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So let's be clear: @ICOnews began a formal investigation into "#DataAnalytics for #PoliticalPurposes" in May 2017:…

putting out an "update" in July 2018:…

and a report to Parliament in November 2018:…
And in January 2019, @ICOnews was still 'chasing' the (now insolvent) SCL Elections Ltd, i.e. Cambridge Analytica, for failure to respond to an enforcement notice on a DSAR:…

while clearly stating that its 'investigation' was still ongoing:
Through 2019, @ICOnews handed out a few more related fines 👇 & even managed to get @facebook to cough up... £500k:…

It consulted (briefly) & "reminded" political parties to behave in #GeneralElection2019:…

But has pretty much...
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Thread: The UK Parliament is set to approve Boris Johnson's #Brexit deal in one hour.

It was thought Johnson's large majority in #GeneralElection2019 could allow him to defy the hardline ERG faction and be more flexible for an EU free trade deal.

But the opposite is happening.
Johnson is still promising “no quotas, no tariffs, no dumping”.

But the bill the parliament is about to approve, which rules out extending negotiations past end 2020, means an FTA with no tariffs now impossible.

A full FTA cannot be negotiated in 11 months.
Brussels is responding by recalibrating its post-Brexit expectations, according to sources.

The landing zone is now expected to be a minor partnership, nothing like the Canada-style FTA promised.

Come 2021, Canada will have less tariffs on trade with the the EU than the UK.
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THIS WEEK AT CCC 🔽 our Fellows have been exploring the implications #GeneralElection2019 may have for the constitution. Image
The election has seen a fundamental transformation of #NorthernIreland political landscape @jevershed01 assesses what has changed and how this is likely to impact on the constitutional future of #UK… Image
.@MalcH provided a rundown of #GE19 results in #Scotland asking is this the new norm?… Image
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I've had enough of Senior #BBC Management & journalists gaslighting the British public & refusing to apologise for the BBC's appalling #GeneralElection2019ً coverage. Complaint letter to Director Tony Hall here:… #BBCbias
@bbclaurak @Renegade_Inc @nw_nicholas @medialens @BBCNewsPR @TheMendozaWoman @LabourLeft @SouthHackneyLab @ta_mills @D_Raval A key point here is the #BBC are completely out of touch with their audience, partly because BBC complaints & monitoring is palmed off to outsourcing crooks #CAPITA. Send your GE2019 #BBCbias complaints direct to BBC management instead👇…
@bbclaurak @Renegade_Inc @nw_nicholas @medialens @BBCNewsPR @TheMendozaWoman @LabourLeft @SouthHackneyLab @ta_mills @D_Raval Here is Tony Benn's 5 tests for those in power. #BBC top brass answer public complaints with nothing but contempt, because they don't represent our interests, and are in no way accountable to us. #BBCbias cc @jimwaterson
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I tried to make a more nuanced #GeneralElection2019 map. It runs from blue (100% Conservative) via grey to red (100% non-Conservative, ie Lab + LD + SNP + etc).

The UK is more complex than the bright, bombastic, winner-takes-all maps show. Much of it is literally shades of grey. Lots of grey, reddish and blueish hexagons representing the mainland UK constituency results
Obviously this still isn’t nuanced enough: ‘non-Conservative’ is a rather broad category, and I left off Northern Ireland which was just a bright red block given the lack of Tories there!
I was inspired to do this after making a similar map of the EU referendum. Maps of brightly-coloured regions were part of the toxic polarisation of that issue, with whole regions which were only 52:48 one way or the other labelled ‘leave’ or ‘remain’. Reality is again greyer. Another map, this time bluey greys and yellowy greys.
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1/ If you're angry about the election result and looking for someone to blame, blame yourself.
2/ If you wanted a Remain result and are angry that @UKLabour didn’t achieve a second referendum, but supported a leader who always wanted to leave Europe, blame yourself.
@UKLabour 3/ If you say you stand up for the working classes, but don’t listen when the working classes speak, blame yourself.
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Boris Johnson’s crushing win in Britain should be seen by progressives as a huge victory for the anti-globalization movement that grew out of the 1999 Battle of Seattle.… #GeneralElection2019 #GE2019
This election was another referendum on #Brexit, on the public’s overwhelming resistance to the massive de-industrialization of Britain imposed by corporate interests in control of the European Union — for example, the wholesale shift of the auto industry from England to Germany.
Tony Benn warned in 1975 that joining the European Union (then the “Common Market”) was “the most formal surrender of British sovereignty and parliamentary democracy that has ever occurred in our history”. Benn was proven right with a vengeance.
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@BorisJohnson is already out saying that getting Brexit done is now the "irrefutable" decision of the British people - what about the #SNPLandslide??? It is this kind of ignorant dismissiveness of Scotland that makes me fear for the next however many years of Conservative Gov
He does not care in the slightest about Scotland - only his idea of a reckless, destructive and damaging Brexit because he is desperate to win this fight - at the expense of any sense of 'unity' or 'equality' in our broken union #GeneralElection2019
He will complain when SNP members challenge him for #IndyRef2 #indyref2020 - when he is the one that is fuelling this fire with his blatant disregard and utter contempt for Scottish opinion and Scottish voices #ElectionResults
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Une nuit décevante à bien des égards ... Aussi bien à Londres 🇬🇧 qu'à Bruxelles 🇪🇺
Petit thread ⬇️
#GeneralElection2019 les prédictions des exit polls sont confirmées, très large majorité pour #BoJo, une Écosse jaune, et les Libdems défaits. Et last but not least, pire score possible pour le Labour ...
Bcp de souci avec le #TacticalVote : les prédictions sur lesquelles se basaient ce vote montrent un gros gâchis dans pas mal de circos. D'ailleurs, aucun des MPs modérés ayant quitté le Labour ou les Tories pour désaccord sur le #Brexit, n'ont remporté de sièges hier soir.
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🇬🇧¿Qué ha pasado en Reino Unido?🇬🇧
Después de seguir el recuento durante esta noche, y cuando quedan todavía una veintena de votos por recontar, estas son nuestras conclusiones de la #GeneralElection2019.
El Partido Conservador consigue la mayoría amplia desde 1987, las últimas elecciones que ganó Margaret Thatcher.
Y han ganado con un mensaje claro: "Saquemos adelante el brexit". ¿Qué explica su victoria?
🇬🇧El hartazgo de los británicos con el estancamiento del brexit, la claridad del mensaje, y el hecho de que el Partido Conservador no tuviera rivales entre los partidos favorables al brexit, después de que Nigel Farage decidiera retirarse de 317 circunscripciones.
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Fantastic #GeneralElection2019 analysis from
@JamesMelville⁩. Thread follows

Brexitannia: The British Identity Crisis on ⁦…
@JamesMelville @BylineTimes The Great British public have decided to give the Tories five more years of power. To “get Brexit done”, millions of voters have stuck two fingers up at a window, without realising it’s a mirror.
Britain is now a battered ship Britannia sailing against the wind across stormy waters and travelling towards an iceberg which, because of a lack of planning and poor navigation, 52% of the crew somehow decided didn’t exist.
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Been reliably informed that people respond better to Twitter threads so in the spirit of the future here is my #kentvotes master thread for the #generalelections2019 in Thanet!

More to follow.
Had a quick chat with Lib Dem South Thanet candidate Martyn Pennington, who is “really disappointed for the young people” who may not have been able to vote in the referendum #ExitPolls #kentvotes #GeneralElection2019 @kmtv_kent
North Thanet Green candidate Rob Edwards says he will continue to fight for local issues and that we may be on the cusp of the exit process #kentvotes #GeneralElection2019ً @KMTV_Kent
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🇬🇧👑Shaping up to be a historic year🗳️.
BBC News - Election results 2019: Tories on course to win majority - exit poll…
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Remember, 0 votes have been counted. #GeneralElection2019
Still 0 votes.
Newcastle Central: Labour Holds

1 seat safe 649 more to go!

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Thinking of all my friends and followers in the UK, where elections have been happening all day.

Today in the UK is not dissimilar from our 2020 here in the US.

The stakes are enormous.


As will, of course, the European Union to a greater extent than has already happened.

Not to mention the countless lives of individuals and families who will soon be displaced from the only homes they’ve known.

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CCC coverage of #GeneralElection2019

Throughout the campaign, our Fellows have been analysing the territorial issues and constitutional impact of #GE19 Image
"it is far from certain what impact this would have on the Brexit process, given its wider volatility and unpredictability." @jevershed01 discusses #GE19 in #NorthernIreland & the impactvgreater representation of pro-Remain is likely to have… Image
General elections in #Scotland have always had a distinctive flavour, but the dynamics in #GE19 feel very different. @McEwen_Nicola on #GE19 campaign north of the border.… Image
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Ali Avaei, a candidate of the UK @LibDems in the Newcastle upon Tyne Central constituency for the British Parliament, is the son of Iran's dictator @Khamenei_ir’s representative & nephew of the regime's current justice minister.

@LibDems @khamenei_ir .@ARMilani_, born in Iran & moved to the UK at the age of 5, is the @UKLabour candidate challenging PM Boris Johnson in Uxbridge & S. Ruisli.

British voters should beware of #Iran's growing influence in their country.

@LibDems @khamenei_ir @ARMilani_ @UKLabour Listen to @ARMilani_'s remarks about Israel, Palestine, BDS, "the apartheid regime," "our movement" and ...

Interview with #Iran's state-run Press TV.

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Early reports of my Election Day is that I am now cooking a big steaming vat of bolognese sauce. Updates to follow 🍝
Onions in
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#GeneralElection2019 is here! And our Fellows continue to consider what the election outcomes might hold for #UK territorial and constitutional future ⬇
CCC Fellow @Coree_Brown @TheScotsman analysing @theSNP success in #GeneralElection2019 and the likelihood of #IndyRef2 following the result.…
Read @Coree_Brown @UKandEU blog referenced @TheScotsman 'The 'other Union': Indyref2 and the future of the UK'…
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24 reasons you should not vote for the Conservatives if you care about the NHS.

If people can read these and still give the current government 5 more years, we may as well close the doors now.

#GeneralElection2019 #GE2019…
1. A&E waiting times are now the worst since records began.

In 2009 just 2% of patients waited over 4 hours in A&E - by 2018 this had risen to 15%.…
2. The NHS is currently 44,000 short of nurses.

Even worse, more nurses are leaving than joining under the Conservatives.…
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BREAKING: Polling stations have opened across the United Kingdom in the parliament elections, it is one of the most crucial elections in the countries history.
Polling stations will close at 10pm Local time, with results to be known most likely only Friday morning.
BREAKING: Polling stations across the United Kingdom have closed with exit polls forecasting biggest Conservative majority since Margaret Thatcher
#GeneralElections #UKElection #GeneralElection2019
UPDATE: Leader of the Labour party Jeremey Corbyn says 'I will not lead the party in any future general election campaign' does not announce his resignation, says he will lead the party during a period of 'reflection and discussion'.
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The path to the UK #GeneralElection2019 (thread)
The 2017 general election, called by Theresa May to strenghten her hand in Brexit negotiations, resulted in a hung parliament. Turnout was 68.7%, the highest since 1997. The conservatives won 42.3% of votes and 317 seats.
This was below the majority of the 650 seats of the House of Commons - which was actually 322 seats, when subtracting the seat of the Speaker (neutral) and the seven seats of the Irish nationalist Sinn Féin (abstentionist policy: does not take its seats in Westminster).
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Think of Grenfell.
Think of Windrush.
Think of the homeless.
Think of those that are sick.
Think of those with disabilities.
Think of the nurses who lost their bursary...

#GE2019 #VoteLabour
Think of the people on benefits forced through a cruel & degrading system that has led so many to suicide.
Think of the EU doctors, professors, academics, researchers leaving the UK every day.
Think of that kid lying on the floor in hospital (in 2019 in Britain)

#GE2019 #GE
Think of your parents, your kids, your friends, waiting hours in ambulances outside A&E.

Think about paying to have your baby, to hold your baby (!) if the NHS goes to Trump.

#GE2019 #VoteLabourOnThursday
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