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#AmyConeyBarrett is now #JusticeAmyConeyBarrett 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗳🗳🗳🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
“Hell No” that’s the Senate Democrats over the ACB confirmation vote that’s @maziehirono on the floor #OctoberSurprise
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I'm in a deep blue state.

I choose @HowieHawkins and @AngelaNWalker.

I respect leftists & progressives, particularly in swing states, who have decided to strategically vote for Biden.

Either way, we must #vote AGAINST Trump and his goons.

The past few years have been a very public soul-searching process for me. I've become radicalized by the realities around me and I've returned to my anti-establishment roots from the Bush era. The system is deeply corrupt. I will not uphold it one more day.

I've given 20 years of my life to fighting the GOP. I quit the Democratic Party this year because the leadership has enabled & empowered Trump. Just like they coddled war criminal Bush. Schumer fast-tracked Trump's judges. Pelosi funded his abuses.
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#AmyConeyBarrett is a mediocre judge who was elevated because she’s a white mother of school-aged children who will do white supremacist patriarchy’s bidding in a country that hates mothers and their school-aged children who are not white…
How hypocritical that in the middle of a pandemic, the administration that’s done so little for mothers of school-aged children, esp Black & women of colour, who are being pumelled by triple work loads, demands that we celebrate a privileged white mother of school-aged children.
How cruel - the ultimate adjective of the Trump era - that the administration that insists we celebrate that Barrett is a mother of school-aged children is the same admin that has ripped apart migrant mothers from their school-aged children in concentration camps at the border.
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A friendly reminder before voting ....

People with vaginas: "Can I have birth control?"

Republican Party: "No."

People with vaginas: "I couldn't get birth control so I got pregnant. Can I have an abortion?"

Republican Party: "No."
2/ People with vaginas: "You prevented me from having an abortion so I'm carrying the fetus, but my employer won't provide reasonable accommodations and is threatening to fire me. Would you please pass the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act?"

Republican Party: "No"
3/ Ppl w vaginas: "I had the baby, but I'm out of work. Can I have WIC & food stamps until I get back on my feet?"

Republican Party: "No."

Ppl w vaginas: "I found a job, but it doesn't offer me insurance. Can I have government guaranteed insurance?"

Republican Party: "No."
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La juge #AmyConeyBarrett confirmée par le Sénat 52-48 devient la nouvelle juge (justice) de la #CourSuprême. La 3e nommée par #Trump. Mais SURTOUT la 1ère depuis 1869 à être confirmée sans AUCUNE voix du parti minoritaire au Sénat. Pays coupé en 2.…
2) C'est 1 triomphe politique pour #Trump qui a pu le savourer lors de la prestation de serment sous ses yeux de #AmyConeyBarrett par le juge le plus conservateur de la #CourSuprême, Clarence Thomas, dont la femme Ginni est 1 lobbyiste catholique fondamentaliste bien connue...
3)...avec cette nomination de #AmyConeyBarrett à la #CourSuprême, la droite chrétienne fondamentaliste et les conservateurs sociaux obtiennent ce qu'ils voulaient depuis 30 ans: 1 majorité de 6 juges contre 3 dont 5 conservateurs sûrs et non 5 contre 4 avec 1 possible vote pivot.
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I do not support a woman merely because she is a woman. Let tonight be a reminder why.

Does she uphold or work against patriarchy? This woman is a dangerous religious extremist. A Five-Star General of the Footsoldiers of the Patriarchy #AmyConeyBarrett… Amy Coney Barrett seem from the chest up at a microphone sta
Let this be a reminder to anyone who writes to me demanding I support another woman because “feminism is about women choosing xyz.”

Feminism is the destruction of patriarchy. I do not support a woman who has benefitted from feminism only to now work to cut feminism at its knees.
Essay coming Tuesday morning on FEMINIST GIANT Newsletter:

Global feminist resistance to patriarchal fuckery by @monaeltahawy…
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So, with a South Lawn Ceremony for the swearing in of #AmyConeyBarrett, a few thoughts on how we got being a point where 6 members of the Supreme Court have a generally reliable commitment to an originalist theory of constitutional interpretation.
Obviously, this political/legal development is inseparable from some of the most divisive moments in our recent political history.

But I'm going to do my best to play this straight.
During the #ACB hearing at Senate Judiciary, Senator Durbin lamented a loss of Senate comity that allowed for the near unanimous (and unfilibustered) confirmations of Justice Scalia and Justice Ginsburg.
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As they confirm the antithesis of Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s legacy and most importantly, against her dying wish,

Following is a thread of a brief list & the letters of notable Civil and Human Rights groups and organizations who have rejected #SCOTUS nominee Amy Coney Barrett.

Notable groups and organizations who have rejected #SCOTUS nominee Amy Coney Barrett cont.

Over 100 Notre Dame faculty
1500 Rhodes College Alumni
11,560 members of her sorority, Kappa Delta
Catholic Lobby
PFLAG National
Catholics for Choice
NARAL Pro-Choice America
Notable groups and organizations who have rejected #SCOTUS nominee Amy Coney Barrett cont.

Moms Demand Action / Everytown
National Black Justice Coalition
National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum (NAPAWF)
National Center for Lesbian Rights
Advocates for Youth
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💥The THREAD that needs to be written.

Roe v. Wade 1973. The date American Christian Nationalism was born.

That’s the myth. And the real story is far worse than the myth. First, it had little to do with abortion, but the movement SETTLED on abortion.
This movement set about actually changing the religion of many people to serve its political ambitions. It was about amassing political power. Penny Young Nance who is President of Concerned women for America who’s effort and resources was the appointment of Supreme Court
justices. These people believe that God, acting’s through the pro-life movement, put Trump in the White House. However, 50 years ago, Protestants and Republicans by and large didn’t oppose abortion. When this was stated to an activist at the 2018 March for Life, the woman gave
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Amy Coney Barrett will be confirmed to the US Supreme Court on Monday, unless something outrageous happens to stop it.

With her confirmation, the US is on the threshold of a theocracy that conservatives have worked for since the 1970s… #AmyConeyBarrett
I moved to the U.S. in 2000. I’ve learned that many white Americans have a delusional amount of confidence in govt & its institutions. They’re childishly naive in believing that institutions will save them from state power, which they think will work for rather than hurt them.
That stubborn belief in U.S. exceptionalism undergirds the refusal to see the fascism that Trump brought. Black, Indigenuous, and people of colour have no such delusions. They do not expect institutions to protect them because they are so often hurt by those institutions.
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Le Sénat a clos les débats sur la nomination d'#AmyConeyBarrett. 51-48. Les sénatrices républicaines Collins et Murkowski ont voté avec les démocrates (où il y a 1 abstention). Mais Murkowski votera demain POUR la confirmation de Barrett à la #CourSuprême.
Victoire pour #Trump.
2) Et quand je dis victoire pour #Trump, #AmyConeyBarrett sera donc confirmée par le Sénat républicain demain soir, et devrait prêter serment dès mardi (ou mercredi) comme juge à vie à la #CourSuprême. Or, devinez quoi...
3) Les républicains de #Trump ont fait appel à la #CourSuprême de son refus d'accorder 1 recours suspensif de l'extension de délai de réception des bulletins par correspondance en #Pennsylvanie. Or, ce refus ne tenait qu'à l'égalité 4-4 que vient achever l'arrivée de #Barrett...
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2020 is going to be a resounding victory for the Democratic establishment.

Donald Trump would lose to a rusty trash can, but when Biden wins, Dem leaders will claim that shunning the left and embracing Bush-era war criminals is what did it.

Under the "existential threat" umbrella, Dems convinced high-profile leaders on the left to get in line.

And egregiously, they did that while Pelosi and crew funded Trump's abuses and refused to exercise an iota of power to hold his thugs accountable.

The result will be a Dem leadership that treats GOP operatives like heroes and leftists like dirt.

And Trump will have locked in the judiciary for a generation, with the help of Dems who folded like a house of cards, most recently on #AmyConeyBarrett.
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Η προχθεσινή απαγόρευση των αμβλώσεων στην Πολωνία φαίνεται κάτι μακρινό γιατί αφ' ενός η γενιά μας κατά βάση τις έχει βιώσει ως κεκτημένο και αφ' ετ' ετέρου η Πολωνία φαίνεται "μακρινή" χώρα.

Ωστόσο τα πράγματα δεν είναι ακριβώς έτσι.

Βασικά η ιστορία είναι η εξής.

Αν παίρναμε όλα όσα συμβαίνουν αυτή τη στιγμή παγκοσμίως, το πιο σημαντικό δεν είναι η πιθανή επανεκλογή Τραμπ, με ό,τι αυτό συνεπάγεται για υγεία, διεθνείς σχέσεις, περιβάλλον, κοινωνία κτλ.

Αλλά η επερχόμενη επιλογή της Amy Coney Barrett στο Ανώτατο Δικαστήριο των ΗΠΑ.

Στο Ανώτατο Δικαστήριο έχουν 8 μέλη και τον Chief Justice. Τα μέλη διορίζουν οι εκάστοτε Πρόεδροι των ΗΠΑ.

Αυτό προφανώς σημαίνει ότι αναλόγως ποιο κόμμα βρίσκεται στην εξουσία, επιλέγονται και οι αντίστοιχης ιδεολογίας Ανώτατοι Δικαστές.

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#AmyConeyBarrett with her THREE (3) years of judicial experience getting a job on #SCOTUS is the definition of white mediocrity.
Do read @ProfKori on the subject:

"Identifying White Mediocrity and Know-Your-Place Aggression: A Form of Self-Care"
The PRAISE heaped on #AmyConeyBarrett for having 5 white children is consistent with the "Glorious White Motherhood" theme in WS literature going back decades. "Vanishing Breed" image + text about "Gloriou...White Lies, 1997.
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It’s begun. Six major topics, 2 minutes to answer, microphones off when not answering.🙄
1st question to @realDonaldTrump abt #coronavirus . He’s got facts, #vaccine w/in weeks, #ProjectWarpSpeed , he had it but the therapeutic he took seemed like a virtual “cure” to him. Biden replies with the death totals, claims another 200k bf end/the year, claims no plan now.🙄
@POTUS has a counter-response w/new info abt #coronavirus #vaccine , moderator seems surprised, Biden counters (blame blame blame), smiles weirdly as Prez counters w/Biden’s history w/H1N1. Biden rewrites history. Prez says we can’t all lock ourselves in the basement like Joe.
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#Trump surrounds himself with young, conventionally attractive white women - Footsoldiers of the Patriarchy - and claims he’s a booster of women. When Black and women of colour and in this case an older woman -Lesley Stahl- do their job, he can’t handle it
It’s why he can’t handle Angela Merkle - older woman who is powerful.

Why he’s so often a shit to the Black and women of colour journalists at news conferences.

If he could, he would clone Ivanka and surround himself with her likeness.
And when the white women around him aren’t young and Fox News compliant, they’re helping him become President - Kellyanne Conway - or serving as Five-Star General of the Footsoldiers of the Patriarchy - #AmyConeyBarrett…
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As senate Democrats plan to boycott today’s scheduled vote on Amy Coney Barrett's nomination to the Supreme Court, reposting my thread and essay: If Amy Coney Barrett Was a Muslim
So successful has white supremacist patriarchy been at convincing white women they’re lucky to live in the U.S., not Saudi Arabia/Iran, that so many didn’t pay enough attention to the theocracy that white supremacy was building at home.… #AmyConeyBarrett
#AmyConeyBarrett is a reminder that conservatives celebrate in white Christian women what they pathologize in Muslim women…
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Buenos días ☀️🌊 twitter world. This morning 🎥 #thread is loaded.

Republican logic 👇🏻

#GTCBlue #Fresh #OneV1
#wtpBlue #DemVoice1
The best source against trump, is trump 👇🏻
A gazillion times this 👇🏻#AmyConeyBarrett
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If you skipped it last week, I urge you to read the @FT analysis, "Will American tear itself apart?"

This point is not made NEARLY often enough: "conservative" GOP women who advocate for "traditional" family hierarchy except in their own homes. #AmyComeyBarrett #rbglegacy Image
"What then can be done to avert a US constitutional meltdown? The distressing answer is very little... the last memorable [amendment] was passed in 1971, when America’s 26th amendment reduced the voting age to 18."
@EdwardGLuce @FT…
"The last serious [amendment] was the 25th amendment in 1965, which enabled a US president to be removed because of incapacity." @EdwardGLuce

Yet in 2020, GOP leadership has refused to consider it despite the evidence of their own eyes and ears. Power trumps country.
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NEW POD DROP: The Threat of Amy Coney Barrett Part 1. We look at the dark money being spent to recruit GOP voters in US churches using their private information. @charleskriel @ninaburleigh @gregolear @narativ_live #SundayMorning #AmyConeyBarrett…
NEW POD DROP Part 2. The Threat of Amy Coney Barrett. We trace how the same dark money selects extremist judges and funds the cases they hear. @charleskriel @ninaburleigh @gregolear @narativ_live #SundayMorning #AmyConeyBarrett…
Narativ’s video podcasts are exclusive to Apple podcasts and YouTube. Audio versions are available on your favorite podcast apps or below. Remember to Subscribe and rate! Here’s part 1:… and part 2:…
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📍"19-year old pregnant inmate was repeatedly raped by a prison guard—Amy Coney Barrett ruled the county responsible for prison not liable because sexual assaults fell outside of guard's official duties.” Lower court had ruled liable—but ACB overturned it.…
2) “Barrett was one of the three judges on a Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals panel which reversed a $6.7 million verdict against Milwaukee County in 2018 after a corrections officer was charged with repeatedly raping a pregnant 19-year-old inmate.
3) “Former corrections officer Xavier Thicken was charged with multiple counts of sexual assault in 2013 after the woman alleged that he had raped her during and after her pregnancy at a jail run by the controversial former Sheriff David Clarke.”
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A brief list who reject #AmyComeyBarrett for #SCOTUS

🔹Over 150 Civil & Human Rights Group
🔹6200 Lawyers— Kavanaugh had 2400
🔹Over 100 Notre Dame faculty & colleagues
🔹1500 Rhodes College Alumni
🔹Notable Catholic orgs

Even People of Praise deleted Barrett from its website
This is a brief list of some of the over 150 Civil rights, Human rights, Women’s rights, LGBTQ Rights, Legal scholar groups, and even her own Catholic religion groups who have rejected #AmyConeyBarrett for the #SCOTUS bench: Image
Discrimination & harassment in the workplace based on race & color is illegal. But Amy doesn’t think being called the n-word applies… perhaps bc POC can “deadlift” & are “shocked” by snow.

#AmyConeyBarrett’s overt racism & subverting civil rights on the law is disqualifying.
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FRIDAY OCT. 16, 2020

Also at



#amd0917plus #17plusfast101620
#AmyConeyBarrett @realDonaldTrump @americandream09
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1/ THREAD: When asked about whether #AmyConeyBarrett would rule in his favor if the election results would ever come before the SCOTUS, Trump said, "Believe it or not, I never asked her about it."

#BodyLanguageExpert #BodyLanguage #TrumpTownHall
2/ However, as he denied speaking to Judge Coney Barrett regarding such a scenario, note Trump's intense stare, w/ his eyelids opened significantly wider than baseline, and tension in lower lids — along with his suppressed smile.

#BodyLanguageExpert #BodyLanguage #TrumpTownHall
3/ This nonverbal cluster indicates, with very high probability, that Trump is lying & that he did discuss w/ #AmyConeyBarrett she would vote if the results of the 2020 Presidental Election were ever brought before the SCOTUS.

#BodyLanguageExpert #BodyLanguage #TrumpTownHall

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