The relationship with Arcuri was one he was obliged to declare but he couldn’t because that would have complicated his personal life & attracted unwelcome attention to her receipt of benefits from the public purse. So he didn’t. Problem solved.

He went on to become prime ..
.. minister of the UK at a time of grave national crisis. A charlatan, adulterer & ‘pathological liar’. Lazy, incompetent & entitled. Corrupt too.

Behind the mask, a ‘nasty piece of work’ as Eddie Mair called him. 70,000 excess deaths on his watch mean nothing. Nor would ..
.. 3 times that number, as I believe we shall soon find out.

And millions of apparently sentient people still support him. The BBC refuses to lay a glove on him. The IOPC had him bang to rights but backed away even from investigating him (reminder - they conducted a ‘scoping’ ..
.. exercise, taking almost a year, & concluded an investigation would not be worth it).

I would do a poll on whether this country is fucked but what would be the point? We know the answer already.

• • •

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19 Oct
Just for fun, I just re-read the Yellowhammer document the govt. tried to keep secret last year. Disaster was averted by the withdrawal agreement but now approaches again under the guide of no deal. From day one no deal (‘D1ND’) the highlights include:

• medicine shortages
• fresh food shortages
• civil unrest
• traffic chaos in Kent leading to fuel shortages in London & the SE
• trade with Ireland will be severely disrupted with implications involving criminal & dissident groups
• clashes between fishing vessels are anticipated, ..
.. involving violence & blockading of ports
• provider failure in social care resulting from inflating costs. As coronavirus was not anticipated, I’ve extracted this bit & highlighted its reference to the effect of flu Image
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21 Sep
In a stunning new development Matt Hancock announces a massive extension to the testing programme. Tests will be carried out by each household on the neighbours living to their right. The test will involve use of a handy questionnaire which can be downloaded from the Serco ..
.. website free for only £35. Questions include name, address etc & then ‘have you got Covid?’ If the answer is ‘no’ the test can be balled up & tossed in the garbage, if ‘yes’ then:

• the infected person is issued with an on the spot fine of £10,000 using a special form ..
.. (free from Serco for only £35).
• their recent contacts must be noted down
• the questioner has 2 days to trace each contact, which must be done in person (note this may involve foreign travel)
• all contacts successfully located will be issued ..
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11 Sep
When Rees-Mogg (who is in all our hearts) was asked what EU regs he would abolish first, he said the Working Time Regs. These give employees & workers the right to paid holidays & limit their working week to 48 hours.

OK, say we do that & start putting ..
.. people on 70 hour weeks with no holidays. That will reduce costs & make our goods more competitive. Great! We can now show up in Europe with our cheaper goods & put them out of business. It can’t fail!

The only flaw I can see is if the EU sees through our cunning ..
.. plan & slaps a tariff on our widgets. Those bastards will stop at nothing to keep their corrupt show on the road. Or, ahead of this predictable scenario, they might insist on a level playing field, which means we don’t abolish the working time regs.

But that means we ..
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7 Sep
I want to talk about the revised Withdrawal Agreement (‘the WA’) & the supposed liability it imposes on the UK to cough up £160B, a figure which caused IDS to hitch up his skirts & scream. And, word of warning, this is a thread. So turn to something else if your ..
.. attention-span is limited.

For this purpose, I have skimmed the political declaration & the WA, both of which can be found online here:…
A few things:

• nowhere in the WA are any particular sums of money mentioned
• OTOH Part 5, which begins on p.205 & runs on for 58 pages concerns ‘financial provisions’.
• the entire WA is 541 pages long, thus the financial provisions comprise more than a tenth of the ..
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28 Aug
Rees-Mogg is so full of shit. I saw him recently talking in that lofty manner of his about climate change. The gist was: it’s too late to do anything about it, the IPCC report says what we do now will take thousands of years to take effect & we must adapt like the Dutch to ..
.. rising sea levels. Bullshit.

Here’s a summary of the report & some quotes:…
‘Warming from anthropogenic emissions from the pre-industrial period to the present will persist for centuries to millennia and will continue to cause further long-term changes in the climate system, such as sea level rise, with associated impacts ... but these emissions ..
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7 Aug
There comes a time when corruption is so rife there is no point not being bent yourself. You don’t want to pay CGT on your buy to let properties? Transfer title into one or more offshore companies. Everybody is doing it after all, even Tory MPs & their cronies.

And since it ..
.. turns out the peasants do not revolt when you beggar them further but, on the contrary, read right wing rags & vote Tory, satisfied with a diet of nationalism, why bother improving their lives? There are vast sums to be made even from the poor, in gambling, money lending ..
.. & alcohol. And selling off state assets acquired & built up over decades is another huge opportunity. Ask any Russian oligarch.

Speaking of whom, who are your friends going to be? Your indigent countrymen or the obscenely rich? It’s a no-brainer. You don’t get ..
Read 8 tweets

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