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18 Oct, 9 tweets, 2 min read
My cat is eating lasagna. This is incredible. This is everything I've ever wanted.
She's a tiger cat, too. And so fat. Oh my god, it's real. Garfield is real.
I'm trying to upload video of my phone but it's grainy and dark. Anyway, I was eating lasagna in bed because I'm high as hell and my cat, she just comes up and helps herself to whatever I'm eating. I was getting pretty full so I left her the last bite.
And then after she ate the noodles and cheese and she was going to work on the sauce around the edge of the bowl, I was like, holy shit. This is Garfield.
This tweet was part of this thread but I'm high.
Anyway, then I started watching the Garfield Thanksgiving Special and she won't look at me at all.
Again, I get it. It's basically just people ripping on Garfield for being fat while his owner sexually harasses every woman he meets.
Man, I'm pretty sure the prime time specials were not intended for children.

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17 Oct
Might be a bad time to point this out, but GOP incumbents aren't really concerned about fundraising and endorsement gaps because they know they're not going to lose their jobs even if they lose this election.
The only reason they're scrambling to make more and more money is for personal profit only. They know they're in for life, no matter the outcome.

Like, a coup is not coming. The coup already happened.
This is not to discourage anyone from voting. Go out and vote for the love of god, because I would LOVE to be wrong and needlessly pessimistic.
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8 Aug 19
Yesterday, I saw a nurse on FB railing against HIPAA, "So we know who they are!" They, of course, being "crazies".

I had panic attacks all day.

Today, the first thing I saw on social media was a politician advocating for a registry of mentally ill people.
My question is, is this going to be every day? Every day, right up until I'm put away or put down for the good of the country? Once you "round them all up," as this *healthcare professional* was suggesting and the shootings don't stop, who do you wipe out next?
I know it's not going to be the white men actually doing the shooting. I'm assuming the plan is to restrict the rights of everyone who isn't a white man until the only people left with rights are white men and then hopefully they just all kill each other.
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22 Jul 19
I'm going to do a thread here about Alexa Riley and Entangled because there is an aspect that is bothering me beyond "scammers get rewarded. If I get interrupted or sidelined, I'll be back.
Everyone knows that I've had a problem with this duo since I noticed weird, slightly tweaked similarities between one of my characters and one of theirs and then readers and authors came out of the woodwork to point out similarities between their stories and other authors'.
I'm a firm believer that one time is an accident, many times is on purpose, and there were *many* similarities pointed out. Then came the revelations of catfishing.
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29 Jun 19
After I poked fun at Ghostbusters the other day, my mentions turned into Gender and Film 101 course held in a building with a massive gas leak. This morning, one of the points someone made was, "Why isn't the new Charlie's Angels all men?" and that got me thinking.
Whenever we see a traditionally male-dominated franchise flip to female leads, someone, somewhere says, "What if we made [movie starring women] with men, huh? How would you like that?!" The answer is, as far as any example I can think of, "It wouldn't make sense."
In the case of Charlie's Angels, for example, the entire premise is that these women are the perfect spies because they're so attractive, no one suspects them of being capable of anything beyond looking good.
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16 Apr 19
Here are the things commenter "Sushi" pointed out on my blog about The Mister vs. Poldark:

Maxim is childhood best friends with his closest male relative's wife.
Closest male relative dies and the Earldom (including AN ESTATE IN CORNWALL) goes to Maxim.
But WHOOPS, childhood best friend/woman Maxim loves is pregnant, making closest male relative's baby the heir.
And Maxim is attracted to his elfin housekeeper who has run from an abusive background.
That's as far as I've gotten but oh my god, that's so fucking wild.
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14 Feb 19
AND WHILE IT'S VALENTINE'S EVE LET ME ALSO SAY: The reason Romeo and Juliet isn't a love story isn't that they're stupid kids who die for love. JULIET DID NOT DIE FOR LOVE SHE DIED BECAUSE SHE WAS OUT OF OPTIONS.
How old is that play? Like, at least four hundred years, right? And people are still like, "They killed themselves for love, how stupid!" No. Romeo killed himself for love. Juliet married Romeo to avoid an arranged marriage, faked her death, and woke up a widow.
The only way Juliet couldn't be forced to marry Paris is if she was already married. But her marriage was secret and her husband was exiled. Her powerful family and her intended's powerful family could have easily still gone ahead with the marriage.
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