1/ Tonight I’ve felt full of hope, because it seems that the English Twitter world has finally caught up w. the mandarin Twitter world on what’s really been going on in the world. The #Whistleblowermovement led by Mr. #MilesGuo has drastically changed the politics in the world.
2/ Countless whistleblowers in China provided intelligence to #MilesGuo in the hope of overthrowing the CCP so Chinese people won’t suffer from the tyranny anymore. Lude Media @ding_gang has been relentlessly broadcasting & interpreting info provided by Miles & whistleblowers
3/ over the past ~3 years. After the #CCPVirus outbreak in Wuhan, Dr. Li-Meng Yan @DrLiMengYAN1 investigated the outbreak on behalf of WHO in January but her findings were put aside by her supervisors. She knew it was going to cause a global pandemic if no one took action.
4/ Dr. Yan has been a supporter of the #Whistleblowermovement and she listened to Lude’s shows everyday. Knowing that her life could be in danger if she blew whistle, she still took action and contacted Lude on 1/16. Dr. Yan spent three days explaining to Lude on the virus and
5/ on 1/18/20, Lude tweeted about the information provided by Dr. Yan. On 1/19, the next morning, Lude’s show revealed that the virus 1) is modified based on CCP PLA owned Zhoushan bat virus, 2) has strong mutation, 3) is H2H transmission and 4) will cause global pandemic.
6/ Dr. Yan was in HK at the time. As CCP was cracking down HK’s freedom, it was not safe for Dr. Yan to stay there anymore. On 4/28, with the help from other #Whistleblowermovement supporters, Dr. Yan fled HK. Lude coordinated her entire escape. On 4/30, Lude announced on his
7/ show that Dr. Yan has successfully fled. On 7/10, Dr. Yan first appeared on Fox News to talk about the CCP and WHO coverup of the virus outbreak. On 9/14, Dr. Yan published her first report discussing the unusual features of the virus. On 10/8, Dr. Yan zenodo.org/record/4028830…
8/ published her 2nd report discussing the bio weapon nature of the #CCPVirus & CCP’s globally coordinated bio weapon program. Several top scientists are involved. On 9/24, Lude broke the news about Hunter Biden’s hard drives and the background stories. zenodo.org/record/4073131…
9/ All that has been discussed shows that the CCP’s evil plan against the US - the unrestricted bio weapon to destroy the economy and kill lives and the infiltration in the US at all key levels in all key functions of the country. Hunter Biden’s case tells you that CCP’s BGY
10/ strategy is effectively used in Executive, Judicial and Legislative, all three functions of the US government. The CCP is trying to influence/control presidential candidate using his son’s sex tapes and bribes, the FBI/DOJ didn’t respond to the criminal evidence timely,
11/ Pelosi received a copy of the criminal evidence but didn’t do anything, the scientific community pushes for the nature origin theory of the virus, healthcare officials actively block the use of HCQ, big tech censors/suppresses info about virus origin & Biden’s corruption...
12/ All the craziness happening show that ordinary people have to come together & shout out our own voices. Chinese & American patriots who truly love our countries have to say NO to politicians, elites & big corps who don’t care about the country & people. We, the people,united
13/ can fight the evilness on earth. We, the people, need to fight to our last breath, for the future of our children. We, the people, need to make ourselves heard. We, the people, regardless of race or ethnicity, have to support each other. If we don’t, the evil ones will rule!
Lude’s show on 1/19/2020 revealing the nature of the #CCPVirus.

1/19/2020 路安艾时评:重磅!为什么财新胡舒立要一再否认武汉SARS病毒和舟山蝙蝠病毒的关联性?为什么该病毒已经进化具备人传人大爆发强变... via @YouTube
Lude’s show on 4/30 “Yesterday was the most significant day on human history” referring to Dr.Yan’s successful escape

4/30/2020 路德时评(路安墨谈):昨天绝对是人类历史上最重要的一天!川普彻底清醒?大选已经成为川共(中共)之争!中共能够用学术化问题掩盖...
After Dr. Yan appeared on FOX on 7/10, Lude’s show revealed details of her escape on 7/12.
14/ People may wonder what happens after the CCP is overthrown & what a new China would look like. The answer is #NewFederalStateofChina. On 6/4/2020, Mr.#MilesGuo and Mr. Bannon announced the founding of #NewFederalStateofChina in front of Liberty Statue.
15/ "Himalaya - The Pinnacle of freedom" is the National Anthem of the #NewFederalStateofChina. The video shows several scenes taken on the day of the ceremony, 6/4/2020.

The full Aerial photography record of the ceremony is here:
16/ The date 6/4/2020 was chosen to declare the founding of the state is in order to honor & memorize the freedom & democracy fighters killed by the #CCP in #TiananmenSquareMasscre on 6/4/1989. Former Chinese football star Hao Haidong read the declaration.

• • •

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26 Oct
💥BREAKING💥 The shocking secret of this photo:

1/ When O was in Office, Joe Biden had the Secret Service install surveillance system to monitor O w/ the help from the #CCP since they are best at it. The picture was part of the surveillance video. Looks like JB was the big boss.
2/ On 4/1/2016, Xi visited DC to attend The 4th Nuclear Security Summit. On 4/4/2016, #HunterBiden came to the Oval Office to talk with O and gained his consent for Xi to militarize the South China Sea. 25 hours after this meeting, $1 billion was sent to

globaltimes.cn/content/976944… Image
3/ #HunterBiden. O got the money through Hunter, but NOT SURE how much he got, probably only part of the $1 billion. #JoeBiden had the copy of this video and Hunter also obtained a copy. He sent this picture for Xi, showing that he had done the job so Xi could pay him. With O's
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20 Oct
1/ Per @ding_gang's show, there's more beyond #HunterBiden's laptop dropped off at the repair shop. Somehow, a girl named JiaQi Bao is the key person to what's beyond the laptop. JiaQi Bao (AKA TianTian Bo) is the daughter of Xilai Bo, a political opponent of Xi back in the days. Image
2/ Xilai Bo was thrown in prison by Xi in 2012. Jiaqi used to work as a contact point with Hunter for Jianming Ye, former chairman of the Shanghai-based CEFC China Energy conglomerate. Per NY Post, "Another email - sent by Biden as part of an Aug. 2, 2017, chain - involved a deal Image
3/ he struck with the since-vanished chairman of CEFC, Ye Jianming, for half-ownership of a holding company that was expected to provide Biden with more than $10 million a year." Lude showed an email JiaQi sent to Hunter on 3/14/2019, mentioning "package," "your belonging" and
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30 Jul
a. The timeline of the #CCPVirus facts according to Dr. #LiMengYan :
1) Jan.12 - #CCP uploaded the wrong genome sequence to the NIH gene bank database. Dr. #LimengYan’s husband (a top virologist at HKU P3 lab) did research and told her the sequence was wrong.
b. FYI - genome sequence is like human’s fingerprint which is unique and wouldn’t be wrong without deliberate manipulation. With the wrong genome sequence, the virologists wouldn’t be able to trace this virus to the Zhoushan bat virus which is the backbone of this #CCPVirus.
c. 2) Jan.13 - First #CCPVirus case appeared in Thailand, which means virologists outside of China would be able to isolate the virus and get the genome sequence. People will be able to see the difference between the actual genome sequence and the wrong one #CCP uploaded.
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