Tweet thread composed for Navratri by @mmpandit copy pasted here by @irudragaur

Verse 79 chapter 1 DS:
कालरात्रिर्महारात्रिर्मोहरात्रिश्च दारुणा ।
त्वं श्रीस्त्वमीश्वरी त्वं ह्रीस्त्वं बुद्धिर्बोधलक्षणा ॥ ७९॥
कालरात्रिर्महारात्रिर्मोहरात्रिश्च दारुणा ।
त्वं श्रीस्त्वमीश्वरी त्वं ह्रीस्त्वं बुद्धिर्बोधलक्षणा ॥ ७९॥
What is “Mohatratri”?
Moharatri is when the projection of man in perception of the outside world is seen through a prism of attachment (the first delusion)
कालरात्रिर्महारात्रिर्मोहरात्रिश्च दारुणा ।
त्वं श्रीस्त्वमीश्वरी त्वं ह्रीस्त्वं बुद्धिर्बोधलक्षणा ॥ ७९॥
What is “Moharatri”:
Literal translation is “the delusion which terrifies”
This is true of most of human existence.
We view the world through goggles of attachments -Moha
The world is neither yellow, nor white nor black. But we view it as such. The humanity has a mind which is deluded with the attachment of Moha. There are others and we will speak of those later.
Similarly Divine Mother is neither yellow, nor black nor red:
But we see it like that
कालरात्रिर्महारात्रिर्मोहरात्रिश्च दारुणा ।
त्वं श्रीस्त्वमीश्वरी त्वं ह्रीस्त्वं बुद्धिर्बोधलक्षणा ॥ ७९॥
Let us now come to the word “Maharatri”:
This Maharatri is the complete dissolving of the Universe.
Can it be experienced by the Sadhaka as a micro cosm?
कालरात्रिर्महारात्रिर्मोहरात्रिश्च दारुणा ।
त्वं श्रीस्त्वमीश्वरी त्वं ह्रीस्त्वं बुद्धिर्बोधलक्षणा ॥
The day and night are now one. The dissolution of the impermanent body which can only last 3/7 or 21 days expected by any sadhaka.
Almost none can go beyond 21 days. Maharatri.
कालरात्रिर्महारात्रिर्मोहरात्रिश्च दारुणा ।
त्वं श्रीस्त्वमीश्वरी त्वं ह्रीस्त्वं बुद्धिर्बोधलक्षणा ॥ ७९॥
But why Ratri? Why not day? Why not Navdivas?
Because here the verse features the power of Mother’s Tamasic quality!
That Ratri!
The two verses prior to this verse explains part of the context:
तथा संहृतिरूपान्ते जगतोऽस्य जगन्मये ।
महाविद्या महामाया महामेधा महास्मृतिः ॥ ७७॥

महामोहा च भवती महादेवी महेश्वरी ।
प्रकृतिस्त्वं च सर्वस्य गुणत्रयविभाविनी ॥ ७८॥
Note here:
Mahavidya is that which liberates(vidya)
Mahavidya is the knowledge of liberation and reflects that Atma vidya: that which never changes. (It may be veiled however as I alluded to elsewhere on the Widow)
Mahamedha: that insight which pierces and reveals.
Mahasmriti is the knowledge of all past births:
Thus the Great Goddess is none other than the liberation (Mokshadatri), the wisdom of all knowledge too (nothing is beyond Her as She encompasses all) and now we come to the word “Mahamoha” which is perfectly attuned to Moharatri two verses later.
If we take one of the alternative meanings of the text by one of the commentators:
Then She is referred here to that which is beyond demonic (while She kills demons too and demonic qualities)
This comes out in chapter 3 of Durga Saptashati too.
Thus Mother is everything!

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6 Oct
Some have asked about how exactly to know the form of the Goddess Durga to worship in Navratri.
This is a mighty complex subject and probably describing each form of Durga from each of the primary texts of Tantra would be several 100 tweets.
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Just like each Mahavidya has several forms, the Great Goddess Durga also has 9 principal forms BUT these forms vary depending on the actual Purana and the actual living parampara from which you are committing to the worship.
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Verse 88: Soundarya Lahiri
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There is a patha bheda in the Sri Vidya Tantra schools here:
The word
padaṁ te kīrtīnāṁ is replaced in some schools by Kanteenam!

The difference although appearing subtle to the outside observer is actually very deep.
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Let us consider the first type of school bheda: before that we must take what is common.
Please note the presence of the word
padaṁ te kīrtīnāṁ prapadamapadaṁ devi vipadāṁ
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Sundarkanda verses to illustrate Hanuman’s jump to Lanka!!

प्लवङ्गप्रवरैर्दृष्टः प्लवने कृतनिश्चयः।
ववृधे रामवृद्ध्यर्थं समुद्र इव पर्वसु।।5.1.10।। Image
प्लवङ्गप्रवरैः the monkey troops,
दृष्टः were gazing,
प्लवने taking leap,
कृतनिश्चयः resolved,
पर्वसु during the fullmoon days,
समुद्रः इव like the sea,
रामवृद्ध्यर्थम् for the welfare of Rama, ववृधे began to grow in size. Image
निष्प्रमाणशरीरः सन् लिलङ्घयिषुरर्णवम्।
बाहुभ्यां पीडयामास चरणाभ्यां च पर्वतम्।

अर्णवम् ocean, लिलङ्घयिषुः wishing to cross over, निष्प्रमाणशरीरः having immeasurable size, सन् while being, बाहुभ्याम् with both his arms, चरणाभ्यां च and with feet, पर्वतम् mountain, पीडयामास press
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3 Oct
A question I have been asked over the years is
Which mantra to chant?
Personally I think you should find someone who is willing to guide you personally and spend time because:
A. It’s time intensive.
B. Success is not guaranteed
C: You may harm yourself.
C. Pain may come to you
You should not ideally with the internet just start surfing and start chanting:
A. A mantra which you think is exotic.
B. A mantra others think is great.
C. A mantra of some Devata because you think you will look great as you chant it.
D. A mantra for specific purposes.
Most of the time, if it is simply Nama japa, then you will be absolutely ok even if your life does not improve, even if your life goes downhill, even if nothing is achieved with it, you will still be ok.
If you start doing things you are not meant to do.... and scare you.. +
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3 Oct
So far I have mostly only tweeted on scientific acceptance of facts of Mahabharata. (And Ramayana)
But please consider that there are many other unbelievable facets to these realities.
Things which cannot be proven which rely on a different set of evidences inc Traditions
For example:
Ashwatthama who is considered to be wandering on earth stripped of the mani in his forehead.
How many have sighted him till date?
The author of “Narmade Har” claims to have seen him whilst performing the Narmada Parikrama.
Ashwatthama (so they say) asks for haldi/ oil to apply to a forehead wound. There is a fort in MP where he goes (according to tradition) and worships a Shivalinga.
There are local traditions to this in the area. People swear that they have seen him.
You can judge for yourself.
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3 Oct
The sequence in the Mahabharata epic (which is exactly the same in 3067BCE) is below: thread

Krishna’s departure (Revati)->Full Moon(Kartika Purnima, Lunar eclipse)-> Krishna-Karna ride(Purvaphalguni)->Amavasya (at Jyeshtha, solar eclipse)-> war (does NOT begin on an amavasya).
The sequence, as per 5561BCE :

Krishna’s departure(Revati)-> Full Moon(Ashvina)->Krishna-Karna- ride(uttaraphalguni)->Amavasya(at Vishakha) -> war on Amavasya(at Moola, Solar eclipse) -> Kartika paurnima

But we already showed how the WAR CANNOT occur on an Amavasya!!!
So, please note that the Mission of Peace data is so completely wrong in the 5561BCE hypothesis that:
1. War cannot and should not start on Amavasya (14th war night Moonrise is late waning phase)
2. Kartika Purnima occurs much before the war in reality, here it occurs in war TL.
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