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Even after the memo released recently about the boundaries & operational limit of #SARS, the criminally minded “cult” are still on rampage carrying out illicit arrest & detention of Nigerians, & this is still happening because some Nigerians urge...
@segalink @PoliceNG_CRU
them on With money inducement(bribe) to inflict physical, psychological torture (not also forgetting the monetary extortion) on fellow citizens.
I’ve been trying to reach my in-law since yesterday, cos we’ve been discussing about a business investment for a while now, - 2
and I wanted to get…
Feedback from him so as to his stand as to if we’re moving ahead with the biz – but he hasn’t been taking his calls; I just assumed that he was busy with business reaching and doing follow ups on his clients who are mostly based in Nigeria, since - 3
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Good morning sir @segalink sir I need your help I’m a victim of @NigeriaPolice I got taser shocked multiple times until the extorted all my cash of over 450k by some sars officials 🙏🙏🙏
At around after 6pm yesterday evening after getting into a bolt taxi, we got stopped by some sars operatives then they took all my phones, AirPods and my watch saying they’ve been tracking me
Then they told me to get into their car which I resisted then they brought out a taser, handcuffed me then we started moving around for over 3hours at this process they were tasing and asking questions on which I told them that I was a student of ANSU, they told me that a student
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The Police people at Ogudu police station wants to cover their personnel on the illegal detention and extortion of @_VALKlNG

We want to see the @PoliceNG officers who collected 260k from @_VALKlNG.

We must put an end to this mess. @segalink
For records we are not interested in the refund of the money only.

We are interested that such police officers must face the consequences of the their actions.

If @_VALKlNG didn't come online to talk, those criminals would continue their evil actions.

@segalink #EndSARS
The DPO said the criminal @PoliceNG officers are back to work.

Can you imagine? People who kidnapped and extorted a young man of 260k have returned back to work to continue their evil work.

We want to see the officers and put their face here.

This evil must stop. #EndSARS
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#BREAKING I just ended a very violent verbal altercation with SARS officers @PoliceNG who accused me of harassing them. It was a 45 min SHOWDOWN in front of @ecobank_nigeria in Badore, Ajah. I asked everyone to film it. Send me footage
Pls Unroll your @threader_app as this is going to be a long one #ENDSARS @rrslagos767 @PoliceNG. This situation was diffused 95% with the leader of the SARS team apologizing profusely to me along with 4 cops EXCEPT one who was still abusing me. A mopol officer nearby ended it👮🏾‍♂️😠
#EndSars It all started as my artist told me at a certain junction in Badore, Ajah he is always profiled because of his nice car and outfits as a "Yahoo Boy". He is not a criminal 😠 My artist @iamwealth9ja and my son @Richkjtmusic went to a studio this morning.
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While appreciating the concern of the @LagosMoj over the assist & clarification, it is imperative to state the circumstances that led to the charge lest we assume an appeal is being made for an armed robber. Context is key & we know how derelict the criminal justice system is.
In 2014, SARS were the Boko Haram of the time empowered by the state running amok above the Law. Chidozie like most impertinent youth have decided to remain in the Abati, Vulcanizer, Akowonjo neighborhood of Lagos State, even after his parents moved somewhere else.
On the fateful day, He went to his best friend’s (Prosper) house to charge his laptop. Prosper’s mother is a tenant to a certain Akeem, who was later discovered to be an armed robber. Suffice to say, Prosper lives with his mother in a rented house owned by an Armed robber.
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SARS in Abuja are acting like a terrorist cell. The rogues there are angry because their racket was exposed and they have been having sleepless nights on how to implicate their victims. They vowed to parade them today as fraudsters & we are promising them a lawsuit. @PoliceNG_CRU
The level of lawlessness under this IGP and Administration is worse than life under a BokoHaram overrun LGA. Every rogue unit now make their own rules and dares the consequences. The entire police structure should be ready for its demise if this persists because we’ll respond.
To be more specific this is another impunity by Abba Kyari’s boys. They hide under IGP/IRT to play bounty hunter and fleece innocent people of huge funds after abduction. They are the same people paid to abduct @seyitannn_ on Dbanj’s case.
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Critical issues such as the Culture of impunity by the privileged, powerful & positioned folks getting away with murder unconscionably because they can, must never be downplayed with skin color, ethnicity or partisan politics. Focus on Culture Change through engagement. @SIAF_NG
Four years ago when I was discussing the design of the #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG campaign with Dr Yemi Amusan @yemusan1, we both agreed that the most critical element of the movement must be the common ground & nothing lopsided that cuts off any demographic or class.
It was a delicate campaign no doubt which inadequate planning could determine even long before we began. So it’s necessary to simulate a whole lot for months while researching before we launch into the Wild. Sincerity of purpose was key. Political campaigns are for the short run
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Good husbands, responsible boyfriends, compassionate brothers, uncles, fathers, all taking the hit and hate for the animalistic conduct of some perverted men. An innocent girl got raped & deserves justice, & your little misandristic mind chose to reduce this to gender banter? 🤮
I’m disappointed at celebrities and public figures, who rather than mobilize advocacies for stronger laws against rape and police reforms to tackle force brutality, have chosen to minimize this big issue to mere demonization of men and pointing of moral compass.
The victims of Police brutality in Nigeria especially as perpetuated by SARS are always mostly Men. We adopted the #EndSARS campaign to advocate for reforms. The focus wasn’t on how only males were being targeted. Even when one Kolade was killed, we called 4 end to the brutality.
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This man, Ibrahim K. Idris. wasn't Qualified for the job of @PoliceNG IG in 2016, but sake of ethno religious, nepotistic quota system, Our failure personified clueless camouflage President @MBuhari appointed him. Because he helped him rig Kano election in 2015 as a commissioner.
Prior to the 2015 presidential election, Ibrahim K. Idris was the Kano state commissioner of police. The northern powers used him to execute a wide range of irregularities, in order to win the presidential election for @MBuhari. Because of the huge population of the state.
Agreements were reached, & promises were made to him. Even with the assurance of then, GMB. If all should go on well as planned.
He intentionally allowed unrest in the state, & heightened tensions during the presidential election, He saw how Kano youths attack anyone from PDP.
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Bastards from Benin just obtain me without evidence of being a "Yahoo boy" as I was accused of🤦🏼‍♂
The imbeciles said they were taking me to state CID, after I told Dem to let's go, they threatened to shoot me (I was alone in their sienna at around past 10PM)
[3/17, 10:53 PM] Don-Prozkid: They just collected free money from me... Come to think of it, I was only trying to be a nice guy trying to show the guy that apprehended me the ATM dat was paying, never knew he was a criminal (police)🤦🏼‍♂
I shoulda stabbed in with my keyholder
I if I had known then say I thought he was a robber (which he fucking is)!!!
[3/17, 11:00 PM] Don-Prozkid: I was in the car wen someone stopped them and told them his hostel is being robbed that they should come to their rescue... They billed the nigga 100k just to follow him
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Some SARS guys operating around GTB barnawa Kaduna would wear plain clothes and come in a tinted car without plate number. The moment you use the ATM or leave the bank premises, one of them will approach you, hold you by the belt and ask you to enter the car.
They'll ask to see your phone because they got information that you are involved with internet fraud. All these will happen in less than no time. They are so swift that people around will hardly notice anything unusual. They'll say they are taking you to the state headquarters
But will drive to an isolated place and rob you... if you are lucky!
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2/ It's less than 38 MONTHS to another election cycle and change of leadership baton in Nigeria. At the time of this THREAD (Monday, February 17, 2020), Nigerians, particularly, the youths, comprising a 51.1% of 84million Registered Voters, seem to be still sleeping.
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ATT: @comradephils @segalink @MrFixNigeria @DrAhmadLawan @femigbaja @GovWike @jidesanwoolu @GovernorIkpeazu @AWTambuwal @dabiodunMFR @seyiamakinde @GboyegaOyetola
2/ Even with this current UNITARY Presidential system of government, the last time I peeped into the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended), State Governors of Nigeria's 36 States, remain the Chief Security Officers of their respective States.
3/ If the State Governors are Chief Security Officers (CSOs) of their individual states, it then means their primary duty is to Secure their States, Protect and Safeguard the lives of properties of indigenes and other Nigerian citizens within their respective States.
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I think that state executives who go to the centre may have a better handle on policing than public officials whose careers have exclusively been at the federal level, especially ex-military.
There’s been an unfortunate degree of ineptitude with respect to their role that’s been characteristic of Ministers of the Interior, or the equivalent position, since 1999 (problem has longer history but pre-1999, structural issues probably more important than ministerial agency)
Consider that Aregbesola, on being appointed, is reported to have said he’s largely ignorant of the workings of the ministry whose portfolio has been entrusted to him. Worsening crisis of policing can’t be separated from that or from that post-1999 history of misfits&afterthought
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The level of impunity perpetrated by those criminals called SARS can't be curbed by @segalink alone. At this point, we all must agree that we need all hands on deck to fight this monsters.

There is a Need for a new Movement to #EndSARS .

The @PoliceNG and @NigeriaPolice should know that when the people is left with no more option than to take laws into their hands even the strongest force will be made to bow. Must the leadership open their eyes till we get to this level?
Why must people who are paid to protect us be the one to continually endanger our lives? Must we continue to live in fear because we are citizens? this impunity is taken too far and I repeat, we as citizens might be forced to fight for ourselves against this Monsters #TickTock
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Yesterday I was driving along Ketu-Ojota road then some SARS officers officers on seeing me wearing apple earpods and driving a nice car quickly saw me as some way for them to make some money.
On seeing me, one of about 10 of them ordered me to stop
#Thread #EndSars
I was driving at about 80kph at the time but had to apply the brakes when I saw one of them cork his gun (who wants to die?). Then they ordered that I park at the side of the road, seeing them in their full regalia, I did. I guess they were looking for new year money.
One of them proceeded to calling me a fraudster without asking any questions, and I said "Sir, I stand to be corrected, I am not a fraudster". He said "By the time we finish searching you, you go stop all this your grammar".
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In the spirit of Education let me clarify. I have NO Govt affiliation however lawful in ALL my dealings business wise and across all advocacies associated with my name. What the Wiki link referred to was the adhoc Presidential panel that deployed our joint stopgap to the ills.
What actually happened was that a threshold was reached and at that watershed moment, police got tired of playing defensive & realized the devastating effect of our next move on the advocacy based on the revelation made to them at a critical meeting with the leaders.
This meeting was held behind the curtains at the International Youth Day (Safe spaces for youth 2018) held at the Music Centre as organized jointly by @koredebello & @SIAF_NG with all stakeholders including senior officers of the Police.
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I never saw myself as a victim of SARS brutality till Yesterday, i have a swollen face from the instant attack of 3 SARS officials , my physic was a threat to them as they kept ranting “you think say you get muscle abi, we go shoot you throwway your body for river” #EndSARS
I was Forcefully dragged out of my car and put in cuffs before I could know my offense , they kept calling me a yahoo boy , a thief , a criminal and a ritualist , I used to think you needed to commit a criminal offense to be treated so but seems things are different.
They threw me into their vehicle and it was the last time I could hear properly even till now as I’m typing this , they kept raining slaps on me asking me how much I had ,they requested 300k or they shoot me , December 21st sir! Please shoot me I said , next thing was another hit
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SARS is the most unprofessional team of the Nigerian police.
Here's my experience as a Nigerian Soldier.
Earlier this year the commercial bus I boarded in Enugu along 9th mile area was stopped by SARS operatives mounting an illegal check point. thread #EndSARS
They requested money from the driver and the guy said he's just starting business, I was on civil dress because I'm on pass, the operatives ordered everyone to come down, they started searching people's phone, I went up to the one that's supposed to be their boss #EndSARS
I went up their boss & identified myself as a soldier on pass from north East, he said "And So?", I went further & said I'm in a hurry that he should please release Dis driver, he got upset and threatened to Shot me, he said he'll frame me that I wanted to disarm him #EndSARS
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My Uber just got pulled over by SARS officials. It was f@*king scary! 5 criminal-looking, thug-like individuals in an unmarked commercial bus (danfo). Searched the 2 of the 3 phones I was with, asked me to log in to my laptop (I politely asked "Why?") #EndSARS #StopRobbingUs

Location is Igbo Efon junction on Lekki - Epe Expressway heading east towards Chevron. Broad daylight, traffic light turns red, driver stops, there's only 1 car ahead of us, danfo pulls up right beside me (on the right), and these men surround the doors of the Toyota Corolla

I'm seated in the back seat, earphones in my ears on a video call with people from different cities across the world. After insisting & nearly pulling a gun on him, driver rolls down his windows, unlocks the doors, and 2 of the men jump into the car, 1 in front, 1 beside me

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...I didn't know what to what to do, I couldn't trust the justice system for it had failed many before me. I had given up hope, and I knew I wasn't the only one.
But this was my personal battle, I would do this alone.
I would avenge Daniel.
He had been shot by men of the SPECIAL ANTI ROBBERY SQUAD with trial, without a formal court hearing. They had appointed themselves judge and jury, and my brother had been cut down in his prime. He was never given a chance to be heard.
The video went viral.. The men were rounded up, but they were eventually set free by the DPP, the case was struck out, my brother's death had been in vain, and the world had moved on. Nobody cared about this injustice.
If the law could not avenge my brother's dear, I would do it.
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As I left the police Station this night. I was confused where exactly to go.. I checked my pocket and I didn't have enough to transport myself home.. I have been robbed and tortured by those who were supposed to defend me. Over here the police isn't your friend broo.

It was like any other day, and started with me on my way home from my friend @naijatechguy place. I boarded a motorcycle and just before I got to my stop, some police van barricaded my motorcycle. Aloof of what was going on, I noticed my bike man turning his bike round...
turning his bike round to make a run. Perplexed with what was happening, why is this bike man running, is he a criminal? The police threatened to shoot and fear gripped me and I joined in begging the bike man to pls stop. I don't want to get shot for a reason I might never know.
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SARS officers in Edo State are mounting roadblocks and harassing road users under the guise of recovering stolen vehicles. Is this what Special units are deployed for? What is the work of the @PoliceNG? I asked them if there’s any report of a stolen vehicle in the area...
...that matched the description of the vehicle of the driver they were harassing but they allege I was teaching them their job. I asked if their job entails hanging about and indiscriminately accusing road users of theft of their vehicles? One of them said that’s what they do.
To put this in the right perspective. Nigeria’s SWAT team is hanging around on the highway seeking whom to victimize despite not having any distress call they are responding to. This explains the tales of woe of commuters in that state due to extortion & abduction of the innocent
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