I’d been holding this back publicly, but since Chanel ‘broke the seal,’

This whole Russian disinfo op isn’t just about emails - it’s about pushing Qanon.
That computer was undoubtedly seeded with child sexual abuse material to support the Q narrative... 1/
I fear it was more than just emails that the Russians put on the fake Hunter Biden computer, and that info about images will be released over the next two weeks to prop up the Qanon narrative - in part, b/c it's RU’s standard operating procedure (can someone else outline this?)
And in part because of the apparent involvement of Joshua Wilson in the analysis of the hard drive, an FBI special agent involved in the Innocent Images initiative since 2007 - Signature on court docs matches this: justice.gov/archive/usao/n…
And his work is described in greater detail here.

So, that means there were certainly questionable images on that computer, which were passed from Mr Mac Issac to Giuliani, across state lines.

See 18 U.S.C. § 2251; 18 U.S.C. § 2252; 18 U.S.C. § 2252A - it’s illegal AF to share with anyone other than law enforcement.
And that includes making it illegal to share said material with someone else’s lawyer.

Or... to keep a copy for yourself.
So - if you think there is any legitimate evidence of child sexual abuse material on that computer and the Barr DOJ hasn’t pressed charges against Hunter Biden, its pretty damn clear:
This computer op was manufactured w/Russian intel for use in the next two weeks...
And there’s one reason why:

To muddy the waters in case anyone finally decides to start speaking about this.

It’s 2016 all over again.
Please, be smarter now.
Trying that link again-who puts commas in urls? 🤣

And, of course, Qanon is a bullshit disinfo op, meant to distract and deflect from accusations against Trump and Epstein’s serial sexual abuse of children, and project his crimes onto the “opposition.”

Just to be totally clear.

• • •

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13 Oct
Somebody should ask Ms. Coney Barrett:

If the right to life extends from fertilization to 'natural' death...

is a preventable death from COVID19 considered to be a "natural" death?

given distribution of PPE + resources was based on political considerations, not need...
there is clearly human intervention assisting the survival of some over the survival of others, solely based upon the political leanings of neighbors in the state in which they reside.
For comparison's sake, let's say there are 25 premature infants born in one day in a single, isolated, rural hospital with only 5 NICU beds, and 11 more beds without the full complement of equipment that MIGHT be used successfully for those closer to term.
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13 Oct
Something Mike Lee just said made me wonder: if someone with a medical condition encounters an elected official who is about to vote to take away their health care, which will result in their death 2 weeks later - are they justified in using deadly force to prevent it?
And - crazy fact: in Florida, it seems you can preemptively kill someone to prevent them from committing an act of treason....

So long as you are someplace you have the legal right to be.

This is not legal advice - just a possible interpretation...
And Ms. Coney Barrett said that THE PEOPLE's understanding of the law as written is what matters in originalist parsing of the law, rather than the legislator's intent...

that's kind of weird, no?
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11 Oct
Trump thinks he can play Superman?

Let's take a look.
You see, superman doesn't like Nazis and Fascists.

In fact, you might say he was Anti-Fascist.
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7 Oct
"Pizzagate" did not begin until 11/4/2016.

Prior to 11/4, it was "Spirit cooking."

If anyone can prove me wrong, with earlier tweets or 4chan posts referencing "pizzagate" in context (not just sporadic pizza references), please do.
Meanwhile, the data that was still available in early 2017 showed the first unambiguous mention of "Pizzagate" in a political context was 11/4.

The first unambiguous tweet I know of has since been removed, will post the screencap if I can find it.

Should you care to understand a reason why...

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3 Oct
Hey all, I've been working on this one for a couple months, working through several variations on the theme - I figure it's time to release it or risk it becoming too late.

@Lin_Manuel's words & George's threads= the closest Trump will get to being king.

There are versions with both red and white text.

And - of course - there is a face mask.

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1 Oct
"When each person loves the other as much as himself, it makes one out of many (unus fiat ex pluribus)" - Cicero

This brilliant piece by @kacinpoint (whom I don't otherwise know), reflects the true nature of what it means to be a citizen.

Thanks to @PB_Curry for bringing this quote to my attention again.

It's rather interesting that all of the histories I've found on this subject were written by those with a theological bent...
steventuell.net/?p=1861 Image
It's almost like -you know, if there truly is a God - that God would strive to be a unifying force for the good of all...

and, as such, would want us to be led on earth by those who act to unify rather than divide. Image
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