Thread: The Light Diet

Taking a new approach in the modern world so humans can use light both externally & internally to achieve self-optimization

A summary of this podcast:…
At birth we are assigned a particular set of genes from our parents; however as we grow, certain sections of our genetic code get switched “on” & “off”

Epigenetics is the study of how our behaviors & environment can cause changes that affect the way our genes express themselves
Humans are incredibly adaptive when it comes to our environment & diet

Many theories attempt to explain what lead to the rapid acceleration of human brain size as well as population density

For example: Cooking with fire. Stoned ape theory. Hand eye coordination development
Neurosurgeon @DrJackKruse claims that eating seafood may have been a major contributor

Somewhere along our evolutionary path a group of apes may have been separated from their original environment, forcing a seafood diet onto our ancestors
Seafood & shellfish contains a ton of fatty acids, Omega-3’s & specifically DHA (docosahexaenoic acid)

Typically our bodies like to burn fats as an energy source

However DHA is instead used as a building block for our cells. Specifically in places that transmit tons of energy
For example in our nervous system, which contains more mitochondria than any other system in the body

DHA has a unique cellular structure that allows cells to efficiently & rabidly carry energy

DHA is the primary building component of Myelin (fatty sheathing surrounding nerves)
As a result of this uptick in DHA exposure, our ancestors started to build bigger & bigger brains

This may help explain the skull size of Homo sapiens precursors such as the Cro-Magnon or Neanderthal
Unfortunately for us, humans are not able to synthesis DHA internally

As a result we are dependent on a dietary environmental source of DHA

This is just one example our external environment having a direct impact on our evolution & genome 🧬
What other external sources could influence human cells / potential?

Consider our modern transition to an indoor lifestyle

This deprivation of the full spectrum of sunlight all other organisms are exposed to, is causing huge changes to our physiological & mitochondrial health
Mitochondria are the powerhouse of our cells

These tiny energy producers are the foundation for all complex or eukaryotic organisms

Our mitochondria accept protons, neutrons & electrons as fuel sources

And then converts these sources into molecules known as ATP
Matt Maruca uses the analogy of pistons in a car to explain this energy production

Both humans & cars take in oxygen

Combustion engines burn gasoline (stored hydrogen from ancient life)

Humans take in fuel the form of food (stored hydrogen from recent life)
In our mitochondria (our bodies engines) hydrogen is pumped into an inter-membrane space

Where they are very tightly stored, although they are actually repelling one another

The only way out is through a revolving door known as ATP synthase

Creating a spinning field of energy
No matter how premium a fuel source you use, without functioning spark plugs your car engine is unlikely to perform

Our mitochondria’s spark plugs in this analogy is the Sun 🌞

Without full spectrum sunlight our mitochondria produce waste products called free radicals
Eating shellfish & scavenging for high quality fuel sources (such as DHA) worked well for our ancestors because they had access to a full days worth of solar energy

Unlike modern day humans who are almost universally sunlight deficients
So many people fluctuate through different diet regimes in an attempt to optimize their systems

However many people neglect the universal energy source, their light diet

We seem to have forgotten we are so(u)lar beginnings
In fact some scholars believe that Homo Sapiens evolved to shed our hair in an attempt to absorb more sunlight

Our skin acts as a solar panel absorbing energy directly from the ☀️

This caused a cyclical loop of hair loss & increased brain capacity
It makes sense that parts of our organic system would have evolved to utilize solar energy

This is basically “free” energy

Living an indoor lifestyle is not only robbing us of “free” energy but substituting it with artificial light💡that confuses our circadian rhythm
In the last century we have seen an influx of diseases such as:

Heart disease, Alzheimer’s & Cancer.

Our society has spent billions of $’s in an attempt to find causes / cures of these diseases in the nuclear genes, but with little success

Western medicine seems stumped
What has been assumed is that the diseases we are facing today are caused by genetic defects (mutations) that trigger physiological problems such as proteins being produced improperly

Therefore we need to develop various “drugs” to treat symptoms without addressing root cause
Earlier I mentioned the concept of Epigenetics & how our genes can be altered by our environment

Interestingly enough mitochondria actually bring 13 of their own genes to our system

These 13 genes are inherited exclusively from our mothers and not from our fathers
Our nuclear genes 🧬 can be exchanged for environmental variability, robustness & evolutionary purposes

However our mitochondria perform such a specific energy creating procedure that any splicing or variability could be catastrophic

Nature is disciplined in this formula
Therefore mitochondrial genetics are less variable in humans than the rest of our genome

This has allowed researchers like Dr. Douglas Wallace to track human migration patterns beginning out of Africa

As well as track the influx of modern diseases today
There are several types of diseases

Infectious: Tuberculosis, Syphilis, Coronavirus

Genetic: Sickle Cell, Cystic Fibrosis, Down Syndrome

Chronic: Heart Disease, Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Depression, Anxiety, Celiac, Arthritis, Parkinson’s
Chronic disease is now responsible for upwards of 85% of modern day fatalities

According to Dr, Wallace’s research

Chronic -> Mitochondrial

Not to say they’re directly caused by the mitochondria themselves but the affects are mediated through the mitochondria
While the world panics over COVID the real pandemic of chronic disease continues to gain unimpeded momentum

Western science has struggled to find solutions despite billions of dollars & decades of research

I believe we are looking at the problem from the wrong angle
If we can understand that we are energetic beings being influenced by light & electromagnetism and not just our genes

Then we can start to prevent unnecessary depression, disease & fatalities
Matt Maruca goes on to recommend his 5-step Light Diet and if you’re interested can be found at the end of the podcast episode

I’ve been using his blue light blocking glasses for months are think you should be to!

Check out @RaOptics & @thelightdiet for more info

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