Gonna take days to go through the Cambridge Analytica data dump in detail (and it’s already ruining my weekend off) but worth establishing at the get-go that they always insisted they never used their military grade targeting technology in the UK ImageImage
Not forgetting that always troubling detail that CA US base when they got the Trump contract was in Rupert Murdoch's HQ Image
Oh. And six months after signing the Trump contract, Cambridge Analytica is planning to work directly with Paul Manafort - you know the one who handed over voter details to a Russian agent and now languishes in federal prison Image
And such a positive campaign for Make America Number One segment! $1.5m spent on Facebook driving people to their Crooked Hillary website. Ironic given how many Trump aides have been indicted or imprisoned Image
Facebook always gets it in the neck, but Alphabet (Google) doesn't get a pass. Here's CA celebrating how they gamed the paid for search results Image
Hmm. This is new from Leave EU. Two years ago @carolecadwalla and I got an invoice for $40k (payable to Bannon's account) for UKIP modelling in 2016. But this seems to suggest a contract worth $1.5m in 2015. Image
Brief break. I'm up to page 128 - so a long way still to go
This is the first I've heard of BridgeTree and their @LinkedIn operations on page 128 of the Cambridge Analytica data dump, but I have been subject to information operations on Linked In. More here bylinetimes.com/2020/02/17/whi… ImageImage
Now the Russian connection, as @carolecadwalla and @ProfessorShaw have already noted. Sam Patten, whose close colleague was a presumed Russian agent, was already forging links between Republicans and Ukrainians (presumably pro Putin ones) just as Paul Manafort was doing Image
Patten was introduced to Nix by someone working for a UK company called Statoil at the time of this email. Know little about this company @WendySiegelman Image
As others have noted, Nix said CA never worked for any Russian company. @chrisinsilico said they scoped out Putin's popularity for Lukoil. And then there's this Image
Here's @KellyannePolls late August 2015 on the Trump Campaign planning talking about having "worked with CA before". Anyone have any idea when? Image
Interesting aside from Brittany about Alexander Nix, Rebekah Mercer and Steve (current indicted for fraud) Bannon Image
The personal assistant to the Israeli Ambassador keen to meet Rebekah Mercer. Wonder why that would be? @ScottMStedman Image
When the press start asking questions about the relationship between Bannon's Breitbart and his Cambridge Analytica, it appears the relationship between them was a bit, well, tremulous Image
Later, it was revealed that Cambridge Analytica has a data sharing exclusive resale deal on Breitbart data and tags @VickerySec
Would love to know what the KTP PAC was circa November 2015, and what on earth "email hygiene" through AIQ means Image
Bracewell and Giuliani heavily involved with Cambridge Analytica and Keep the Promise PAC. Don't know enough about US election law to tell you if there's anything sketchy here @profcarroll Image
Also would need a lawyer to look at the contract between Trump and Cambridge Analytica (sure they're onto it) Image
Somewhere there must be a signed and dated version of this contract between Alexander Nix and Donald Trump Image
I've got to page 300, and there's Cambridge Analytica's pitch to the Mexican PRI party. So I'll leave it there for tonight.


Do let me know if you find anything more before tomorrow Image
So we know Cambridge Analytica's HQ was in Murdoch's New York Office. Well here's confirmation of their pitch to Murdoch for a Fox News/CA app. Again, how would they use the data? ImageImage
Meanwhile the ACU (American Conservative Union) sent over 5.5 million data records to Cambridge Analytica in early 2016 Image
Emails also seem to confirm that one of Trump's political appointees, Matthew F Hunter, was employed by CA huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/matthew-… Image
The number of clients Cambridge Analytica had across the world never ceases to astonish. The Brexit/Trump successes obviously helped. Here they are celebrating bagging CRTV (presumably Cameroon Radio Television) Image
Yet more confirmation that Cambridge Analytica was working for the NRA -- through an intermediary called the Herald Group. everytown.org/press/a-link-b… Image
The Cambridge Analytica proposal for the Herald Group and "its client" (the NRA mysteriously concealed here) was for voter registration ImageImage
Again (whether it worked or not) Cambridge Analytica's unique selling points to the NRA was its psychological profiling, based on those 80m hacked Facebook profiles ImageImage
Again, I've zero knowledge of US campaign finance law but this email from Matthew F Hunter seems to be suggesting there's a two-way process between donations to a PAC, and hiring Mercer's Cambridge Analytica as a client Image
Ackermann Queen appears to be an important partner for Cambridge Analytica in the US when targeting consumers over the gun rights and healthcare issues. ImageImage
And here's more Brexit stuff. Apparently, Cambridge Analytica were looking at 1.5m people for Leave EU. UKIP only had 50,000 names and addresses. So did the remaining 1.45m people come from Facebook, Farage and Breitbart? Image
Matt Richardson's analysis over using UKIP data. And here's the nub for the ICO report. Sharing personal data is illegal. But sharing modelling based on personal data (i.e. 'the analysed dataset') appears not to be. Big loophole here. Image
Hmm. So the Ergen TV moguls apparently keen to get involved in Cambridge Analytica projects post the Trump election if they can talk to Steve Bannon and Rebekah Mercer about appointments to the FCC regulatory board. Image
The full email exchange between currently indicted Steve Bannon and the delightful Mr Arron Banks. Makes Henry James look like an epic ImageImage
Important. Independent confirmation that Boris Johnson first got close to Steve Bannon with a meeting at the British Consulate in 10 Jan 2017. At the same time Cambridge Analytica were invited to the Foreign Office to discuss elections Image
Is this the same meeting? Or an earlier one at Trump Tower? Image

• • •

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