

But it rarely works out that way.

Saturday flies by, leaving your to-do list for Sunday.

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