In the dating market, interesting women (even later in life) have a significant edge that many people underestimate - short thread 🧵
Young women at peak physical attractiveness rarely have to try to get romantic attention by being funny/interesting- a time when average men ignored without charisma. It's easiest to learn how to get and and retain people's attention at this young age- women often never have to.
Traditional conservatives, redpill and other communities often marry young and prioritize attractiveness/youth above all else - they sometimes don't date later in life or even consider exciting personality, humor or conversational ability as desirable mate qualities.
Many people, but especially more socially conservative people and traditional men vastly underestimate the significant edge that smart, interesting, charismatic women have in the dating market and how often they are sought after as long-term dating prospects.
1- I'm not maligning conservatives, people who value marrying young often have different criteria & relationship goals
2- I'm married
3- I'm not tweeting this because I hope men want interesting women later in life, among women I know, good men often prize these characteristics

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17 Oct
Male athletic advantage in sport via @TheEconomist's coverage of the recent banning of transwomen from rugby…
Testosterone suppression has been a strategy for admitting transwomen into women's sport-1 year of testosterone suppression only reduces about 1/3 to 1/2 of the advantage transwomen have in strength…
.@sharrond62 on @EconomistRadio compares transwomen competing in sport to East German girls given testosterone during puberty - both have an advantage because of physical gains made during puberty regardless of their blood testosterone - timestamp 11:44…
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Steps to finding an academic paper that you want to read online- thread🧵
Try Google Scholar-
If paper not available through google scholar or you hit paywall- just use a regular search engine like google to search for the paper and/or its authors which will sometimes bring up a preprint, the paper on an author website or sites like researchgate
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9 Jul
Thread - Some people are confused that "the free speech people" sometimes criticize other people or tell them to shut up. It's compatible with free and open discourse to check people who don't want free and open discourse
Here is a handy guide:
- If you criticize someone who is trying to get you or someone else fired or disbarred from a professional organization for their views, this is compatible with free and open discourse.
- If you criticize someone who is mischaracterizing you or someone else's views to make it more likely that you or someone else will get fired or removed from social media this is compatible with the aim of free and open discourse.
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I've often seen the statistic that 40% of police are domestic abusers- the stat comes from this Neidig 1992 study. When you dig into the data, the story is much more interesting. Cops' wives and husbands are *more* violent than cops themselves. thread 🧵…
The study asked 385 male officers, 40 female officers & 115 wives of officers whether they had engaged in "minor" or "severe" violence. Whether they perpetrated it themselves (self) or the other partner had perpetrated the violence (spouse) or whether either had (relationship)
Check out Table 2 again- Both male police officers and police officer's wives reported that wives were more likely to be the perpetrators of violence at 33%. Wives and officers also largely agreed on the rate of violence of male officers at 28% and 25%.
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Many topics make a lot more sense if you understand information hazards- the recognition of an information hazard can cause a puzzling drop in epistemic standards-puzzling because honestly revealing you are trying to avoid an information hazard is itself an information hazard
Example - Race as a concept is an information hazard because it can make society more racist. So people argue against the epistemology of categorization (ie we should not categorize people even if it is informative) but they argue it without referencing the information hazard
Critical studies sees itself as morally superior because they are using rhetoric and queering epistemic standards to dismantle what they see as information hazards around predicting human behavior & enforcing hierarchy without weighting the fact they are also dismantling science
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3 Mar
Because we're not very good at thinking about risk consider- If under 60 your chances of dying from contracting #COVID19 are .2-.4% which means contracting #COVID19 is more dangerous (likely to result in death) than hand gliding, racing motorbikes, scuba or skydiving.
Your chance of contracting HIV from one act of unprotected hetero vaginal sex with someone HIV positive are about .06% if you're a woman & about .04% if you're a man. So chance of dying from #COVID19 are greater than your chance of contracting HIV from one act of unprotected sex.
Of course elderly people or people with other health conditions have a much higher mortality rate from #COVID19. I've wondered if countries like Japan, Korea and China will take stronger measures than the US, where elderly people are much less valued.
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