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Day 40 of the hearing in the #Ayodhyacase begins with the #CJI making it clear that arguments will close at 5 pm today. "Enough is enough," says Justice Gogoi.

Sr adv CS Vaidyanathan resumes his arguments, saying the #Muslim side hasn't given any evidence on exclusive possession or title.

Vaidyanathan argues there could be some evidence that the #Muslim side offered Friday prayers at the disputed site between 1857 & 1934. "But there is absolutely no evidence that they offered any prayer after that. On the other hand, #Hindus continued to worship".

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"Temporary cessation" Who are you kidding?
Its a fucking ban.
MDN is the only NGO that works as an HRD on the most sensitive HR issues in Maldives.
The govt has succumbed to the pressure from local terrorists - much of those are allegedly revealed in the controversial report.
The #Maldives govt has failed to take action against those who spread hate and threaten people behind a religious facade.
"The maintenance of public order and communal harmony"... what a load of crap!
The govt has effectively #empowered the #terrorists by banning the only HRD NGO who dared assess the rising #extremism and #radicalism in #Maldives.
Now the terrorists are attacking whoever who recognised the NGO's sincere work since 2004.
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So, wonder what it's all about at the Supreme Court and #GayRights today?
Here's a primer & photos (pulled off interweb w/ credit) of some of the thousands of activists who turned up in front of #SCOTUS to fight for #EqualityForAll
#RiseUpOct8 #RiseUpOctober8 #RiseUpOctober8th
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After a passionate and heartfelt plea by @paulasherriff that @borisjohnson tone down his language, he proceeds to spit on the memory of Jo Cox. This man is the worst of everything. I also want to tell him that his language feeds the hate. I see it. Pretty much every day. 1/
In the emails and letters I receive. Sometimes I hear it when yet another person rings. To tell me that I am a foreign traitor to the UK. Or, writes - on a Union Jack postcard - that I need to be strung up on a tree because there will be no surrender to "EU whores" like me. 2/
I am rarely speechless. But Boris Johnson with his "humbug" comment sure managed it tonight. What a terrible, terrible man you are. I take some comfort from the fact that I know that exactly that will be your legacy; the world will always know you for who you really are. 3/
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I became politically active 3.5 years ago, straight after the referendum, not just because i was devastated by the result (although I see it as the biggest act of national self-harm in the last few hundred years), but because of *how* and *why* it happened. 1/
I wasn’t an assiduous law student, but I was well-schooled in constitutional law during my degree. I could see from November 2015 that our country was heading to a very dark place, and being used as a pawn by a political party that ought instead to be looking after it.
It is no coincidence that the MPs with the legal training have on the whole been the most vocal in opposing Brexit and the process that led us where we are now. 3/
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Here we go #prorogation

Can’t make out the sound though. Streaming problems. #SupremeCourt
Ok sound back on. Lady Hale now setting out the facts relating to the prorogation itself
Unanimous judgment of all 11 justices.

Court holds this IS Justiciable.

Repeat. It IS justiciable. Unanimously.
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As Day 3 of the #SupremeCourt #prorogation appeal gets under way, this is former PM Major’s written case before the Court. His barrister is timetabled to speak at 1210 today.…
Two points of note:

1) The practical reality of what a non-justiciability ruling means (see below), ie that the hypothetical extremes disavowed by the Div Ct are of material & remarkable significance here; &

2) Johnson inexplicably still hasn’t produced a witness stt...
Pretty extraordinary stuff, this, to have a former Prime Minister intervene in an action against a current Prime Minister. It speaks to the road we are travelling.

I can’t follow much today. Do follow @BBCDomC @mattholehouse @JoshuaRozenberg @jamesdoleman @Greg_Callus
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#BREAKING:#Kavanaugh registered his website domain on February 8, 2017. How did he know way back then that (1) Kennedy would retire and (2)he would be the nominee? Hmm--STRANGE

#TheResistance #SupremeCourt #CNN #MSNBC #Yahoo #WednesdayThoughts #FBRParty
So lets get this straight--On the one hand we had #Kavanaugh correctly "predicting" Kennedy would retire and he would be the nominee, and on the other hand Kennedy's son giving #Trump SHADY loans while at #deutschebank yet its CRICKETS from #MSM. Hmm…
Wonder what our good friend @SenatorCollins knew about this👆👆. Given her shameful "NO CORROBORATION" stunt👇👇, she was probably IN ON IT!!…
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As Day 2 of #SupremeCourt prorogation hearing starts, here is the link to the Prime Minister’s written case.

Terrific job being done by ⁦@UKSupremeCourt⁩ staff to keep proceedings as transparent and accessible as possible.…
Essence of Sir James Eadie’s arguments for govt is there are no judicial & manageable standards against which PM’s advice to HMQ to prorogue can be assessed, & that it is not constitutionally appropriate for the courts to seek to do so, since political resolution, not judicial.
Ct (Lord Kerr) asks whether Eadie accepts it is for the court to determine what the limits of the extent of prerogative power are.

Eadie says yes.

Q: Do you also accept that prerogative powers are also constrained by overarching fundamental rights?

A: In some circs, yes.
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Not being funny. But @jeremycorbyn that is the worst plan I've ever heard. How is your leadership potential going to surprise 100 interviews of not having an opinion on the most important issue facing the country?

"you stay neutral on" memes are writing themselves
Let's just think for a moment jezza. Not saying you're wrong. Just a bit of PR role play.

1. Ok you want to be neutral because why?
A) you have no opinion
B) you have an opinion but don't think you should share it

Both of those are already a leadership car crash
2. You think this will in someway heal the country, that it's adult to "stay out of the fight"

But 1. They'll say that didn't stop you taking sides in Palestine
2.rather than peacemaker do you risk bring a care in a dog fight? The only thing they unite against?
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Whatever the ultimate conclusion of the @UKSupremeCourt hearing on justiciability, this is a significant point for starters.

The failure of the Prime Minister to provide a witness statement means the factual findings of the Court of Session are unlikely to be disturbed.
In another age, those factual findings (which were damning of the Prime Minister’s reliability and credibility), should have been enough to trigger his resignation - whether the underlying judicial review succeeded or failed.

Watch this space.
Lord Pannick now making the stt point - A Court may draw adverse inferences of fact against a party where no witness statement produced. Obligation owed to Ct by a public authority to cooperate and make candid disclosure of relevant facts & reasoning behind reason challenged.
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Ok we're now underway. Starting with Lord (David) Pannick QC for Gina Miller. Reminder - she lost at the English High Court. Her argument is that the PM prorogued Parliament for a longer period than usual to prevent discussion of his Brexit policy.
He says the Prime Minister's prerogative power has been misused to prevent Parliamentary debate of Brexit. The PM's prerogative power is accountable to Parliament - but he has used it to try to evade being held accountable.
"It conflicts with the basic principle of our constitutional law." Prerogative powers are subject to the powers of a democratically-elected Parliament, he says.
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"As the first non-official to be allowed in #detentioncentres as a special monitor of the #NHRC, the situation I saw there is beyond description. It is a jail within a jail, a situation of mass mourning" @harsh_mander @karwanemohabbat #Assam #NRC
The #women have no work, no recreation and no parole. Women have been kept in crowded cells for years together, separated from their families and husbands, even when the entire family is detained. @harsh_mander #genderinjustice in #Assam @karwanemohabbat
"True #Justice must always be tempered with compassion. I saw none of it in the #SupremeCourt'a behavior." @harsh_mander
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Some very explosive paragraphs from #JusticeQaziFaezIsa today filed petition before #SupremeCourt, not only highlighting unusual conduct of #SJC in his case but also openly stating #CJP #JusticeAsifSaeedKhosa biased in his (Petitioner Justice Isa) matter. 1/7
Justice Isa further disclosed that he didn’t have one meeting with the CJP/Chairman of SJC but in fact he met twice to CJP Justice Khosa after the reference and it was CJP who requested to keep first meeting “off the record”. 2/7
#SupremeCourt #Pakistan
but (according to Justice Isa) later on maybeCJP get confused in what he discussed in both meetings and opted to disclose the contents of meeting in his authored order quashing one of the reference and unusually publishing it on the #SupremeCourt website. 3/7
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#PChidambaram produced in the #CBI Court after completion of four days of custodial interrogation.
Solicitor General Tushar Mehta, appearing for #CBI, asks for five more days of custody. Mehta days he has been confronted with some documents, witnesses but more require to be done.
Special judge asks Mehta about result of the last four days of #PChidambaram's custodial interrogation. Mehta shares some papers with judge Ajay Kumar Kuhar.

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Tweet (1/n):

Mother Teresa: The Mistaken Saint (Long Thread)
#MotherTeresa #ArundhatiRoy

@Aabhas24 @ARanganathan72
@Aabhas24 @ARanganathan72 Tweet (2/n):


I was indoctrinated about the greatness of Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu aka Mother Teresa during my schooling at a convent. Read the story -
#Rupee @sankrant
@Aabhas24 @ARanganathan72 @sankrant Tweet (3/n):

But, what first helped create the “illusion” that was Mother Teresa?

The answer: Malcolm Muggeridge ‘s 1969 documentary & 1971 book titled “Something Beautiful for God.”

#AmbedkarStatue @mariawirth1

Book Link -
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Important day for #PChidambaram as well as CBI & ED in the #INXMediaCase: Kapil Sibal mentions before Justice R Banumathi that the new petition against CBI's remand hasn't been listed so far.
Justice Banumathi says that necessary orders could not be obtained from the #CJI over the weekend. Registry has been asked against to do the needful.
SG Tushar Mehta says he has no objections if #PChidambaram's legal team wants to argue against the custody order too.
A lot is at stake for #PChidambaram as well as for the #CBI and the #EnforcementDirectorate when the #SupremeCourt takes up the former union finance minister’s petitions today. Here's why and how:…
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#RamMandir - #BabriMasjid: Day 9 hearing commences; CS Vaidyanathan resumes his arguments.

#RamMandir - #BabriMasjid: CS Vaidyanathan citing precedents on adverse possession and ownership.

"There has never been any adverse possession in this case. Hindus have always expressed their desire to worship at this place", Vaidyanathan.
#RamMandir - #BabriMasjid: Discussion now happening on how question of adverse possession will arise only if the property is alienable.
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#Article370: CJI Ranjan Gogoi berating ML Sharma for the poor drafting of petition.

What kind of petition is this? What are your pleadings, prayer. We don't want to dismiss it because it might affect other petitions

In a matter of this nature, how can you file such a petition?
#Article370: I tried to read your petition for half an hour but could not understand it, CJI Ranjan Gogoi to ML Sharma

ML Sharma seeking permission to amend petition.
#Article370: Four other petitions on Jammu & Kashmir also have defects which are yet to be cured, says CJI

Now asking one petitioner why defective petitions are filed.

"We accommodate you in between Ayodhya hearing and this is what we get in return", CJI Gogoi.
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#SupremeCourt #Ayodhyadispute #Ramjanmabhoomi #Babrimasjid
Day 6- The Constitution bench assembles.
Mr. Vaidyanathan begins his submissions for the day. #Ayodhya
#SupremeCourt Mr. Vaidynathan submits that a French traveller William Pinch had visited Ayodhya between 1608-1611 and the absence of reference of a mosque is significant to the non existence of a mosque. #AyodhyaDispute
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Congratulations to my old @LawMcGill dean, Nicholas Kasirer, on his nomination to the #SupremeCourt. I am confident he will be a compassionate, discerning & rigorous justice.

That being said...

#SCC #cdnpoli
@LawMcGill Let's meditate for a moment on the colonial structure of the Court, which is concerned with representation insofar as it aims at equity between Canada's two founding colonial powers, languages and legal traditions:
@LawMcGill The Supreme Court Act requires that 3/9 justices come from Québec. The official languages of the Court are English and French, and all justices are required to be functionally bilingual in both of Canada's colonial languages.
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The #Gerrymandering decision from the #SupremeCourt still stings. The level of polarization in our politics and the lack of true representation in Congress (and many states) is on account of #Gerrymandering. Thread below.…
In our brief, we made the case for judicial oversight of extreme partisan gerrymandering: “Deliberately drawing districts for the purpose of keeping one party in power for the long term, and without any neutral justification for the result, has no place in our political system.”
The consequences of #Gerrymandering are dire--“It discourages voter participation, increases distrust of government, and reduces the responsiveness of elected representatives.”
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I hope everyone is paying more attention to the health of our democracy in this administration. Today's 2 decisions from the #SupremeCourt have one thing in common: the fight to erase minority communities' political power will continue.
In Dept of Commerce v NY, #SCOTUS kept the #citizenship question on #Census2020 barred, for now.

In Rucho v. Common Cause, SCOTUS threw up its hands and said it couldn't decide partisan gerrymandering cases - allowing the devious process to continue.
The Sec of Commerce (who heads @uscensusbureau) thought it was worth the risk to not count immigrants fearful of responding to a #censuscitizenship question.

The Court, of course, didn't think much of any of his stated justifications, finding them "contrived" and pretextual.
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