New Zealand now the world capital of MOG (Mommy-Occupied Government)
Reminder that this horrible woman Jacinda Ardern:

- completely crashed the economy over the flu
- banned guns
- legalized abortion
- throws people in prison for WATCHING the Christchurch shooting video

New Zealand is a communist vagina dictatorship.
Oh, did I forget to mention that Ardern is in bed with Xi Jinping?

Trump needs to isolate New Zealand from the international community. Sanction them, end all military and intelligence cooperation. They're a security risk.

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16 Oct
will never happen, Asian countries are far too insular and Asians make it very clear that if you're a foreigner, you'll never be one of them

there are Koreans in Japan who've been there for generations but don't have citizenship, what chance do you think Americans have
know how I can tell the China stans on this site have no experience with China/Asia? Tweets like this

the most open Asian countries are Singapore (where you can buy citizenship) and the Philippines (where citizenship takes ten years even if you marry a Filipina/have kids)
you are more likely to see white economic migrants in Africa than Asia and I am not even remotely joking
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11 Oct
Oh yay, one of those moments where I get to school everyone on history!

To all the "Cleopatra was black" weirdos: Cleopatra was white. She was part of the Ptolemaic dynasty, which was established by Ptolemy, one of Alexander the Great's generals (aka he was Greek).
"Durrrrrr Egypt is in Africa so Cleopatra had to have been black..."

Not everyone born in Africa is black. Pic related.
Also, the people of Egypt (and North Africa in general) have always been fair in complexion. North Africa is separated from the rest of the continent by the Sahara desert, which was extremely difficult to travel prior to the modern era, meaning trade links were limited at best.
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10 Oct
Trump is bad because he wants to end the longest, most pointless war the U.S. has ever fought, a war that has gone on for NEARLY 20 FUCKING YEARS
there are soldiers fighting in the Middle East, teenagers selling their twats on Onlyfans who were born AFTER the U.S. invaded Afghanistan

nobody in the halls of "official" power thinks this is a problem
the invasion of Afghanistan should have been six months tops: knock out the Taliban, nab bin Laden, gone

what exactly is the justification for being there? some dumb woke shit about defending the rights of Afghan women? neat use of my tax dollars, really inspires confidence
Read 4 tweets
10 Oct
These stories are fake. It's the 2020's version of Internet marketers telling you you can TOTALLY make six figures running affiliate marketing or dropshipping sites from home.

Vast majority of Onlyfans users make nothing. Market is oversaturated. Bottom is about to fall out.
Onlyfans and Internet marketing scams operate on the same principle: a few early movers make the big bucks and all the bandwagoners make shit.

Crap-o-rama dropshipping sites are fungible. So is pussy. The more competition, the less money for everyone.
Rule of thumb: if people are talking about how X Internet thing is great for making money, it's NOT good for making money.

People who stumble onto winning formulas don't share them until the peak passes and they can make money snookering johnny-come-latelys into the pyramid.
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6 Oct
Palestinians: "Hello darkness, my old friend..."

Darkness: "I ain't your friend." *leaves*
at this rate the only defenders the Palestinians will have left are a handful of neo-Nazis and Syrian Girl
remember when pro-Palestinian activism used to be hip and cool? it was big when I was in college in the oughts

now everyone just wants to forget that they exist
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6 Oct
Gonna make the bold stance that Mussolini wasn't a bad guy.

He united Italy, restored its national pride, got its economy going again, and by the standards of interwar Europe, was more accepting of political dissent than other states like Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union.

Almost every country in Europe was a dictatorship or became one during the interwar period.

Even beloved Poland, the invasion of whom was the casus belli for World War II, was a military dictatorship after Pilsudski's coup in 1926.

Mussolini's girlfriend was Jewish and he specifically prevented the Nazis from deporting/arresting Jews in Italy and the territories under Italian control.
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