I was so hoping @dovfischer would write about this.

And he has! (full text coming soon)

"But the most despicable of all is the really obscene circus act from Hawaii, Mazie Hirono.

She has no limits, knows no bounds."

Full text:

"As I emerged from the Jewish Holy Season, marking the beginning of Year 5781 since Creation, I was jolted from the spirituality and meaningfulness of Sukkot, Sh’mini Atzeret, and Simchat Torah into the reality of the New Filth that permeates American politics.
The media like to blame the president for the degradation, but he is not the cause.

He is the response and the reaction.
While the McCain family lives out its petty vengeance, bearing the grudges that prompted them even to bar John McCain’s vice presidential running mate, Sarah Palin, from his funeral, ...

... a fair-minded observer cannot avoid recognizing that the poison and vitriol in American politics long preceded Donald Trump.

It was the Democrats who changed the landscape by murdering Judge Robert Bork’s name and reputation for a generation.
While Republicans repeatedly treated Democrat Supreme Court nominees with kid gloves, the Democrats just assassinated one human being’s character after another.

They destroyed Bork.
They came up with the most racist, stereotypical garbage imaginable against Clarence Thomas.

(Right? Black men leave their pubic hairs around women to attract them. Right?)
They lied about Brett Kavanaugh, defaming that very extraordinary man, a man who reflects so elegantly the Divine spirit that reposes within all of us.
In the presence of his dignified wife and innocent children, and before the eyes and ears of hundreds of millions of Americans, they proffered false accusations of rapes, attacks that never happened, fantasies of truly sick minds.
And they knew they would get away with it — because no one except for that kid from Kentucky sues for defamation even though there’s money in that banana stand.

And then the Democrats pontificate and hypocritically ask why our democracy is no longer civilly bipartisan as it once was.
They attack religion as though a belief in G-d is something for which a public person should apologize.
Our Founding Fathers honored faith and religious belief, embracing it for unique protection in the First Amendment, placing its sanctity even before freedom of speech, of press, and of assembly.
We are one nation under G-d, indivisible.

Our currency proclaims “In G-d We Trust.”

The daily sessions of Congress begin with a sermon, an “invocation,” from clergy.

And yet the current crop of haters and bigots would have no part of it.
Dianne Feinstein shamelessly attacks a woman who believes in G-d by scolding her that the “dogma” lives within her.

Well, good for Amy Coney Barrett.
Kamala Harris, a despicably immoral public figure who shamelessly slept her way into Democrat politics by cavorting openly, brazenly, and publicly with California Kingmaker Willie Brown, ...

... 31 years her senior and very married, attacks Catholics who join the Knights of Columbus.

It is unbelievable that such hate and bigotry, historically the purview of the Ku Klux Klan and its Democrat embodiments like Klan Exalted Cyclops Robert Byrd, still exists so brazenly in a society that supposedly welcomes diversity.
And how ironic that Kamala Harris is as anti-Catholic as Democrat Senate icon Robert Byrd, who said this:

They will fire or suspend professors for using a word in Mandarin Chinese ...

... that sounds like the racial word that is used repeatedly, over and over and over and over again, in Black rap lyrics.

They will topple statues of Jefferson and Lincoln.
But no concern over the federal buildings named for the Democrat United States senator who called Blacks “mongrels.”

Take note, racists: that word is safe to use.

If you are a Democrat.

But the most despicable of all is the really obscene circus act from Hawaii, Mazie Hirono.

She has no limits, knows no bounds.
After scoring several public outrages while attacking Catholic nominees for the federal courts, she most recently turned her vile bile on Judge Amy Coney Barrett in this despicable inquisition:

What is wrong with this sick, sick person who desecrates and demeans the United States Senate by her very presence?

Is this the best that Hawaii, a state once represented elegantly and nobly by Sen. Daniel Inouye, an American patriot, can send to Washington?
Can you imagine if Republican senators had treated Democrat SCOTUS nominees that way?

Imagine exchanges like these:
'Questioner: “Judge Ginsburg, have you ever copulated with a horse? I am just asking.”

RBG: “No, senator.”
Questioner: “What about with a goat? I know you are Jewish, so I am not asking whether you ever had sex with a hog, a boar, a pig. But, since you became a legal adult, have you ever allowed a male goat to sexually engage you?”

RBG: “No, senator.”
Questioner: “What about a lesbian? Have you ever acted sexually with a lesbian?”

RBG: “I have acted with a thespian. But not with a — . Wait a moment. What kind of question is this?”
Questioner: “I am asking the questions here, not you. You have very bad manners, may I say. Very disrespectful. I request that my time be restored.”

Questioner: “Judge Sotomayor. Have you ever had sexual intercourse with an autistic boy under age eight?”

Sotomayor: “No, senator.”

Questioner: “Well, what about with a boy somewhere on the spectrum?”

Sotomayor: “What spectrum is that, senator?”
Questioner: “Are you evading my question? So you indeed were physically intimate with a boy on the spectrum? Why won’t you answer my question? The American people want to know.”
Sotomayor: “I do not understand your question. In fact, I find this entire line of questioning reprehensible.”

Questioner: “You still have not answered my question. I think we all know the conclusion to draw.”

Sotomayor: “What are you talking — ”
Questioner: “Excuse me. I’m speaking.”

Sotomayor: “But I was just — ”

Questioner: “Excuse me. I’m speaking. Have you ever faced discipline or entered into a settlement related to sexual attacks you may have launched on caged animals after closing time at the Bronx Zoo?”
Sotomayor: “I absolutely do not understand what this has to do with my — ”

Questioner: “Excuse me. I’m speaking.”

Sotomayor: “But you seemed to be fin — ”

Questioner: “Excuse me. I’m speaking.”'
The line of questioning in which Crazy Mazie engaged this week while interrogating Judge Barrett was so despicable that she should have been censured.

Ten years ago, she would have been.

Her voters would have been ashamed.
But the Democrats have redrawn the lines of engagement.

Now anything goes.

Harris, while running for vice president, gives voice encouraging violent rioters, looters, and arsonists.
Feinstein, Harris, and Hirono attack religion, people of faith, and cut into their very souls with obscene questions that never should be asked, questions like those that Crazy Mazie asked Judge Barrett.
Trump is not the cause but the effect.

There is just no other way to speak to such people.
Nearly a century ago, the great Zionist visionary and statesman, Zev Jabotinsky, gave voice to the frustration he felt over the constant repetition of a certain vile anti-Semitic lie and canard being propagated by Jew-haters.

In his words:

If it would not have given the Left media an excuse to publish that Judge Barrett lacks “judicial temperament,” that is the response to Crazy Mazie, to Kamala Harris, to Dianne Feinstein, and to the whole lot of them that I would have loved to have heard from her:
“Why don’t you all go to Hell?”

Instead, we leave that clarity for the president to express.

It is the only sensible response.

It really is."

~ End ~

• • •

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