Important things to note about this “true transsexualism” narrative that many push:

1) There is this myth that autogynephilic men and autohomoerotic women who call themselves “lesbians” and “gay men” respectively were never “true trans”. This is false
Male-to-female transsexuals who called themselves “lesbians” go as far back as the 1960s and 70s, it’s just that psychiatrists did not understand their driving force to transition, and they were able to fool their doctors out of a “transvestic fetish” diagnosis.
The first woman to want to transition to a “gay man” goes as far back as the late 1970s. Although she was rejected by most clinics, she was able to obtain private alternative hormone “therapy” and a double mastectomy as early as the 1980s. She identified as transsexual.
Autogynephilia and autohomoeroticism were very much part of 20th century transsexualism, it’s just that much of the gate keeping to prevent transition has been removed, and formation of the transgender movement in the 1990s eventually removed social obstacles.
2) Transsexualism was promoted in the US in the 1950/60s before homosexuality was taken off the DSM as a mental illness in 1973. Psychiatrists were very willing to transition homosexual men/women who were unhappy with themselves while stating that homosexuality was an aberration.
“True transsexualism” has always been at odds with accepting oneself as lesbian or gay, hence why it wasn’t supported by most early gay and lesbian liberationists despite attempts at inclusion. Thanks to “transgenderism” those priorities have changed.
I understand that it’s an unpopular opinion to point out the pitfalls of “true transsexualism”. Everybody wants to be an ally and supporter of the gender dysphoric. But the reality is that “an internal sense of gender at odds with one’s sex” can come from sexism.
And misogyny, and homophobia, internalized or otherwise. It can also come from heterosexual fetishes alien to actual homosexuality. That is why it has always been a thorn on the side of women’s and gay liberationist movements.
That’s why, knowing this history, I cannot and will not support the idea of “true transsexualism”. It’s a false category. It hides fetishes, and it is at odds with the philosophy that lesbians and gay men should accept themselves and seek that society accepts them.

• • •

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15 May
Versión en español sigue.

If you hear that Puerto Rico’s new proposed Civil Code is “anti-LGBT”, this isn’t true. The new Civil Code proposes two things: 1) that changes in gender markers in documents should be based on medical evaluation and sex should be kept as a category...
...for Demographic Registry and birth certificates, 2) that surrogacy in exchange for money should be illegal while maintaining the option of voluntary surrogacy available. These are compromise positions to maintain equilibrium between women’s rights and those of LGBT people.
Of course, the LGBT movement and the neoliberal “left” on the island want to portray the new proposed Civil Code as “taking us back to the Dark Ages” and that the current government is trying to gain favor from its “Christian Right-Wing base”.
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18 Jan
These postcolonial types love to romanticize “third sex” categories in traditional colonized societies and deride European Christian colonizers for despising them.
Also, transgenderism as defined by those like Leslie Feinberg is an umbrella movement that includes people in these categories as “transgender”, though the term is a Western American creation.
Hence, why you see “feminists” and gay people of color support transgenderism, because it acknowledges these third categories in colonized societies.
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26 Sep 19
Autogynephilic forced feminization is so insulting to me as a gay man. Gay men don’t call each other “faggots” or “sissies” when we have sex with each other. That is abusive and insulting. No gay man wants to play a caricature of a woman during sex.
No gay man wants to dress up in “women’s clothing” and be humiliated by another man. We try our utmost to un-feminize the passive role during sex. It has been a horrible stereotype imposed on us by straight men for ages that gay men are “feminine” during sex.
This fetish could only come from the mind of a sexist, homophobic man that equates femininity with womanhood, the passive gay male sex role with the expected straight female sex role, and both roles with humiliation and degradation.
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25 Aug 19
What Nightmares May Come - A Thread

This is the paragraph section that Chase Strangio was sharing in their “strange” (pun intended) tweet a while ago. I’ve highlighted the pertinent sentences in yellow and green.
It’s from the current case being brought to the Supreme Court regarding the “trans woman” who was fired from the funeral home because of work attire:
The definition of sex is perfectly sound. And it is correct to define gender identity as fluid and subjective. But notice that sexual orientation is also being defined as fluid and subjective. I think most homosexual men and women would take issue with that.
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3 Aug 19
Nope, it was autogynephilic men who paved the way for transgenderism, as far back as the 1970s. Heterosexual transvestites like Virginia Prince and Ari Kane, “male lesbians” like Angela Douglas and Sandy Stone.…
They were at the periphery of Gay Liberation and Lesbian Feminism and took their cues from those movements for their own activism. Some of them even infiltrated through homosexual transvestite groups (Bunny Eisenhower) and lesbian feminist groups (Sandy Stone).
It was heterosexual transvestites like Virginia and Ari who first used the word transgender to describe themselves, to disassociate their “gender expression” from any sexual interest they had with wearing women’s clothes.
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24 Jul 19
The History Behind that 1975 Statement or the real history immediately after Stonewall that the Transgender movement won’t talk about. - A Thread.
Lee Greer Brewster (1943-2000) was a gay man from Virginia who in the 1960s was fired from the FBI for being gay. He later moved to New York and became a full-time drag queen. There he opened up a “transvestite” shop called Lee’s Mardi Gras Boutique.
Lee’s boutique didn’t just cater to drag queens, it catered to heterosexual transvestites and transsexuals as well. From there he had an annual “drag ball” called Lee’s Mardi Gras.
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