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The AFL-CIO endorsed Biden. This is the America's Unions (steel workers, teachers, postal service etc.). Because of a HIGH demand for poll workers this year, the AFL-CIO was asked to help bring in poll workers. By no other than the democrat party.
They provided their poll workers a "master plan" as to how this election was going to go and I took screen shots of that plan! 🤬 By reading through this, it MOST definitely seems like AFL-CIO KNEW this was going to go down!
Take a look...
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Biden and the Communist Agenda
Jennifer Zheng – a Falun Gong member who was incarcerated in a re-education camp & forced to knit until her hands bled producing goods for o/seas markets, fled China to gain asylum in Australia in 2001 and gained US residency in 2019. She now hosts
YTs under the title: ‘Inconvenient Truths by Jennifer Zeng’. The following is a summary of her recent YT published, 24 Oct, 2020 along with some supporting evidence.
Early on as a Senator, Joe Biden was hawkish towards China, but his views, attitudes and policy towards China
changed dramatically until he became a firm supporter & enabler of the Communist regime. This change occurred over the 40 years he spent travelling to China meeting with CCP leaders and the many financial deals engaged in by his son for the benefit of the Biden family. Once
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1/ Per @ding_gang's show, there's more beyond #HunterBiden's laptop dropped off at the repair shop. Somehow, a girl named JiaQi Bao is the key person to what's beyond the laptop. JiaQi Bao (AKA TianTian Bo) is the daughter of Xilai Bo, a political opponent of Xi back in the days. Image
2/ Xilai Bo was thrown in prison by Xi in 2012. Jiaqi used to work as a contact point with Hunter for Jianming Ye, former chairman of the Shanghai-based CEFC China Energy conglomerate. Per NY Post, "Another email - sent by Biden as part of an Aug. 2, 2017, chain - involved a deal Image
3/ he struck with the since-vanished chairman of CEFC, Ye Jianming, for half-ownership of a holding company that was expected to provide Biden with more than $10 million a year." Lude showed an email JiaQi sent to Hunter on 3/14/2019, mentioning "package," "your belonging" and
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Just 5? 6.
1-What's up @RudyGiuliani's Sleeve?
2-Whistleblower Doc sleeve shows the baddies R being "rolled up"
3- Bannon's photo BOMB =MOAB!
4-are CHARGES finally coming out of the WOODWORK?
5- a grand jury is now imPANELed?
6- the Truth is now CRYSTAL clear on the TABLE
7- it's all in Black and White, cuz the baddies crossed a RED line.
8- and the BARS of their prisons await because
9- nothing can be swept under the RUG
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1/ Tonight I’ve felt full of hope, because it seems that the English Twitter world has finally caught up w. the mandarin Twitter world on what’s really been going on in the world. The #Whistleblowermovement led by Mr. #MilesGuo has drastically changed the politics in the world.
2/ Countless whistleblowers in China provided intelligence to #MilesGuo in the hope of overthrowing the CCP so Chinese people won’t suffer from the tyranny anymore. Lude Media @ding_gang has been relentlessly broadcasting & interpreting info provided by Miles & whistleblowers
3/ over the past ~3 years. After the #CCPVirus outbreak in Wuhan, Dr. Li-Meng Yan @DrLiMengYAN1 investigated the outbreak on behalf of WHO in January but her findings were put aside by her supervisors. She knew it was going to cause a global pandemic if no one took action.
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#FightForFreedom #CCP_is_EvilCult ImageImageImageImage
🚨Hawaii Businesswoman Pleads Guilty to Facilitating Back-channel Lobbying Campaign to Drop 1MDB Investigation & Remove a Foreign National to #China🚨

Then DOJ will soon reveal documents 91 & 94, and arrest related Chinese officials e.g. Mr. Xi Jinping… ImageImageImage

POMPEO said a serious of action to the #CCP will be announced in the next few days & weeks.
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