1. Two different mindsets revealed at the red sea. Moses approach was let's call on God and standstill and see what the Lord will do. He will fight for you while you hold your peace. This mindset has affected a generation of Christians who pray only hoping God will do it for them
God responded in the next verse to Moses saying "why criest thou unto me. Tell the people to go forward while you lift the rod over the red sea and divide it." The second was a shift in the mindset. God was saying I am going to be involved but you must walk towards your red sea.
3. We have a new generation that has decided to match towards the red sea which can in itself be very intimidating. They have overcome the fear and learned helplessness. They know change can only happen through action. Its the business of the older generation to lift up the rod.
4. To lift "the rod" over the activities of the young ones and help to divide the waters so the clear path can be seen. There may not be clarity of thought as to what is going to happen but those who lift the rod behind the scenes should divide the waters for the first time.
5. Their responsibility is to create the true path for this movement to take the nation to the next place, where it is supposed to be. There are people inside the system who know this voice of the youth, who understand what the clamour is all about. Their business is to advance.
6. Now is the time for the waters to part and those who have that progressive mindset within the system should arise and reach out to these generation marching towards them and say "I have been placed within governance for a time as this, if I perish let me perish but I will help
7. This is what has to be done now to bring this to an end. It is up to those within the system who have a progressive mindset to arise and guide this movement across the line. Exodus 14:13-16.
This is an opportunity for the progressive forces in Government to act now. This is your moment. You can bring this to an end by joining forces together and then deciding to wield your influence to open the door to the aspirations of these youths. #endsars

• • •

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15 Oct
1. Over the past one week, I have quietly listened to the voice of the younger generation. It has become clear to everyone that the Youths in Nigeria have found their voice and activated their energy for massive social reforms in Nigeria.
2. Their bravery, commitment and the leadership they have shown with a high degree of accountability shows these are serious minded and a very intelligent group of people.
3. Let me start with my personal experience with the SARs group also. Sometime last year I got a call from my wife that she had been arrested and taken to the Police station.
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29 Jul
Once people believe they are confronting an external existential threat, they get into a protective mode tolerati g everything going on within thinking what will destroy us is external. You then get paranoid believing every action taken by others is being done "against" you.
You make excuses for all the vices developing within believing that the ultimate enemy is actually without. Things like unforgiveness, lack of integrity, moral defects are overlooked because the existential threat is now seen to be without. There is this imagined enemy without.
We must understand that God's people have always had external enemies & on no occasion were they defeated by the external except when they walked in disobedience to God in their private lives. If they walked in fellowship, history shows every external threat led to multiplication
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27 May
Loyalty doesn't mean you nod at the decision of a leader even when you know from your personal exposure or expertise that this opinion may be wrong. To be loyal you must know you are planted by God to give the leader the full view and wealth of your expertise.
After you have contributed your thoughts clearly explaining your position backed either by the scriptures or through inductive reasoning which compares past experiences to find established patterns, you allow for a decision to be taken. Once a decision is made you maintain unity.
Except it is a case where your fundamental beliefs or you are being asked to do something which is illegal or morally bankrupt, which in that case you are at liberty to walk from the group. Keeping silent without making your thoughts known is not humility, it is timidity.
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27 Dec 19
In the movie the Godfather part 1, Veto Corleone was shot. To a casual observer it will appear it was because his son Fredo who was to protect him on the said day fell asleep. It was however deeper than that. There is a lesson to be learnt about relationships.
Veto Corleone was shot shortly after a meeting where he turned down the offer to bank roll and offer cover for the drug business in Newyork. However in that meeting his son who was heir apparent publicly disagreed with his father which sent a signal to the opposition.
They knew if they took the Godfather out they would probably get a deal. Veto Corleone called his son after the meeting to caution him about publicly disclosing thoughts that show a crack. He was troubled after the meeting and sent his hit man to find out more details.
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21 Oct 19
God is all of his greatness having declared in Gen 1:26 Let us make man in our own image...." still came down in Gen 2:7 to mold that man from the ground. He got his hands dirty so that his declarations could have a point of entry into the earth. The Almighty God used his hands.
Where did we get this concept that since I am a faith man and making powerful declarations, I will be exempted from work? Why do we think some form of work is beneath us if that will be our point of entry for our words then to bring about rapid growth?
I hear young ministers castigate older ministers for not giving them opportunities in ministry. What they are really saying is "They didn't get off their pulpits to allow me preach and show what I know" If you are truly interested in ministering, the streets are full of people.
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28 Sep 19
God said if the first covenant had been faultless no place will have been sought for the second but finding fault with them he said.... The fault of the first covenant was evident in the people that lived under it. When a system is wrong it always produces faulty products.
We sometimes don't look at issues from a deeper perspective. The problem may largely rest on the system in place that lacks the power to produce perfection. If we really want to have a reformation in the Church we must first 're examine the doctrines we have embraced as the truth
A doctrine can be defined as a system through which one lives. The accuracy of the doctrine can be seen in the life style of those who have embraced it. Until we examine these doctrines we will not make progress. Respect of persons is the reason we are refusing to 're examine.
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