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Dear @AOC /#AOC, my takeaway from your recent IGTV update is that even you can't believe you're endorsing a status quo candidate like @JoeBiden / #JoeBiden. I invite you to learn about my independent POTUS campaign to build a nation where We the People truly means #AllThePeople.
I released this 9 minute video when I launched my campaign in May of 2019. It explains my analysis of the challenges our nation faces and my vision to address them.
I am the only candidate whose platform calls for the abolishment of slavery and the honoring of treaties and my First 100 Days Plan is to remove the racist, sexist and white supremacist language from the US Constitution.
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Can you be any more blatant @CNN
Hope you won’t be moderating any of the debates. Image
I’m not a lawyer first of all.

So this is me just researching trying to find if cnn broke any fcc rules by providing Biden an advertisement/tweet.

I found this so far.
I had posted a similar pic before. This one is for cable tv.… Image
I’m probably reaching, but it’s worth it.… ImageImage
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POLL: #JoeBiden holds an overall 6-point lead among registered #Voters in the Rust Belt (#Iowa, #Michigan, #Minnesota, #Ohio, #Pennsylvania, and #Wisconsin) according to an #EpochTimes poll. (Thread👇)…
However, among likely voters with no undecideds, the race between #Trump and #Biden tightens to nearly dead-even (48.7% to 48.6%), fueled by greater enthusiasm among #TrumpSupporters.

The difference in enthusiasm for the candidates is significant.
“In typical election years, extreme enthusiasm gaps this large can prove very consequential to turnout,” Big Data Poll Director Rich Baris said in a statement.

“It’s unclear whether widespread changes to mail-in voting this year will help blunt the effects of that enthusiasm.”
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A history lesson for those who want to use NAZI projection on Republicans 👇Democratic #Soros funded as we know. BLM donations went to Dems... follow the money!
Another history lesson...
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BREAKING: Judicial Watch received State Dept records including a 1/17/17 email from George Kent, the Obama-era dep asst sec state for Ukraine policy, which he sent to then-U.S. Amb Yovanovitch about media “trolling” #Biden over “his son’s business,”(1/3).
The records were obtained by Judicial Watch in response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed in January 2020 seeking records of communications from the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv mentioning Burisma (2/3).
“This email shows the Obama State Dept had a longstanding concern about then-Vice President #JoeBiden’s son Hunter #Biden’s Burisma involvement – and how the Russians were using Biden’s conflicts of interest to undermine U.S. policy,” @TomFitton (3/3).
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Here's what you might've missed from the @chitribopinions pages of the @chicagotribune #cps #judgetoomin #freetrade #joebiden #donaldtrump #cutepup / thread follows
... not every child can handle remote learning, writes a parent of a CPS kindergartener. And then what?…
... Judge Patrick Murphy asks if the Cook County Democrats' move against Judge Michael Toomin is a shift back to the (not-so-)good ol' days.…
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Understand carefully. Ben Rhodes is not a fringe Leftist, but a Mainstream #Democrat. He played a key role in Obama's foreign policy and championed US intervention in Libya and Syria.

He is aggressively promoting the Hinduphobia of Rana Ayyub as an authentic account of India.
If #JoeBiden wins the #2020Election Ben Rhodes is virtually guaranteed to serve in his administration, pushing an interventionist foreign policy.

On whose side will he intervene? He is eating propaganda out of Rana Ayyub's hand just as Donald Rumsfeld ate out of Ahmed Chalabi's.
The very title of Ben Rhodes' podcast is "Missing America": alleging that under Trump, the world is Missing American intervention on the basis of "human rights", "freedom" & "democracy" that marked the road from Vietnam to Iraq to Libya. His other podcast is "Pod Save The World".
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2020 Elections: Democrats Go All-Out for #Israel
#JoeBiden is a #Zionist and Kamala panders to #Jewish donors…
‘Zionist’ Biden in His Own Words: ‘My Name is Joe Biden, and Everybody Knows I Love Israel’
“I am a Zionist. You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist” (2007)…
What could go wrong?
#JoeBiden: diehard zionist “ Whites will be an ABSOLUTE minority in America - that’s a source of our strength."
very short video…
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The current occupants of the White House do not know the words to The Pledge of Allegiance of the United States - an expression of allegiance to the flag of the United States and the republic of the United States of America.

Trump & Melania are a disgrace in every way

Trump doesn't even know why the American flag has 13 stripes

Trump coloring with children

Trump colors the stripes on the American flag red & blue ImageImageImage
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Are you guys seeing all the beams of light coming from these structures that are lighting up the skies? There is multiple angels & clearer videos. Also, I heard the same thing is happening at the 9/11 memorial. Anybody have any theories or info on this? Anywhere else?
Thanks @kel717, @DanScavino pointing this out gives it a little more credence
This is a way clearer video from a different angle. Looks pretty real at this point in time to my untrained UFO eyes. Multiple places tied to Luciferians & Egyptian Pyramids makes this more interesting of a situation.
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1-September 10,2020 -
TIMELINE: #JoeBiden Was Behind the Curve on the #Coronavirus
If Biden had been president in January, the U.S. would be worse off today.😨😨😨
Joe Biden today claims he “sounded the alarm” about the coronavirus in January, but that is a total lie....
2..While President Trump was already taking decisive action 2 protect the country in the early months,Biden was saying barely anything about the pandemic & continuing about his campaign as normal-Today,of course,he acts as if he had been shouting from the rooftops about what.."
3..specific steps the Trump Administration should take 2 prepare. Again,that is a total lie.If Joe Biden had been president in January,the United States would be in worse position today.
Biden held dozens & dozens of events in January & February. He spoke for hours & hours....
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White supremacy is so systemic in the United States that in #Election2020 it literally has #BIPOC and other marginalized people repeating the mantra that "if you don't vote for a white, land-owning male from the one percent (I.e. #JoeBiden) you are throwing your vote away."
I am the only candidate in #Election2020 whose platform includes abolishing slavery, honoring treaties & removing the racism, sexism & white supremacy from the Constitution. Neither #JoeBiden or #DonaldJTrump have any intention of addressing our problems at a foundational level.
If we want change, real change, systemic change, then we need to take the courageous step of running and voting outside the two party system of #DEMS & #GOP. That system exists to maintain the status quo.
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BREAKING: Judicial Watch announced today that it has filed its opening brief in its lawsuit for access to former Vice President Joe Biden’s Senate records at the University of Delaware (1/3).
The new court filing comes in Judicial Watch & @DailyCaller’s lawsuit filed after a #Delaware AG's opinion denied them access to former Vice President #JoeBiden’s #Senate records, which are housed at the University of Delaware’s library (2/3).
“Delaware is hiding, in violation of law, Joe Biden’s Senate records,” @TomFitton. “It is time for the University of Delaware to stop protecting Joe Biden & follow Delaware law, which requires them to provide public access to these public records.” (3/3).
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Ready for a #JoeBiden history lesson?
During WW2 our #submarines could dive to a depth of 350 feet. The Japanese believed around 150 feet was their depth limit and would set their depth charges to that depth or less. >
Then a US #Congressman, #AndrewMay, visited #PearlHarbor and when he got home told the media “our subs can dive to 350 feet”. Most of the subs we lost during WW2 were lost after the senator shot his mouth off. >
Moving forward to current times, read this and never forget this about #JoeBiden: When he was the Vice President, he did the most unthinkable thing for a man in his position. He revealed the unit that killed #BinLaden. On May 3 2011, at a national event in Washington, >
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The Epoch Times National Poll was conducted by Big Data Poll and interviewed 2,169 likely #Voters nationwide sourced via voter file-verified online survey panels from Aug. 26 to Aug. 30, 2020.

Here were the findings (Thread👇)…
“Mr. Biden’s edge with seniors has slipped, and the president is outperforming his minority vote share from 2016 by a modest but statistically significant degree.”

#JoeBiden holds a potentially dwindling lead over President Trump, and voters expect the incumbent to win.
#Biden leads among female voters 49% compared to Trump at 35%, while Trump leads with male voters 46% to 41%.

In rural America, where #Voters are currently the most enthusiastic about voting in November, the president leads 52% to 36%.
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Epstein Victim Speaks up and Shares how she was sex trafficked to #JoeBiden, No-name & Prince Andrew

#RidinWithBiden #Biden #BidenCalm…
Real Jeffrey Epstein Victim - Jessica Collins

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#BREAKING:ICYMI--#JoeBiden today TORE INTO #Trump for his HEARTLESS #suckers and #losers remarks and asked the question we've all been asking for 4 years--"Who the heck does he think he is"?

#TheResistance #TheAtlantic #Biden #FridayThoughts #FBRParty

Turns out per #Maddow, that #Trump also denigrated former President George Herbert Walker Bush because his plane was shot down in combat. You're right #JoeBiden, just who the heck does Trump think he is?

#TheResistance #FridayThoughts #FBRParty…
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Originally I was posing this question to a random person, then I realized I wanted an actual answer from a much larger audience. So, to all the #BidenHarris2020 #Democrats #Mindlesspuppets #SleepyJoe #KamalaHarris #JoeBiden people...
I ask you this, in all seriousness, with all “teams” and sarcasm aside...
Imagine a world 15 years from now: the flag is now a symbol = to a swastika, cops nor prisons exist, people are killed/raped at will and you can ask them to stop but 🤷🏻‍♀️ if they refuse, too bad,
no one goes to college b/c everyone makes the same $ so no one bothers to make sacrificial effort for an adv. degree - therefore, you have to travel to other countries for any advanced medical treatment, and your granddaughter who is 5 has never left home w/o covering her face
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#JoeBiden 2019 reminder


Average Depth of Crude Oil and Natural Gas Wells(Feet per Well)

6250 meters = 20,505 feet…
What on (or should I say "in") earth is 20,505 ft down??? Image
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Abro hilo explicando por qué #JoeBiden ha demostrado ser la peor elección posible del Partido Democrata para competir por la presidencia de los Estados Unidos de América el próximo 3 de noviembre de 2020, repasemos juntos sus ideales, desaciertos y locuras. ⬇️
Acompañenme a conocer las peculiaridades de #JoeBiden, candidato demócrata en la carrera por la Casa Blanca, quien se caracteriza por ser colaborador del movimiento Black Live Matters, detractor del embargo al régimen Cubano y quien ha sido acusado varias veces de abuso sexual.
Si creen que esta introducción ya les da un panorama de su personalidad y posibles locuras, créanme, no tienen ni idea, y es que #JoeBiden es tal vez, el político estadounidense con la peor salud mental en la actualidad... y no exagero!
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Navy Seals on #JoeBiden

Lest We Forget

When he was the Vice President, he did the most unthinkable thing fora man in his position. He revealed the names and the unit that killed Bin Laden

#RidinWithBiden #RidinWithBidenHarris #BidenHarris2020
The betrayal of Navy SEAL Team 6…
#BidenHarris2020 #JoeBiden #RidinWithBiden #RidinWithBidenHarris

Speak Out After Joe Biden Outed SEAL Team 6 - Billy and Karen Vaughn

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Jacob Blake Sr, the guy who wouldn’t answer any of Anderson Cooper’s questions and said “I hate brussel sprouts” is meeting with #JoeHiden. He also happens to be a raging antisemite. He’s with Joe!
#JoeBiden #BasementJoe #JoeBidenKamalaHarris2020 #BLMAntifaTerroristsThugs
Here’s his 5 minutes of fame. 👇👇👇
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As #BLMAntifaTerroristsThugs cash flow into @JoeBiden’s campaign; #DementiaJoe PROJECT’s it’s President @realDonaldTrump fault⁉️ #WakeUpAmerica‼️

Black Lives Matter Launders MILLIONS To Biden Campaign…
HERE 👉 99.64% #BLM’s Defund The Police Donations Go To #JoeBiden Campaign Via @ActBlue…
HERE 👉 leads directly to The front page of the website is a video of 2020 presidential candidate, Joe Biden &his VP, Harris laughing together, attending rallies, hugging children, American flags ...…
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