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18 Oct, 15 tweets, 3 min read
Lock HIM up. This is ridiculous.

US citizens: this is hate speech. It is irresponsible to allow hate speech to be used without consequence. Americans need to rethink their support of freedom to incite violence and hatred. You’d solve half your problems. Lives over liberty.
The problem is a restriction on individual liberty is frowned upon by Americans. But seat belt laws, speed limits, yelling fire in a crowded theatre. Those are all limits on individualism. Inciting hatred is worse than those 3 examples by magnitudes, combined. Yet it’s allowed.
People are being targeted because Americans value their liberties. How many must die before hate speech becomes a regulatory exception to the American view of freedom of speech.

Slavery used to be acceptable. Lincoln made it unacceptable. But allowed hate to remain in place.
That decision is coming back to haunt the USA.

Tolerance of differences ends when people get hurt. There is no tolerance of intolerance. Or you assure your demise. Democracy means people have to compromise to get along and maintain peace.
Now Republicans remind all they aren’t after democracy. They assert the US is a Republic. A republic is a state where the power is in the hands of the people.

Which is essentially a form of democracy.
So if Republicans don’t mean democracy, they are limiting the definition of who the people are who will hold power. Here’s a clue, they always have limited the definition to whom “we the people” refers.

Prior to Lincoln it was land owners and the owners of production.
The US hasn’t devolved into a kleptocratic oligarchic fascist state by allowing hate speech. It’s always been a fascist state.

Americans believed the mythical past; believed privileged personal experience was common; blamed the disadvantaged and vulnerable for being victims.
So now the truth is apparent. It can’t be hidden anymore. Freedom was only for those that claimed stolen land and suppressed and murdered the original inhabitants. Freedom was for those that bought and paid for indentured servants and slaves.
Freedom was won in 1776 for those of the privileged class: White wealthy men. It wasn’t for women, the middle class or the poor and enslaved. It wasn’t for non conformists, or individualists. It was always for white, wealthy men.

That’s what it means to be an originalist.
It means the desire to restore the fascist fantasy. Free markets, cheap or slave labour, no regulations. When men were kings of their domain, women served them and knew their place, social classes were well defined; some people were slaves and homogeneity ruled supreme.
That’s for whom democracy was created to serve. Not you, not me. And certainly not the female governor from Michigan.

What fools we were to believe any advances had actually been made. The ruling class fostered those beliefs by selling is what we wanted to hear.
Whispering visceral and convincing sweet liberty in our ears as they rob us blind while we visualize our mythical freedom. Except education has allowed enough of us to figure out it’s all been an elaborate fantasy sold to keep us consuming, compliant and reinforce the norms.
There has never been true democracy in any nation. It has always been limited to the ruling classes. Even Plato himself had disdain for democracy. He idolized Aristocracy, not Democracy. Seems the Republican Americans of wealth and means value aristocracy as well.
People like Kushner, MbS, Putin, Xi. They consider themselves and their social class superior and entitled to power and wealth.

The rest of us are just the enforcers or servants that keep the aristocrats amused and wealthy. We can not tolerate the intolerant & arrogant anymore.
And the first thing the US requires is a redefinition of hate speech. It needs to be banned. There are too many vulnerable people to allow hate speech. It’s bad enough most Americans believe in their own exceptionalism. Now they’re being indoctrinated in hate.

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18 Oct
This astute observation needs to be amplified.

From an objective distance, you can see the pattern. And it’s being used by both NDP and CPC.

1. Make a salacious accusation.
2. Win the election.
3. Drop the issue once the election is won.
It’s a feature of the Finkelstein Method.

Triggering visceral emotions creates allegiance in voting behaviour.

Accusations used:
1. Sexual impropriety
2. Criminal corruption
3. Substance abuse and violence
4. Targeted hate like racism, misogyny & homophobia
Every accusation is amplified exponentially. It doesn’t matter if people believe it. It only matters that in comparison to other candidates, the accusation exists.

Smears create doubts and trigger a visceral response to the alleged crime.

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17 Oct
Canadian company Aggregate IQ worked with Trump under contract with Cambridge Analytica since September 2015.

Canadians helped elect Trump.

What are the chances they helped elect every conservative premier? Or helped every con leader? Or attempted to elect Scheer as PM?
Aggregate IQ helped with Brexit & Trump.

The odds that they did NOT assist some cheating to occur in Canada approaches zero
That means the elections of all provincial conservative governments and premiers across Canada are legitimately in question if it can be proven that AIQ or another entity with the capacity to aggregate data and micro target Social Media users occurred in Canada.
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13 Oct
Confirmed. Fake names in the petition calling for herd effect.
I believe this means they are trying to kill people. Coupled with this article, we even know which entity is behind it.

Can anyone say wealthy conservatives are a malignant cancer that requires extraction and long term treatment to heal?
Don’t forget, the CPC used every trick in the book.
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12 Oct
@NickMilliken Those who value a social safety net and social democracy, would question why else a government collects taxes, if not for costly social programs?

It is a libertarian extremist who attempts to make taxes directed to social needs an aberration.
@NickMilliken Which means you’ve consolidated enough power to begin indoctrination of the public. The stage where you attempt to make it “normal” to cull the weak and ill to meet some sadistic austerity agenda the far right worships.


It’s bull💩.
@NickMilliken It is NORMAL to care for the vulnerable and the ill.

It’s a human instinct to care for those less fortunate than ourselves, which is why human beings have done it for time immemorial.

Human empathy was not EVER just for the wealthy.


It’s bull💩!
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10 Oct
The far right has radicalized its followers into weapons. Fuelled by hate and disregard for anyone that dissents from their beliefs, enraged radical extremists are taking matters into their own hands.

This one aimed rage at children protesting BLM.…
Where was law enforcement? Nowhere to be found.

Sure, they took the report after the fact. But one would expect a police escort would be provided to a large group of teenagers protesting the utterance of the “N” word. Even if it were spontaneous in origin.
That’s law enforcement’s responsibility: to keep the peace.

When police don’t do their jobs to the best of their ability, it’s no reason to celebrate. It’s time to start asking tough questions.

Negligence almost led to vehicular homicide.
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10 Oct
Interesting that Kenney Kamikaze investigation is being leaked into the public realm once again.

But I’m tired of tidbits to keep hope of deliverance and justice alive.

Maybe I’m jaded, but I don’t believe this investigation is actually going to amount to anything.
What is notable is the scheduled variable leaks confirming an ongoing investigation.

It reminds me of Indictment Friday’s in the US for the Mueller Russia Election Interference Investigation.
Every Friday was hopeful that another indictment would be made. Millions across the globe waiting in anticipation for a glimpse into the investigation. Who was interviewed. Who sat before the Grand Jury. Who was indicted.
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