The Lodi dynasty was the last in the line of Delhi Sultanates, and they ruled from 1451 AD to 1526 AD. Though they were the last, there were features that distinguished them from the earlier dynasties.
Firstly, Bahlul Shah, the first Lodi sultan never used to sit on a throne, but rather sat on the carpet below.
This grabbed people’s attention, who thought he was different from the other Sultans. Secondly, Sikandar Shah, the son of Bahlul Shah, devoted his attention to improve the economy. He also patronized and encouraged different forms of music in his kingdom.
Another aspect that Sikandar paid attention to was his army. He set up a well-organized spy system.
This helped him get confidential information of what is happening in his kingdom as well as his opponents. This helped him be on up against his opponents at all times.
Sultans of the Lodi dynasty also invested in breeding the best horses. Horses were an important part of their armies, and hence they brought the best from across the world and bred them exclusively for them. This impressed their people as well as their soldiers.

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