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#RomanSiteSaturday - The Pantheon🏛️

(1/8) Located in #Rome, Italy, the Pantheon is arguably the best surviving example of Imperial #Roman architecture. Richly decorated with Corinthian columns and a variety of coloured marble, it is truly a remarkable site.

#History #Classics Image
(2/8) Originally constructed during the reign of the emperor Augustus under the patronage of Marcus Agrippa, the current temple is actually a reconstruction undertaken by Trajan and Hadrian following an earthquake. Finished in 126CE, the original inscription was retained: Image

"M[arcus] Agrippa L[ucii] f[ilius] co[n]s[ul] tertium fecit"

"Marcus Agrippa, son of Lucius, made [this building] when consul for the third time." Image
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#RomanSiteSaturday - Maison Carrée 🏛️

(1/7) Situated in the French city of #Nîmes, the Maison Carrée ("Square House") is an amazing example of #Roman imperial architecture and among the best preserved temples from antiquity.

#Classics #Archaeology #France #History
(2/7) Constructed during the late 1st century BCE, the temple was completed c. 2 CE. Its original function is unknown, however between 4 - 7 CE it was dedicated to Gaius Caesar and Lucius Caesar, the grandsons of the Roman Emperor Augustus who had both died young.
(3/7) Architecturally, it serves as a textbook example of Roman temple building described by the architect Vitruvius. Built in the Tuscan style, it features a single cult room (cella) and a deep porch. Raised c. 3m above ground on a podium, it dominated the ancient city's forum.
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Vous connaissez le pont du Gard ? Oui bon ok, mais est ce que vous pensez bien le connaître ? Aller, laissez moi vous parler de ce mastodonte de pierre ! 1/17 ⬇️
Bon déjà commençons par le début, le pont du Gard n’est pas un pont. Enfin oui et non. En réalité il s’agit d’un pont-aqueduc, permettant de fournir les besoins en eau à la ville de Nemausus (Nîmes antique) 2/17
Le pont du Gard c'est aussi un beau bébé de 275m de long pour près de 50 000t, soit plus ou moins les mensurations du Titanic. Ça en fait de la caillasse. Malgré sa taille imposante, il n'est en réalité qu’une toute petite partie d’un aqueduc long d’environ 50 kilomètres. 3/17
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#RomanSiteSaturday - The Temple of Garni 🏛️

(1/7) The Temple Garni is situated in the village of Garni in #Armenia, and stands as the only Greco-Roman temple in the nation. It sits on a cliff edge by the Azat River and the Gegham mountains.

#Classics #Archaeology #History
(2/7) Constructed in the 1st century CE, it was most likely built under the Armenian king Tiridates I as a temple of Mihr, the Armenian sun god. Supported and crowned as king by the Roman Emperor Nero, it is thought Tiridates adopted Mihr as his patron deity and protector.
(3/7) Stylistically, the temple is a blend of Ancient Greek architecture and local Armenian influences. Decorated with Ionic columns, it is constructed with local grey basalt and without mortar, instead being held together with iron clamps. It also features floral friezes.
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📍 Matamatha,puri

1/ The Mata Math is located at short distance of about 2 KMs from Swargadwar Road, Puri, Odisha. The road doesn’t have any name and is also very rough. We went by rickshaw reserving that. We just heard from someone and decided to visit. Just before reaching - ImageImage
2/ the Math the rickshaw took us to temple as he did not know the exact location. The temple has idol of Goddess Kali. We offered puja. From there Mata Math was at little distance. When we reached the Math the main temple was closed. A man was giving Prasadam and we took that. - ImageImage
3/ We came to know that the main temple is about 150 years old. But a devotee of Mata decorated the surroundings. While walking we were astonished to view the numerous colossal idols of deities. We have taken photos of many deities. The walk through was enjoyable. Many swans - ImageImage
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This is exact question that led me to leave #Architecture:

What would the community do if we gave them the same resources we hand out freely to billionaires, developers, and friends/donors of our elected officials?
Do we really want to spend $64m on a police station? Or on a community garden & basketball court where nobody loses their home to eminent domain?

Do we want a $250m stadium that’s used 8-81 times a year? Or put grocery stores on every block and make sure no kid grows up hungry?
What separates those two competing visions is that the people who push the speculation are profiting from a system that undermines existing neighborhoods and saddles residents with debt.

For what? A glorified sports field?

We should love our community more than that.
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"Die zwei steinernen Säulen eines früheren Galgens auf dem Weg zur Burgruine Munt Sogn Gieri, sind Zeugen dieser lebhaften Vergangenheit." @SurselvaTourism… vielleicht wäre hier eine textüberarbeitung ganz ok? #hexenverfolgung als lebhafte vergangenheit ;-/
pater dr. daniel schönbächler -
65. abt des klosters disentis (2000-2012) notierte auf seite 7 einen gänzlich anderen satz über jene zeit: ImageImage
"die spannungsgeladene barockzeit litt einerseits unter den bündner wirren, unter hungersnot, pest und hexenverfolgung und führte andererseits zur geistigen und religiösen erneuerung, die nicht zuletzt im neuen klosterbau ihren ausdruck fand." #AbtDaniel 1999 #BSGGT
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Ancient temples have always been one of the most amazing threads in the tapestry of Indian culture, and Gujarat surely has an spectacular array of temples to consider when charting out your next trip to the state.

The Modhera Sun Temple was made by King Bhima I of the Chalukya
dynasty in the early 11th century.
It is a temple made to honour the Sun God in Modhera village of Mehsana district on the bank of River Pushpavati. The temple complex is divided into three parts – Gudha Mandapa (the shrine hall), Sabha Mandapa (the assembly hall) and
Kunda (the reservoir).

The temple is designed in such a way that during every equinox, the first ray of the rising sun would fall on a diamond placed on the head of the Sun God. This would also light up the shrine with a golden glow.

The Sabha Mandap stands on 52 pillars,
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 07/26/2021…
400-year-old baroque restaurant Three Roses receives a sensitive facelift…

#monastery #restaurant #architecture #preservation
These microscopic robots swim through the ocean and dissolve microplastics…

#MicroscopicRobots #MicroplasticDegradation #OceanCleanup
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A Submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (#RCEP) @DrRimmer #trade #intellectualproperty #ecommerce #humanrights #SDGs #health #plainpacks #access2meds #COVID19 #Asia #auspol #auslaw
TRIPS Flexibilities and TRIPS-plus Provisions in the #RCEP Chapter on Intellectual Property: How Much Policy Space is Retained? @South_Centre… #trade #intellectualproperty #SDGs Image
How a new trade deal could make it harder to improve life for Australians in aged care… @AFTINET are concerned about the trade in services provisions provisions in #RCEP. #agedcare #agedcarerc #trade #services #auspol #auslaw
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 07/19/2021…
Claudia Sahm on the effects of $1,400 relief payments on families and the economy…

#commentary #EconomicStimulus #consequences #ReliefPayments
Biden Executive Order Could Finally Lower Drug Prices…

#ExecutiveOrders #DrugPrices #PartisanPolitics #legislation
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*Father Of The Nation* they taught you. But the *True Fathers* Of the Indian Civilization never appeared in our syllabus #Thread 👇
1. Father of astronomy: Aryabhatta; work - Aryabhattiyam
2. Father of astrology: Varahamihira, works; Panchasiddhantika, Bruhat Hora Shastra 1. Father of astronomy: Aryabhatta; work - Aryabhattiyam 2. 1. Father of astronomy: Aryabhatta; work - Aryabhattiyam 2.
3. Fathers of #surgery : Charaka & Sushruta, works: Samhitas
4. Father of #anatomy : #Patanjali, work: #Yogasutra
5. Father of #yoga : #Patanjali, work: #Yogasutra
6. Father of #Economics: Chanakya, work: Arthashshtra
7. Father of #Atomictheory: Rishi Kanada, Work : Kanada sutras Fathers of #surgery : Charaka & Sushruta, works: SamhitasFather of #anatomy : #Patanjali, work: #YogasutraFather of #Economics: Chanakya, work: ArthashshtraFather of #Atomictheory: Rishi Kanada, Work : Kanada sutras
8. Father of #architecture : Vishwakarma
9. Father of #aerodynamics : Mayasura, work : Vastu Darpana
10. Father of #Medicine: Dhanvanthri, first propounded #Ayurveda
11. Father of #grammar : Panini, work: Vyakarana Deepika Father of #architecture : VishwakarmaFather of #Medicine: Dhanvanthri, first propounded #AyurvedaFather of #grammar : Panini, work: Vyakarana Deepika
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Thiruvannamalai (Annamaliayar) Kovil was built before 1100 years & architecture of the Kovil has its contribution from various KINGDOM from Cholas, Pandias, Sambuvarayars Posalas, Vijayanagara, Nayaks, Nagarathargal, Cheftains & Zamindars. The Mandir
possesses more than 1000 statues & 450 stone inscriptions. The mandir has more than 100 sannidhis. Various moorthies, bronze vigrahas, paintings, 1000 pillar mahal & gopurams are the specialties of the mandir. Mandir is very enormous with an area covers around 25 acres &
East Gopuram built by King Krishnadevaraya with a height of 217 ft (11 storeys) is one of the largest Gopuram in India. Mandir also consists of Vallala Maharaja Gopuram, Kili (means parrot) Gopuram. The main deity of Mandir is Annamalaiyar & Unnamalai Devi.
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Novatop sera partenaire du #FBC2021 #FBCParis2021#FBCGrandPalaisEphemere2021
du 15 au 17 juillet 2021.

NOVATOP est un système de construction complet et unique à plusieurs égards.
•Fabricant tchèque, savoir-faire Suisse/ Notre DTA, c’est votre assurance qualité à la Française.
•La flexibilité du système permet de créer des projets adaptés aux besoins et aux exigences de chaque client.
•Le système NOVATOP convient pour la construction des maisons individuelles, des logements collectifs, des ensembles scolaires, sportifs et administratifs, des bâtiments industriels, mais aussi pour des extensions, surélévations et autres.
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Wall’up Préfa sera sponsor principal au #FBC2021 #FBCParis2021#FBCGrandPalaisEphemere2021
du 15 au 17 juillet 2021.

WALL’UP c’est un panneau préfabriqué ulta performant réalisé en ossature bois et isolé de béton de chanvre. Le
béton de chanvre est un matériau de construction isolant composé de chènevotte et de chaux aérienne. Ces panneaux pré-fabriqués sont utilisés pour les murs, les toitures, les planchers pour tous types de bâtiments. L’usine est alimentée par une filière en circuit court en seine
et marne et repose sur une matière première écologique plantée/récoltée/transformée localement éco-responsable et bio-sourcée.
Un procédé de fabrication entièrement intégré et écologique :
•Le chanvre est produit à moins de 30 kms de l’usine
•La Chénevotte est obtenue par
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I had attended a webinar recently and learnt something incredibly unique! I discovered that you could be a Data Scientist, but having a #specialisation is IMPORTANT!

What is a "specialisation"? How many kinds of specialisations are there in #DataScience Domain?

Thread🧵 Image
One can acquire all the skills of a Data Scientist, but having specialisation in a particular skill can set you apart from the rest. It can be anything! You can analyse data as no one else; data visualisation or database management (#DBMS) could be your niche.🤩
☑️Data Visualisation
If you have a knack for producing beautiful graphical representations from the data, this could be your domain of specialisation, and you could become a Data #Visualisation Engineer. Image
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1/n For y'all, a thread on Greek Cyclades (Aegean Sea islands) houses, their iconic blue-and-white coloring*, and its history. Includes pandemics.

#History, #PandemicHistory, #architecture. Photo from…
Unless you're Bavarian. White and blue. I get it.
2/n Long time ago, Cyclades islands buildings were just grey. Stone, b/c not enough trees for lumber. A killer in a hot summer; grey rock absorbs heat from the sun quite well, making life impossible at night. So people started whitewashing.
Photo from…
3/ Come 1347 A.D.. Y'all know to shout, "Black Death!". Yes. The Republic of Genoa, then controlling Provence, Corsica & much of Northern Italy, as measure mandated whitewashing houses w/ easily available lime (from crushing limestone or burning seashells)…
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Today would like to share about
Sri Brahmapureeswarar Kovil, near Trichy,
Tamil Nadu
Main Deity : Sri Brahmapureeswarar (Bhagwan Brahma).
Ambal (Consort) : Brahma Nayagi
Holy Water : Brahma Theertham.
Sthal Vruksham : Magizha (Spanish cherry) tree.
Prominence of the Shrine : This is yet another spectacular Dravidian architectural marvel, the Brahmapureeswar Kovil. Not known to many, this kovil is tucked away on the outskirts of the Trichy city at a serene village near Tirupattur. After a 30 km drive from Trichy,
take left and a 6 km drive through the beautiful village side would take you to the Brahmapureeswarar Kovil. An Early morning visit is recommended for a great #spiritual ambience. The main deity worshiped here is the Bhagwan Brahmapureeswarar, an avatar of Mahadev Shiva.
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There are 175 corps/institutions now overseeing your children's #education going forward. They will be shaping/molding your child's #ideologies &
#worldviews - all while harvesting their data.

Global Education Coalition Members (announced Mar 18 2020):
"Civil society & non-profit organizations" (those serving capital & elite institutions) include:

-Tony Blair Institute for Global Change
#ONE (Bono)
-Global Business Coalition for #Education
#Sesame Workshop

See image. #4IR
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